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2005-07-02 | Solana MedSpas is the nation's leading medical spa consulting company with a growing network of uniquely branded facilities all over North America.

Teenage Plastic Surgery Explodes in America - Prices Skyrocket

2005-05-28 | Teenage girls used to dream of a prom dress or a new sports car for their Sweet 16th . Now just about every girl that age wants bigger breasts or liposuction instead.

Dr. Fredric Stern appointed to Botox Cosmetic National Education Faculty.

2005-05-05 | Fredric A. Stern, MD, FACS, Director of the Stern Center for Aesthetic Surgery, has been chosen as one of a select group of National Educational Faculty members for Botox Cosm

Physician, Enhance Thyself! When Doctors Go Under the Knife

2004-12-10 | What do plastic and cosmetic surgeons learn after they themselves have been plastic surgery patients? What do they complain about?

Hasson & Wong Aesthetic Surgery Recognized for "Mind Blowing Results"

2004-12-04 | Hasson & Wong presented twenty-five patients for peer review at the recent ISHRS Conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia.


2004-10-14 | Because professional women tend to have higher incomes and usually go back to work after childbirth, they often have a “mommy makeover” to regain their former shapes.

No Knife” Cosmetic Surgery Non-Surgical Options to Facelifts

2004-10-14 | Busy consumers are asking for, and receiving, cosmetic procedures that involve no scapel. Often, the procedure is done on the lunch hour.

Jettisoning -- and Creating Bosoms Anew Staff Report Medically Reviewed by Dennis J. Hurwitz, M.D., FACS

2004-10-10 | Some women who have relatives stricken by breast cancer are surgically removing nature’s own and having new breasts reconstructed by plastic surgeons