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Scotlands Bannochmoor Estate: The Highland Call of Heritage Meets Blockchain's Pulse

2023-11-09 | Embracing the Future with Tradition in Heart, Scotlands Bannochmoor Announces Pre-Sale Milestone and Unveils a Roadmap to Digital Renaissance

Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade to implement Blockchain use cases and Conference

2023-11-07 | The Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with DigiWeb LLC, Choueh Law Firm, and the Lebanese Association for Digital transformation to introduce Blockchain training courses, ....

THNDR Releases Infrastructure for Limitless Wagering, Disrupting $95B Online Gambling Market

2023-10-12 | THNDR's game-changing wagering platform and API is reimagining competitive gaming on bitcoin.

BTCC Uncovers Latest Ethereum Market Statistics For Guiding Crypto Traders Around The World

2023-10-06 | BTCC, one of the best crypto trading platforms for novices and experienced crypto traders, guides them with the latest Ethereum market statistics, price, and ETH to USD chart.

SeekCoin is Set to Revolutionize How We Perceive Cryptocurrency Utility in the Future

2023-10-05 | The new-gen crypto project SeekCoin is set to redefine the use of cryptocurrencies in the real world through its rich utilities.

Maidaan Games to Imminently Launch $MDN Token - Your Key to Web3 Marketplaces

2023-09-28 | $MDN Token offers investment opportunities, the power to play and acquire NFTs while ensuring fairness and rewards.


2023-09-22 | The Court ruled in favor of the artist after finding no evidence to support the company's claims that it was owed a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the artist's Coolman's Universe NFT collection.

Santo Mining Corp. Rebranding Skullys to Smellys

2023-09-06 | Using and rewriting over 100,000 lines of code that make-up SKULLYS and rebranding it as SMELLYS for the cannabis industry

Hurley - the renowned surfing brand mints its NFTs on SKALE Blockchain - Drops on on August 30th

2023-09-01 | Hurley, the renowned surfing brand, will drop its exclusive gaming and collectible NFTs on The drop is powered by SKALE blockchain that promises scalability, security, and zero gas fees.

iDenfy partners with Umazi to facilitate expansion through customized KYC and KYB solutions

2023-09-01 | The RegTech startup plans to enhance Umazi's due diligence hub by offering AI-powered identity verification and business verification tools

Blockchain App Factory and AME Chain Enter an Ecosystem Development Partnership to Build Web3 Applications

2023-08-30 | The firms have forged a mutual ecosystem development partnership to develop new-age Web3 business applications reinforced with security.

Special interview featuring Nah Ken, Chief Director of Gwangju Design Biennale

2023-08-28 | "Together with Gwangju Design Biennale, you can enjoy the value and pleasure of design, while also savoring the unique style and flavor of Gwangju"…

Daily Fintech's Contextual Advertising is The Low Cost Alternative to Surveillance Advertising

2023-08-26 | Each advertisement will be for 3 months, include a few lines of your text, an  image and a link to your chosen URL


2023-08-25 | The future of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art and finance holds immense potential for reshaping how we create, invest in, and interact with both art and traditional financial assets, asserts Dr. Dmitri Merinson.

YAYO Corporation Unveils Supplement Line and Revolutionary Trapezoid Scheme

2023-08-21 | The Yoshimoto Atlantic Yield Optimization Corporation (YAYO) launches the long awaited supplement line and Trapezoid Scheme, revolutionizing the realm of crypto in pursuit of physical and financial superiority.

AssetLink Announces the Launch of Presale Stage 2: A New Era of Tokenized Real Estate Begins

2023-08-15 | Merging real estate's potential with ai & blockchain's innovation, AssetLink redefines property investment with unmatched crypto rewards.

Global Digital Reserve Usher to Launch $GDRC Soon - The Future of a Stable Cryptocurrency

2023-08-09 | $GDRC represents a stable, secure, and reliable decentralized monetary system

iDenfy enhances the security posture for Mountain Wolf with full-stack identity verification

2023-07-28 | The RegTech startup will help build a fully automated ID verification and business verification flow while ensuring AML compliance

Qliktag Announces New Customers for Product Tokenization & Physical NFT + NFC Solution to Bridge Physical Assets with the Digital World

2023-07-26 | Businesses deploy new & innovative digital capabilities for their physical products with the Qliktag technology solution which inextricably connects physical products with NFTs & the digital world using highly secure & unclonable NFC tags.