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Residential Property Management Goes Paperless

2008-04-19 | Landlords and Renters have a great new tool to use with the launch of, an online property management and rental advertising service. Created by a team of Real Estate and IT professionals, the website promises to bring residential property management into the 21st century.

Real Estate Professionals, REITs and Funds now have a Dynamic and Cost Effective Software Tool for Raising Unlimited Capital

2008-04-14 | The software system generates the required securities offering documents and investor leads to enable Real Estate Agents and Developers, General Contractors and Property Mgt Companies to evolve to the next level by raising and managing capital for acquiring income and Growth properties nationwide

London Office Launch for

2008-04-03 | Leading online commercial property broker has opened an office in central London in recognition of the capital city's dominant position within the serviced office sector.

ZapThink Report: Visual Fusion Suite "Killer Use Case" for SOA

2008-03-31 | IT Analyst firm reports IDV Solutions' Enterprise Mashups become the "killer use case" for SOA, delivering business value in a flexible, visually intuitive manner.

Laurelmor and Landslides

2008-03-30 | Is it safe to build in Laurelmor? This Ginn Resort Property, a 6,000 plus acre mountain residential/resort community, was approved in 2006 before its location could be mapped for landslides.

"Is It Safe to Build Here?" Western North Carolina's High Risk Real Estate

2008-03-17 | Mountain Development and Safe Slope Standards


2008-03-10 | Pardee Homes, prominent developer of master-planned communities in California and Nevada, has promoted Jon Lash to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He replaces Hal Struck, who is retiring after 31 years of service to the company.

Landslides for Sale

2008-03-07 | The Cliffs at High Carolina...Are Safe Slopes a Concern?

Top Financial Insiders Reveal How To End Your Worries Right Now.

2008-03-05 | The best of Corporate America, Wall Street and the Direct Marketing Industry come together for the first time ever to create the "Perfect Storm".


2008-02-27 | New Book Titled "Death to the Property and Casualty Agent, the Cause" Is Released That Reveals a Significant Challenge Insurance Agents Will Face In The Future

American Mortgage Lending, Inc. Receives Award

2008-02-25 | American Mortgage Lending has generated over $2 million dollars in 100% Guaranteed loans, assisting Rural Development to serve 24 families "Achieve the Dream" of homeownership. Laure Feld, President, has risen above the masses in providing superior service to her Clients.

Website Brings Together Real Estate Investors and Homeowners to Thwart Foreclosure

2008-02-18 | is the first website of its kind that brings together real estate investors and homeowners who are in pre-foreclosure or who are already in foreclosure.

Going on holiday without paying your accommodation is finally possible.

2008-02-15 | Holidays too find their reform with the possibility of exchanging houses and it's a winning bet.


2008-02-14 | Major League Baseball's Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers, has donated his National League Rookie of the Year bonus of $10,000 to Habitat for Humanity. Braun pledged the donation following his participation as Honorary House Leader during the 2007 Jimmy Carter Work Project in Los Angeles.

Lucrative Alternatives To The Devastated Real Estate Industry

2008-02-11 | There is a Lucrative Alternative To The Devastated Real Estate Industry That Is Quickly Gaining National Attention Among Top Real Estate Professionals"

Disha Direct launches Sylvan Springs flower houses; affordable luxury properties in India offer a 'flowery' lifestyle

2008-02-04 | With properties uniquely shaped like a blooming flower, the Sylvan Springs project is an architectural marvel, a new definition of habitat that breaks the rules.Moreover, located just 100 kilometers away from Mumbai,Sylvan Springs is not only ideal as a second home, but also a good investment option Updates Service to Reflect Changes in Northstar MLS Features

2008-01-30 | Leading real estate website hosting company embraces and explains changes in Northstar MLS to their clients.

Secrets of Mortgage Lending (the eBook) The Inner Workings and Hidden Data of the Mortgage Lending Business

2008-01-28 | Adrian Skiles, GML, a mortgage broker with over 20 years in the mortgage business, has written an impressive eBook titled "Secrets of Mortgage Lending." This is a ground-breaking insider chronicle revealing the hidden data and practices of the mortgage lending industry.

ADOPTING A PETS AT WORK POLICY Animal magic or legal lions' den?

2008-01-23 | In the dog eat dog world of business, can reveal that the number of employees bringing their pet into work is on the up, as employers wake up to the fact that having animals around you in the working environment can significantly reduce stress levels.

Devon Bank Receives International Recognition

2008-01-20 | Devon Bank, a community bank on Chicago's North side has received international recognition for its creative approach to an Interfaith $2 million loan deal.