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Coalfire Predicts: In 2015 the Cost of Cybersecurity and Risk Management Will Remain on Track to Double

2014-12-11 | Fueled by cyber-crime, cyber-ware, and cyber-terrorism

Carousel Industries to Host Webinar This Thursday for Education Market Covering Changes to the E-rate Modernization Order

2014-12-11 | Webinar to Feature E-rate Specialist Ronald Sheps and Cover Topics Including Funding Telecommunications, Internet Access and Internal Communications Costs

Munich Airport: Inonet Selects Matrox M-Series Graphics Cards to Drive One of the World's Largest Flight Information Display Walls

2014-12-11 | Matrox M-Series quad and octal-monitor graphics cards drive an expansive 72-monitor FIDS video wall showcasing crisp, high-quality flight arrival and departure content

Advice from the Gods Puts World's Religions in the Palm of Your Hands

2014-12-10 | Advice From the Gods, by Monster Code Corporation, is a reference app for iOS and Android that allows users to gain knowledge and deepen the understanding of other cultures and religions.

New Plastic Laws Benefit Local Hawaiian Company

2014-12-10 | As new plastic bag bans continue to roll out in Hawaii and other states, businesses, shoppers, and bag suppliers and manufacturers are preparing for change and making plans for how they will react.

AP Automation 101: What You Need to Know [New Corcentric Webinar]

2014-12-10 | Learn the six elements you must know before choosing an accounts payable automation solution in this latest Webinar

National e-Filing Provider Goes Green with Local Parks Advocates

2014-12-10 | Grand Rapids-based WageFiling partners with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks to promote cutting out paper waste, and greening our urban canopy.

Non-Profit Organizations to Benefit from Free Media Monitoring Service

2014-12-10 | Grant awards a year of free media monitoring to non-profits

Data Matching Software Gets a Reboot for 2015

2014-12-10 | Leading Data Quality Company Announces New Version of Enterprise Platform

Moody Gardens and D3D Cinema Celebrate Opening of 6P Laser Theater Featuring Christie

2014-12-10 | MG3D Theater features MDI 60 by 80-foot white screen lit up by Christie 4K 6P laser and viewed with Infitec GmBH 3D glasses.

Datex Introduces New Community for Software Users

2014-12-10 | Award winning supply chain software developer Datex introduced a new online collaboration tool for software users, Datex Community.

Communication Connectivity Loss Threatens Millions of Medical Devices - Download the White Paper for Free

2014-12-09 | Free informational White Paper by Connected Healthcare Solutions.

Microgravity Helping Us Understand Immune System's Tiny Warriors

2014-12-09 | InSPACE experiments in space help to understand the fundamental science around directed self-assembly. Researchers hope to better define new methods of manufacturing materials composed of small colloidal or nano-particle building blocks.

Buckle Up for More Big News From InSPACE's Nano-world

2014-12-09 | With the InSPACE experiments, the idea is to understand the fundamental science around directed self-assembly. Researchers hope to better define new methods of manufacturing materials composed of small colloidal or nano-particle building blocks.

T.O. Plastics Expands its 3D Printing Capabilities

2014-12-08 | Custom thermoformer's investment supports 2015 growth goals.

Matrox Adds Console Display Support for Matrox Mura MPX-based Video Walls

2014-12-06 | Matrox P690 graphics cards are validated for use with Mura MPX capture and display cards so system monitoring, video wall layout management, and other applications can run locally, without affecting the video wall's appearance.

International Space Station Enables Interplanetary Space Exploration

2014-12-05 | From life support systems to growing plants in space, the space station continues to drive human exploration for missions beyond low-Earth orbit.

I-Adventure Reading Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Reading App

2014-12-05 | I-Adventure Reading launched its Kickstarter campaign to complete app development.

Next-Generation Human Resources Management Research Launched by Ventana Research

2014-12-05 | Benchmark research will investigate the use of innovative technologies to improve the productivity and value of workforces worldwide.