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Anguscaravelli, Inc. hosts the New York City's Junior League 2007 Home Design Committee in its Fall House Tour.

2007-10-20 | The Tour benefits community programs designed to improve the lives of families, through the Junior league's support of community-based organizations.

Encore Seminar Performance First Time Ever for NAHB

2007-10-17 | The National Association of Homebuilders is offering the same course two times for the first time ever at their yearly International Builder Show.

Little Known SECRET Can Increase Chances for Loan Approval and Lower Insurance Costs

2007-10-16 | In a market where tightening underwriting guidelines are making it increasingly difficult to qualify for mortgages, savvy borrowers are finding that following a few simple credit score-improving steps gives them greater control over their credit scores.

Hazardous Land for Sale! Western North Carolina's High Risk Real Estate

2007-10-13 | [i] In September 2004 the western counties of North Carolina were in a state of emergency...the President issued 2 federal disaster declarations and provided $72 million in aid [/i]

Hopfoot Designs F4 Series to be Featured in the KBB Magazine's November Issue

2007-10-12 | Hopfoot Designs F4 Series to be Featured in the KBB Magazine's November Issue

Now you can use the ancient art of Tibetan Sound Healing to transform your own space and that of others!

2007-10-06 | Nationally known sound healer, recording artist and author Diane Mandle has released her second e-book that focuses on the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Avista Solutions Monthly Processed Volumes Top 100,000 Mortgage Applications for First Time

2007-10-03 | Avista Solutions Web-Portal Based Enterprise Loan Origination Software (LOS) Provides Fast Way to FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Professor blames Greenspan for US Economic woes

2007-09-22 | A college professor in Atlanta has blamed Alan Greenspan for the current dire state of the economy. He said the Financial Guru should take responsibility for mismanaging the economy instead of hurling dirt at the Bush adminstration.

Tishman kicks off construction of a unique Marketing suite for Sofia Airport Center project.

2007-09-16 | Tishman Management Company has started construction of the Marketing suite for the Sofia Airport Center. The first buildings of the Sofia Airport Center are scheduled for completion in the beginning of next year.

Million Dollar Bill Innovative Promotional Tool is helping independent network marketers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents & direct sales reps explode their business!

2007-08-25 | New Million Dollar Bill Sizzle Cards are helping mortgage brokers, real estate agemts, independent reps of Global Resorts Network, ITV Ventures , Liberty League, YTB Travel, Coastal Vacations, Wealth Masters International, Easy Daily Gold, EDC, Road Map to Riches & many other mlm companies.

Popularity of Web Video Spurs Competition Among Internet Video Producers

2007-08-24 | As more people demand video for their business and professional websites, providers compete for a slice of the market.

Going Green in the Office - launches campaign for more sustainable workplaces

2007-08-24 | have launched a campaign encouraging businesses to go green in both their practices in the office and their choice of office space.

The Rise of the Office Moth - reveals working late into the night is bad for business

2007-08-12 | As darkness begins to descend on National Moth Night* (11th August 2007), has been talking to businesses across Britain to find out if office moths - those employees who regularly work late into the night - are on the rise.

Insulated Garage Doors Now Eligible for Homeowner Tax Credit

2007-08-09 | THe IRS has declared insulated garage doors an energy saving home improvement worth up to $500 tax credit provided they are installed by December 31, 2007.


2007-08-08 | Default Research reported that Wayne County had the highest foreclosure rate, with an increase of 45 percent, followed by Macomb up 35 percent, and Oakland with the smallest increase at 20 percent.

Los Angeles foreclosures skyrocket in July of 2007

2007-08-08 | Los Angeles foreclosures increased from 4,243 foreclosures in June 2007 to 5,317 foreclosures in July of 2007. The foreclosure increase of 25 percent was felt the most in the cities of Los Angeles, Palmdale and Lancaster.

Historic Homes Annapolis Site Takes on a New Facade

2007-08-07 | Annapolis MD Real Estate Sellers and Buyers See a Historic Home Site Face-lift

Know your Netiquette - reveals email blunders to make you cringe!

2007-07-27 | reveal some of the most cringeworthy email blunders from the UK's office workers!

Nassau, Bahamas Realtor Has Property Near The Beach Starting From $29,000

2007-07-25 | Island Living Real Estate encourages those looking to buy real estate in the Bahamas to consider Bahama Sound in Exuma while prices are affordable.

Entrust New Direction Self-Directed IRAs Borrow Over $10 Million

2007-07-14 | An old adage, often repeated, "You need to have money to make money", is a little less true today. Entrust New Direction IRA, Inc, a self-directed IRA/401(k) administrator, announces IRA borrowing of 77 loans totaling over $10 Million.