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Another Inviting Boutique for Shoppers: Rodeo Drive's First Plastic Surgery Center

2007-06-20 | For the first time, world-class plastic surgery is available right on world-famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Direct from Beverly Hills: Skin Activating Liposuction

2007-06-12 | Just-in-time for summer, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon unveils a novel approach to liposuction.

GPS Medical Debuts Blog for Ultrasound Opinions and Reviews

2007-05-31 | Company offers previously unavailable information, reviews, and usability testing that wasn't available to consumers without knowing an insider.

Just-In-Time for Summer: A Novel Liposuction Program

2007-05-30 | In Southern California summer means two things - less clothes and more skin. In time to meet the summer skin-fest, one cosmetic surgery center in Beverly Hills offers new just-in-time for summer beauty procedures and innovations in liposuction.

CINVENTION and Relisys Medical Devices Enrol First Patients in Clinical Trial of the Corel+C Drug-Eluting Stent

2007-04-13 | CINVENTION and Relisys Medical announced today the enrolment of the first patients in the COREL drug-eluting stent clinical trial based on the paclitaxel-eluting Corel+C stent with a macro-porous nano-structured carbon-composite coating.

Rodeo Drive's Real Nip & Tuck Artist

2007-04-10 | The characters on the hit television show may be moving to Rodeo Drive, but in real life there is only one plastic surgery center on the world's most glamorous street.

Renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center Provides Specialized Services to People Traveling for Plastic Surgery

2007-03-02 | Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery sits at the nation's most prestigious address for cosmetic surgery. To accomodate its large number of patients traveling from around the country and from overseas, it has developed a specialized program to make their experience as safe and smooth as possible.

Are You Including A Press Release In Your Marketing Campaign Arsenal? Perhaps You Should Be…

2006-08-09 | Selected as Top Source For Press Release Distribution

Wiesbaden / Nagoya, 31 March 2006 Blue Membranes approaches the US and Japan markets

2006-04-01 | Blue Membranes and Goodman announce the closing of collaborative product development and a worldwide licence, manufacturing and supply agreement for BlueM's proprietary nano-composite drug-delivery coating technology.

Hit by the computer worm? Lifeboat to the Rescue!

2005-08-16 | Lifeboat data rescue can retrieve data from computers hit by computer worms and viruses

Americans Head to Western Europe to Save Big on Medical Costs

2005-08-02 | European Medical Tourist arranges affordable, quality elective and non-elective medical procedures in western Europe for cost-conscious Americans.