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International Baby Planner Academy Gives Birth to the International Maternity Institute

2010-12-30 | The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals is pleased to announce its' recent expansion with the International Maternity Institute, an online educational portal for maternity and childbirth professionals.

Advances in Breast Imaging Improve Patient Care, Aid in Earlier Cancer Detection

2010-12-16 | New breast imaging technologies cause excitement among providers, according to a recent, comprehensive report published by KLAS.

Bergen County Residents Have Found Comfort and Help for Periodontal (Gum) Disease from Their Local Dentist

2010-12-16 | Bergen County dentist, Dr. Sherzoy, says bleeding gums should be examined immediately, otherwise one may experience tooth loss and many more complications.

KLAS Announces the Year's Best-Performing Healthcare IT Software and Services Vendors

2010-12-15 | 2010 Best in KLAS Awards reveals top-rated companies in 113 market segments and performance ratings for over 900 software products and service offerings

New Research Explains How DHEA Supplementation Improves Embryo Quality

2010-12-15 | New research at New York fertility clinic Center for Human Reproduction demonstrates the mechanisms by which DHEA supplementation in women benefits egg and embryo quality.

What Constitutes a Surgical Error?

2010-12-09 | Surgical errors are some of the most serious forms of medical malpractice, resulting in severe complications or damage a number of other body parts. Surgical mistakes are at an alarmingly high rate, and are often preventable errors.

Attorney Says CDC Study on Birth Defects Implicates Popular Fertility Drug

2010-12-04 | Report on Clomid study vindicates lawyer's 35-year battle to warn about birth defect risk.

Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy/Breastfeeding

2010-12-03 | Women considering breast augmentation often want to know how the procedure will affect pregnancy and breastfeeding later in life or how pregnancy and breast feeding will affect their breasts with implants.

Sedation Consulting Adds Renowned Anesthesiologist to Ambulatory Surgery and Office-Based Sedation Training Programs

2010-12-02 | Dr. Barry Friedberg joins Conscious Sedation Consulting's office-based procedural sedation course development, presentation and on-site training program. To provide cosmetic surgeons and their staff safe sedation techniques and emergency management.

Hospitals Expect PACS Solutions to Develop with Meaningful Use-Minded Market

2010-11-28 | Healthcare providers seek PACS solutions that facilitate meaningful use by radiologists, new KLAS study finds.

Florida Gynecologist Rebuts Misconceptions About Cosmetic Procedures

2010-11-25 | Florida gynecologist, Dr. Mark Scheinberg, responds to some of the criticisms about cosmetic gynecological procedures.

SIGVARIS, the Global Leader in Compression Socks and DVT Prevention Advocate, Announces a New Product Designed to Keep Legs Healthy During Pregnancy

2010-11-19 | SIGVARIS launches a new product, Cotton Maternity Socks, and provides consumers with an informational website designed to educate women about how to keep their legs healthy during pregnancy.

New KLAS Pharmacy Report Geared to Assist Providers with Purchasing Decisions

2010-11-18 | Healthcare providers receive free access to pharmacy-focused research in preparation for ASHP's Midyear 2010 Clinical Meeting.

"Fetus to Fifth Grade" - Dr. David V. Schapira, Internationally-Recognized Physician and Researcher, Discusses the Latest Scientific Evidence on Pregnancy, Parenting and Child Care

2010-11-17 | Recent scientific studies focus on the importance of exactly what type of mother/child interaction leads to an optimal outcome for the child. Fetus to Fifth Grade provides the most up-to-date scientific research on pregnancy and child care.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia Event Focused on Family Building for Same-sex Couples

2010-10-29 | RMA of Philadelphia invites you to attend an educational event focused on family building options for same sex couples, Thursday, November 4, 2010, Filbert Street location, Philadelphia, PA.

Fertility Planit is a New Facebook/Yelp Social Network for People Worldwide Looking to Get Pregnant and Start a Family

2010-10-28 | Fertility Planit members sign up with a free personal profile (using an anonymous screen name, if desired) or business profile, share views and User reviews, find and offer support, shop for products and advertise services, all in one place.

Trying-to-Conceive Couples Throughout the UK Can Now Increase Their Chances, Thanks to Conceive Plus and Boots!

2010-10-21 | Thousands more couples who are trying to have a child are now able to purchase the scientifically-formulated product that naturally supports fertility in the United Kingdom.

RMA of New York to Present 10 Original Scientific Papers at the ASRM Annual Meeting

2010-10-19 | RMA of New York's team will present 10 original research findings at ASRM's annual meeting, with two award winning papers presented Monday, October 25, 2010.

KLAS Study: For Staff Scheduling, Providers Choose Integration Over Usability

2010-10-15 | Kronos and API win twice as many new clients as other staff-scheduling vendors, despite less-effective functionality.

KLAS Report Examines EMR Practice Market by Specialty

2010-10-12 | Inaugural KLAS report dissects ambulatory vendor performance scores by practice specialty.