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Nangbon Kombat Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Business Development

2024-05-31 | Nangbon Kombat channels years of expertise into his work with wEquipu

Marquis Who's Who Honors Albert "Skip" Rizzo for Expertise in Virtual Reality Research, Education and Application

2024-05-31 | Albert Rizzo is clinical scientist, expert consultant and project manager

Chessnut Go: Redefining Portable Chess Gaming

2024-05-30 | The Ultimate Companion for On-the-Go Enthusiasts

AI Geek Week: A 5-Day FREE Virtual Celebration of Artificial Intelligence

2024-05-30 | The AI Event You Can't Afford To Miss

Sammie Jabado Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Business, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Technology

2024-05-30 | Sammie Jabado aims to alleviate homelessness and revolutionize technology through Go-Go-Go.World

Gregory F. Tarnacki Recognized for Pioneering Work in Virtual Reality Health Care for Pediatric Cancer Patients

2024-05-30 | Greg F. Tarnacki honored for his dedication to improving children's lives through virtual reality health care

Marquis Who's Who Selects Betty Altagracia Grullon for Expertise in Custom Software Development

2024-05-30 | Ms. Betty Altagracia Grullon is noted for her success as a business owner specializing in information technology

Marquis Who's Who Honors SeungJin "Jean" Oh Orr, PhD, for Expertise in the Field of Engineering

2024-05-30 | SeungJin "Jean" Oh Orr, PhD, serves as a senior staff engineer at STMicroelectronics

Marquis Who's Who Honors Viswanadha Pratap Kondoju for Expertise in Software Engineering

2024-05-30 | Viswanadha Pratap Kondoju honored for demonstrating excellence through leadership and mentoring

Marquis Who's Who Honors Venkatachalam Garimella, PhD, for Expertise in Electrical Engineering and Hardware-Based Cybersecurity

2024-05-30 | Venkatachalam Garimella, PhD, is lauded for his contributions as the owner and chief executive officer of VGL LABS

SEO by the Hour and 3D Workshoppe Partner to Revolutionize Real Estate Marketing with Cutting-Edge 3D and AR Solutions

2024-05-29 | SEO by the Hour and 3D Workshoppe join forces to transform real estate marketing, offering advanced 3D and AR solutions to enhance property listings, boost user engagement, and drive sales in a competitive market.

Far Greater Freedom than Android Auto! Transforming Car Navigation into a Laptop, AutoPro X, Launches on Indiegogo

2024-05-29 | After the successful Kickstarter campaign of 'Autopro X', a dongle that transforms vehicle navigation into a laptop by Mayton Motion, the company is now launching a relay funding campaign on Indiegogo.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Breanne Casteel for Expertise in Technology and Business Architecture

2024-05-29 | Breanne Casteel is lauded for her success as an enterprise business architect at Kampgrounds of America Inc.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Maryela Weihrauch for Expertise in Technology

2024-05-29 | Maryela Weihrauch serves as a distinguished engineer at IBM

Nate Alford Celebrated for Contributions to the Field of Engineering

2024-05-29 | Nate Alford excels as a senior staff engineer at Intertek Group plc

Marquis Who's Who Honors Khaled "Kal" Henidak for Expertise in Software Engineering

2024-05-29 | Khaled "Kal" Henidak has been honored for excellence as a partner software engineer with Microsoft

Kevin Costner's Passionate and Ambitious Project "Horizon" Is Worth the Wait

2024-05-28 | The Wild Beauty of the West: A Cinematic Journey Through Majestic Landscapes and Building of America

iuvo is proud recipient of a 2024 Visionary Spotlight Award for Cloud Computing: Business Technology

2024-05-28 | Innovative Microsoft Solution, iuvo Guardian, Recognized for Excellence in Cloud Computing and Business Technology

BIOIONIX CIP/COP Validation Studies Confirm over 6-Log Pathogen Reduction

2024-05-28 | Activated Water Performs with Higher Kill Rates in Less Time than Chemicals

Cisco Awarded NetCom Learning's US Trainer, Richard Govinda, with Cisco 2024 Distinguished Instructor Award

2024-05-28 | Unmatched Student Satisfaction Leads to Cisco Distinguished Instructor Award for Govinda