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NinaData Unveils Revolutionary Contextual Gen AI Political Advertising Platform

2024-06-26 | NinaData is reshaping the use of contextual advertising technology in the digital political advertising landscape to reach audiences based on voter issues and sentiments in a privacy-first way. Launches Their Small Business Marketplace to Make Small Business Deals More Accessible

2024-06-26 | empowers small business owners, buyers, and brokers, ensuring local legacies grow, transition, and live on.

The New Values-Based Safety Book

2024-06-26 | THE BEST "HOW-TO" BOOK ON IMPROVING SAFETY AND CREATING A SAFETY CULTURE WITHIN ANY INDUSTRY - The New Values-Based Safety by Terry McSween, PhD, and Adam Hockman

NetCom Learning to Participate in AWS Summit 2024 in Washington, DC and New York

2024-06-26 | AWS Summit is a premier event for making valuable connections and showcasing NetCom Learning's tailored learning solutions.

Jessica Leigh Weiss Celebrated for Expertise in Technology and Development Strategy

2024-06-26 | Jessica Leigh Weiss is the diversity, equity, inclusion and talent strategy leader at Google Cloud

A Look Ahead with Aleen's Innovative Approach

2024-06-26 | Aleen Inc. ("Aleen" or the "Company") is a Canadian digital company headquartered in Ontario. It is focused on providing services related to health and wellness.

iuvo Ranked on Channel Futures 2024 MSP 501—Tech Industry's Most Prestigious List of Managed Service Providers Worldwide

2024-06-25 | Annual Channel Futures MSP 501 Identifies Best of the Best in the Managed Services Industry

Marquis Who's Who Honors Daniel Reynolds Cahoon for Expertise in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence

2024-06-25 | Daniel Reynolds Cahoon is lauded for his expertise as an artificial intelligence evangelist architect

Marquis Who's Who Honors Manfred Wendt for Expertise in Electrical Engineering and Research

2024-06-25 | Manfred Wendt honored for his 40 years of leadership in the field of accelerator beam instrumentation

Margex Announces New $5,000,000 Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) Airdrop For Users

2024-06-24 | Margex Exchange announced new airdrop

Celebrating the Two-Year Anniversary of Marketing Minds: A Look at Psychology in Marketing

2024-06-24 | Building on Success with Disruption by Design: An Essential Guide to Organizational Change through Digitalization

Everflow Launches Platform Certification To Help Businesses Scale Partner Marketing Efforts Faster

2024-06-24 | The leading partner platform's first course, "Platform Fundamentals," helps Everflow clients drive rapid growth in the dynamic performance marketing landscape.

Alternative Payments Expands to Brazil's PIX with DPMaxBrazil

2024-06-22 | Alternative Payments merchants now have access to PIX - real-time, secure payments in Brazil - with the launch of DPMaxBrazil. A companion product to their existing DPMax Open Banking platform.

The Silent Guardians: Why Your Data Center's Safety Hinges on Security Guards

2024-06-21 | The Crucial Role of Security Guards in Data Centers

Cell Over Satellite Responds to Recent Massachusetts 911 Outages with Advanced Emergency Solutions

2024-06-21 | Addressing 911 Failures: Cell Over Satellite Highlights the Importance of Backup Communication Systems or Business Continuity as a Service

Marquis Who's Who Honors Nisarg Shah for Expertise in the Fields of Engineering, Technology, and AI

2024-06-21 | Nisarg Shah has been honored for excellence in engineering, technology and artificial intelligence

MemeToon Welcomes Kim Boo-hyun as New CEO

2024-06-20 | New Leadership to Drive Innovation and Global Growth

Marquis Who's Who Honors Bharath Manicka Vasagam for Expertise in Information Technology

2024-06-20 | Bharath Manicka Vasagam is recognized for his success as a respected solutions architect at Varis

Teca D. Rodgers Recognized for Contributions to Information Technology and Business Services

2024-06-20 | Teca D. Rodgers honored for nearly 50 years of professional experience in her industry

New Hydrogen Plant and Electrolyzer Technology Unveiled by ASPE Inc., a Korean Firm with Rich Experiences

2024-06-20 | - ASPE Inc. provides new hydrogen tech - Enhanced gas dryer for high-quality hydrogen - Nitrogen PSA system ensures purity