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See Elton John in Concert in Greenville, SC and Stay at Holiday Inn Express Simpsonville

2015-03-07 | Holiday Inn Express Simpsonville, SC offers affordable lodging to guests attending the Elton John concert in Greenville, SC on March 13, 2015.

Firstcom Music Announces Partnership With Deutsche Grammophon

2015-03-07 | FirstCom Music partners with Universal Music Group's world-renowned classical label Deutsche Grammophon.

"Hack the Classics" Education Series Launches Promotion for March

2015-03-07 | Instructor Josh Withrow makes Jane Austen-focused literary course available for five dollars through March.

Ian C. Bouras Shares The Art of Saving Falcons

2015-03-07 | Ian C. Bouras continues to push the limits of looping. Ian has something called Ataxia, a relatively unknown neurological condition.

A Progressive Live Art Auction by Patrick Ching is a Must See Event on

2015-03-06 | An unusually progressive live art show by Patrick Ching; paintings created as the auction progresses

Prolific Swedish Musician Announces New Band With 'Powerful Rock Songs' That Come As 'Second Nature'

2015-03-06 | Musician-vocalist Jonas Blomqvist announces Second Nature

Signalman Publishing Announces Release of Marching to a Worthy Drummer--a Scripturally-Based Review of the Feminine Nature of the Holy Spirit

2015-03-06 | In this book, the author conducts an indepth and faithful study of scripture and concludes with the feminine nature of the Holy Spirit.

TheRealDBlake To Release New 2015 "Mixtape & Music Video"

2015-03-06 | Brand new 2015 album, single and music video from American hip-hop artist TheRealDBlake, album titled TheRealDBlake vol #3, Single "The Streets Is Hot"!

Historic Tales of Northwest Orange County Signing at Museum of the Apopkans

2015-03-06 | Apopka Historical Society announces book signing and discussion by Perrine Slim

Claxson Becomes Golfboost Largest Investor in Private Equity Round

2015-03-05 | Claxson has acquired an important role in the ownership structure of Miami technology start-up Golfboost, a golf swing-lesson mobile application targeted to golfers worldwide.

FreeCast, Inc. Puts the Plus in Rabbit TV by Adding Features

2015-03-05 | After moving online, Rabbit TV Plus has delivered new features to an already impressive lineup.

Cave Movie 'THE DARK ZONE' Lights Up it's Kickstarter Campaign

2015-03-05 | Phillip Darlington, former underwater assistant to James Cameron is directing the action-thriller, THE DARK ZONE. Principal photography on the caving movie begins in Fall of 2015.

WW I-ERA Airfield in Blue Mound Haunted by Ghost of Mass Murderer Hezekiah Jones

2015-03-05 | Eccentric Fort Worth Businessman Seeks Volunteers to Search for Killer's Ghost and Missing Workers after Sundown on Friday, March 13 and Sat, March 14

Author Daniel P. Douglas' New Sci Fi Release, 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project', Centered On UFO Disclosure

2015-03-05 | Douglas is a multi-genre author who turns ordinary people into extraordinary heroes. Douglas' new science fiction book blends the authenticity of a Tom Clancy novel with the mystery and suspense of 'The X Files'

Berklee Hosts Its 10th Annual SXSW Party: Boston And Beyond On Thursday, March 19

2015-03-05 | Berklee's Official SXSW Party features up and coming alumni and students, including Amy & The Engine, The Ballroom Thieves, Avers and more

Morgan Heritage "Strictly Roots" Announces Album Release Date, Gears up to Release "Perform and Done" Video

2015-03-05 | Critically acclaimed reggae band Morgan Heritage has announced the release date of their anticipated "Strictly Roots" Album.

Logo Force Launches

2015-03-04 | Naming Force Introduces Logo Force

Manufacturing Marvels to Highlight Sioux Chief Manufacturing

2015-03-04 | Sioux Chief Manufacturing will appear on the Fox Business Network during its Manufacturing Marvels segment.

StoryPress Releases Beta of Digital Greeting Cards, Story Cards

2015-03-04 | Users can now record & share cards easily and for free with custom greeting card templates

Last Minute Switch to Fazioli Piano Nets $75,000.00 First Prize

2015-03-04 | Eric Lu, wins Miami Chopin Piano Competition on a Fazioli concert grand