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Mend the World in 14 Days: Debut Climate Book "2 Weeks 2 Utopia"

2023-08-22 | "2 Weeks 2 Utopia" is a layperson's clear-eyed perspective on climate change and a practical guide to how each of us can help mend the world in only fourteen days.

7 Days to Eternity

2023-08-22 | A brand-new gripping psychological suspense thriller by Shannon W. Helzer, explores the unseen darkness of humanity

Brandon Garic Notch: A Multifaceted Artistic Trailblazer

2023-08-19 | An Artist of Unparalleled Versatility

Enchanting Children's Poem Book, 'EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO,' Captures Hearts of Children and Parents Alike

2023-08-17 | "Everything IS TICKITTY-BOO" is a heartwarming children's poem book by Crayton Maerz, filled with playful verses and captivating illustrations, a beloved favorite among children and parents.

Assisted Living: What You Need To Know Before You Make A Decision - Will I Lose My Personal Freedom Asks Frances Fuller, Bestselling Author Of Helping Yourself Grow Old

2023-08-17 | Best-selling author Frances Fuller offers an insider's view of assisted living and a unique outlook on aging, based on her own experience. Her insights are penetrating and deal with issues that many seniors and their families are concerned about.

Jody Sharpe, Bestselling Author Of 20 Moon Road, Takes First Place Nationally In 2023 National Federation Of Press Women's Professional Communications Contest

2023-08-17 | A former teacher, Sharpe has direct experience regarding the effect bullying has on children. She is the author of a number of award-winning books and videos that can help readers and viewers find hope, inspiration and gratitude.

Nicolai Canetti Celebrated for Achievement in Design

2023-08-16 | Nicolai Canetti is a designer and the chair of the Canetti Design Group

Authors Say Cities Should Learn from Mistakes of Others Too

2023-08-15 | Failed revitalization ideas are explored in Keeping the Lights on Downtown in America's Small Cities, 2nd Edition

Celebrated OBGYN'S New Book Empowers Women to Take Charge of Their Pregnancies

2023-08-15 | "Pregnancy Your Way" Distills Wisdom From Dr. Alan Lindemann's 40 Years of Practice Delivering 6,000 Babies

Mindfulness and the ADHD Parent: Cultivating Calm and Building Connection

2023-08-15 | Pathways Psychological Services releases empowering workbook "Mindfulness and the ADHD Parent: Cultivating Calm and Building Connection," providing practical tools for parents to address ADHD symptoms effectively.

TénéNi N. Mason has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-08-14 | TénéNi N. Mason is recognized for her dedication as an author and caregiver

Katy Rey's book "Uniquely loved for being YOU" Becomes a Best Seller!

2023-08-13 | "Uniquely loved for being YOU" became an international best seller on launch day!

Speak From Your Heart and Be Heard By Dr. Kixx Goldman Offers Inspirational Stories Of Trauma, Courage And Healing

2023-08-12 | 'Speak From Your Heart And Be Heard' contains fictionalized inspiring stories, based on real life and professional experience.

The Truth About Big Pharma, Offered By Dr. Richard Ruhling

2023-08-11 | Dr. Richard Ruhling is a board-certified physician and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

Saving A Generation - The Alarming Dangers Of Social Media That Can Lead To Bullying, Anxiety, Depression And Loneliness, Addressed By Dr Barbara Becker Holstein In New Video

2023-08-11 | In the tradition of authors like Judy Blume, Dr. Holstein pushes the envelope in covering the challenges girls really face, without sugar coating it or downplaying the feelings or passions young girls experience.

Discover an Unforgettable Tale of Love and Redemption: "The Widow" by Josephine Bandojo Coming Soon

2023-08-10 | Josephine Bandojo's "The Widow" is set to release in bookstores, a captivating tale of love, destiny, and second chances.

Dr. Akindele Kolade Shares His Remarkable Journey of Resilience and Achievement in New Autobiography

2023-08-10 | Dr. Akindele Kolade's autobiography, "A LIFE IN PROGRESS," chronicles his life journey from humble Nigerian village to Las Vegas-based medical expert, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.

Embark on a Heart-Stopping Adventure: "The Running Game" by Russell P Ayers

2023-08-10 | Russell P Ayers delivers an adrenaline-pumping "The Running Game" novel, leaving readers spellbound and eager for more.

Shelley Schuring Announces the Launch of Her New Book MS=MINDSET'

2023-08-10 | Shelley Schuring's book "MS=MINDSET" tells the inspiring story of a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who thriving despite the condition. The book teaches techniques for a positive mindset and explores endless possibilities.