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North Hampton Podiatrist Offers Preventative Techniques For Peripheral Neuropathy

2014-01-16 | Read the article below to get some great info from Dr. Brian Nagy, podiatrist in North Hampton, New Hampshire, regarding preventative care for peripheral neuropathy.

St. Charles Sleep Apnea Therapy Helps Patients Sleep

2014-01-16 | It may sound odd, but oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea has been proven to help treat obstructive sleep apnea. Find out how Drs. Lynn Lipskis and Edmund Lipskis are helping their patients find sleep relief!

Care To Share For Great Dental Care!

2014-01-16 | Dr. Mitchell S. Katz, family dentist in Avon, creates "Care to Share" Referral Program to thank his patients for their continued support!

St. Charles Orthodontist Reveals The Health Benefits Of Straighter Teeth

2014-01-16 | St. Charles Family Dentistry offers orthodontic treatment. A straight smile will make you look and feel better-it's guaranteed! Read below for more information.

Palm Beach Gardens Dentist Discusses Major Consequences Of Tooth Loss

2014-01-16 | Don't let tooth loss cause more trouble than it already has. Find out why not replacing a tooth can create more dental trouble.

Virginia Beach Dentist Treats TMJ Problems at Dental Practice

2014-01-16 | Dr. Randall Furman, Virginia Beach dentist, doesn't want a patient's TMJ problems to disrupt his/her daily routine. To help his patients, Dr. Furman discusses types of treatment and he can offer at his practice. Check out the details below!

St. Charles Dentist Improves Smiles With Dental Implants

2014-01-16 | Dr. John M. Isbrandt offers dental implants in St. Charles at his dental practice. Reap the benefits with this restorative procedure!

Why Overindulgence is Bad and Moderation is Key To Living a Healthy Lifestyle

2014-01-15 | Life Made Better's food storage container set helps with portion control to help you lose weight.

Why Portion Control Can Help You Lose Weight

2014-01-15 | Life Made Better has produced a product that can finally help you trim the fat out of your life.

Caffeine in K Cups Can Prevent Memory Loss

2014-01-15 | Life made Better has produced a product that can help organize your K Cups for your health.

Sheryl Warwick Discusses Why Boudoir-Style Photography Makes the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

2014-01-15 | Ladies and gentlemen can both benefit by giving the gift of a session with Warwick Boudoir this Valentine's Day.

Medicus Veincare Announces State-of-the-Art CoolSculpting Machine

2014-01-15 | Noted center offering laser vein treatments adds to its repertoire of services to help patients on the road to better health and a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Circle + Bloom Offers Free Miscarriage Healing + Recovery Program MP3

2014-01-15 | Circle + Bloom is passionate about helping people who struggle with infertility and have suffered a miscarriage. Circle + Bloom is now offering a free mind + body program to help with the miscarriage healing process.

Dentist Gets To The Root Of The Problem: Root Canal Therapy In Jenkintown

2014-01-15 | Dr. Cary J. Limberakis doesn't need to rely on an extraction to save an infected tooth. Read the full story below!

Jersey City Dentist Shares The Benefits Of Veneers For A Hollywood Smile

2014-01-15 | Drs. Paul Lustiger and Dr. Caroline Hamilton, Jersey City dentists, offer veneers, a popular cosmetic treatment, at new Montgomery Street dental office. Check out the story below!

Grand Rapids Dentist Goes Mobile: New Interactive Set Up For Patients

2014-01-15 | Dr. Ronald M. Olszewski, Grand Rapids dentist, goes mobile for patients benefit! See the details below.

Littleton Orthodontist: Mentor and Student of His Orthodontic Craft

2014-01-15 | Dr. Paul Rocke, Littleton orthodontist, has spent most of his life building upon his practice by helping others receive a straighter, healthier smile. Read the full story below!

Bellevue Dentist Explains How To Take Care Of A Dental Implant

2014-01-15 | Dr. Kianoosh Behshid, Bellevue, WA dentist, stresses the importance of strict oral hygiene practices after receiving a dental implant. If you want to keep your implant longer, improve your oral health.

Huntington Podiatrist Provides Treatment To Promote Healthy Toenail Growth

2014-01-15 | The Associated Podiatrists of Fairfield take care of your ingrown toenail before the problems grows bigger. Read the full story below!

Healthwick Canada Expands Adult Incontinence Selection to Include MoliCare & Fit Right Brands

2014-01-15 | New additions to adult diaper and brief categories give Canadians greater choice.