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Tough Economy Challenges Stay-At-Home Moms

2008-10-25 | In the face of tough economic times stay at home Moms are turning to the internet for new and enterprising ways to earn income while still meeting the needs of their families. Positioning them as a formidable force in the world of e commerce. Featured in TV Segment "Using the Internet to Save Families Money"

2008-10-22 | The producers of Today's Family, an innovative, educational television series, are pleased to announce that they will feature GoGoShopper in a segment on "Using the Internet to Save Families Money" as part of the show's series on "Focus on Business Series".

Motorcycle News (MCN) to Launch Motorbike Insurance Comparison Service

2008-10-17 | Motor Cycle News (MCN), the world's leading motorcycling media brand, have launched a motorcycle insurance cost-comparison service especially for motorcycle owners.

Attorney Wants to Help Consumers Who Have Credit Repair Problems: Offers Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest; Winner Receives Free Legal Help

2008-10-17 | The Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest -- a nationwide contest where entrants will submit their stories telling why they need the help - will award one winner FREE Legal services to help repair credit problems (value: $1,000).

Your Prescription to "Life After Debt" -- Have you seen your Debtologist for a DebtMakeover?

2008-10-15 | has created an incredible program to assist consumers in today's financial crisis for reducing and eliminating all debt.

Help Habitat for Humanity Build Homes with a Click of the Mouse Thanks to Wells Fargo's Someday Stories Contest

2008-10-09 | Helping Habitat for Humanity build homes in Greater Los Angeles has never been easier. Visit the Wells Fargo Someday Stories website and enter the 90248 zip code, vote for your favorite Someday Stories finalist and designate Habitat for Humanity as your favorite charity. No hard hat required.

Economic Crisis Spurs Global Expansion

2008-10-06 | With US markets dropping at astonishing rates, expanding to foreign markets has never been more important. 2000Charge offers alternative billing solutions aimed at converting customers from Europe and other parts of the world where credit cards are not the dominant form of payment.

JK Harris Reminds Taxpayers to File for Stimulus Payment

2008-10-05 | JK Harris and Company advises taxpayers of approaching deadline for receiving stimulus payments.

CCDN Helps Consumers Fight Against Debt Collection

2008-10-03 | CCDN believes that the average consumer, who find themselves drowning in debt, deserves a second chance. CCDN believes that given a second chance, these consumers will not fall into the same credit card debt trap again.

JK Harris Advises to View First-time Homebuyers Credit as a Loan

2008-09-28 | JK Harris and Company thinks First-time Homebuyers Tax Credit is a good thing for taxpayers.

Cash Homebuying expert SecureASale launches newly revamped website to help clients beat the credit crunch

2008-09-19 | London-based home-buyer SecureASale has recently overhauled its website to help struggling home owners get on top of their finances in these turbulent times.

A Very Lucrative Alternative To The US Recession

2008-09-13 | A massive shift is currently underway. The US recession has caused millions to look for another way to make money and THIS INDUSTRY is very quickly gaining national attention among financial professionals!

JK Harris' Peter Hukki Attends Advanced Taxpayer Representation Forum

2008-09-12 | JK Harris Enrolled Agent learns from conference on Advanced Taxpayer Representation and IRS Procedure.

JK Harris' Charlie Jones raises identity theft awareness

2008-09-07 | Identity theft is a growing problem. And JK Harris and Company wants everyone to be aware ot the dangers.

Parents Are Still 'Future-proofing' Child Funds Despite Credit Crunch. Family Investments sees biggest peak in CTF top-ups since launch

2008-09-03 | New findings from Family Investments, the UK's leading Child Trust Fund (CTF) provider, have shown that more parents than ever are putting aside savings for their children's future despite the credit crunch.

California Manufactured Housing Institute Embraces First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

2008-08-24 | "Whether it is called a 'tax credit' or an 'interest free loan,' it is important for everyone involved in the program to understand the provision and to use it appropriately to stimulate sales," states Jess Maxcy, President, California Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI).

Tips to Secure Small Business Loans - Working Smart with Loan Consultants.

2008-08-18 | is a consulting company which helps business owners & Individuals obtain unsecured personal loans, business loans, small business loans, unsecured loans, instant online loans, a new line of credit or other financing solutions that can even be used for start up businesses.

A Lucrative Alternative to the Melting Real Estate/Mortgage Industry

2008-08-09 | A massive shift is currently underway in the real estate/mortgage industry that is quickly gaining national attention among top financial professionals.

Internet Marketing Experiencing New Trend

2008-08-09 | Internet Marketing is evolving as general public becomes more sophisticated and economy faces deeper challenges


2008-08-02 | For most people, buying a home is the most significant investment of their lives. And in spite of the doubt and confusion clouding both the financial markets and news headlines, 2008 presents many genuine real estate opportunities - especially for first-time buyers.