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Is There Really a Connection Between Diabetes and Alzheimer's? Asks Physician Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

2006-07-27 | Summary; Shock waves from the recent Madrid Alzheimer's meeting sent scientists scurrying for an explanation for how a Seattle VA study showed that diabetes could lead to a nearly 70% increase in Alzheimer's disease. One scientist not caught off-guard was internist/researcher Lawrence Broxmeyer MD.

Lawrence Broxmeyer's Avian Influenza, H5N1 And the Pandemic of 1918

2006-07-19 | Summary: Researcher/doctor Lawrence Broxmeyer recently, at the express request of the Editor-in-Chief a prominent Elsevier peer-reviewed medical journal, wrote an innovative Editorial dealing with the Pandemic of 1918 and today's bird flu. He speaks of that paper here.

There's a new claim for an advance against malignancies reported every month, but statistics say otherwise says Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

2006-07-14 | Summary: The word 'cancer' is of Latin derivation and means crab. By the turn of the 20th Century organized medicine had come to the conclusion that it was not a matter of whether infectious disease caused cancer, but which one, pointed out Lawrence Broxmeyer MD.


2006-06-30 | Remarkable Chicago woman receives $25,000 and title of "super star" among community health nurses for her ongoing work supporting the medically underserved throughout Chicago and internationally. Catharine "Cat" Quinn receives the VNA Foundation 2006 Super Star in Community Nursing Award.

Government will reverse mesothelioma ruling

2006-06-29 | The Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer has announced changes to compensation laws which will mean victims of asbestos-related cancer will receive full compensation.

Think Twice Before Extracting Teeth for Ortho

2006-06-22 | Instead of pulling teeth to traditionally make more space for the teeth, orthodontists are now recommending palate expansion to give the tongue more room.

Wiesbaden / Nagoya, 31 March 2006 Blue Membranes approaches the US and Japan markets

2006-04-01 | Blue Membranes and Goodman announce the closing of collaborative product development and a worldwide licence, manufacturing and supply agreement for BlueM's proprietary nano-composite drug-delivery coating technology.

GiveGet Launched on March 18th

2006-03-22 | The UK's biggest charity clothing collection, GiveGet launches marking the biannual collaboration between Cancer Research UK and TK Maxx to encourage us to spring clean our wardrobes and donate clothes in an effort to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.


2006-03-17 | With the popularity of internet advertising, Tampa Marketing Company has launched a new pixel based website that makes significant contributions of ad revenues to Florida area non-profit groups.

HSA for America partners with nation's CPAs

2006-02-02 | HSA for America has begun partnering with CPAs nationwide to help people learn about the many advantages of Health Savings Accounts.

ColoHealth Reports Rapid Increase in HSA Sales

2006-02-02 | ColoHealth's reports a significant jump in sales of HSA-qualified plans, with 32% of all plans sold in 2005 qualifying to work with Health Savings Accounts.

Stress Related Disorders Respond to Nature Remedy By 30 Percent, an Organic Education Antidote for Natural System Dysfunction (NSD) Increases Wellness and Reduces Budgets.

2006-01-10 | The Institute of Global Education has identified a debilitating disorder known as Natural System Dysfunction (NSD), and has developed a readily available online Organic antidote for it. At home, work or school, the easily learned antidote, by 30 percent, increases our well-being and reduces budgets.

Give alcoholics hope this Christmas with "Phoenix in a Bottle"

2005-12-13 | The controversial new book "Phoenix in a Bottle" by Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald would make the ideal Christmas present of hope for alcoholics from their friends, relatives and loved ones - say publishers Melrose Books.

New Jersey Executives Club (NJEXEC) Welcomes Ethicon's Worldwide VP and CIO, Zack Lemelle, as Event Featured Speaker

2005-10-21 | The New Jersey Executives Club (NJEXEC) welcomes Zack Lemelle, vice president and chief information officer of Ethicon, Inc., as the featured speaker at the Club's event on Friday, November 18 at the Raritan Valley Country Club in Bridgewater, NJ.

Controversial book about alcoholism now available in America and worldwide

2005-09-12 | "Phoenix in a Bottle" the controversial new book by Scottish couple Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald that challenges conventional wisdom about alcoholism, is now readily available in America and throughout the world, as well as in the United Kingdom.

Americans Head to Western Europe to Save Big on Medical Costs

2005-08-02 | European Medical Tourist arranges affordable, quality elective and non-elective medical procedures in western Europe for cost-conscious Americans.

After reports of death from use of faulty pain patch - Duragesic - the FDA issues health advisory

2005-08-01 | promotes free case evaluations by U.S. law firms for users adversely affected by the Duragesic pain patch.

Holistic Acne Treatment Helps Thousands Worldwide In Quest For Clear Skin

2005-07-07 | Ex- acne sufferer launches a unique step-by-step acne treatment to help sufferers worldwide in their quest for a lasting acne cure and a life without shame

Book on Perimenopause and Natural Hormones Awarded Top Publishing Honors

2005-06-19 | Larkfield Publishing's "The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause" wins the prestigious Ben Franklin Award for best first book by a new publisher. The book also receives an Honorable Mention in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year competition.