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Dentist in Honolulu Joins New Social Media Outlet - Google+

2012-02-08 | Dr. Jason Ako, Honolulu dentist, invites patients to add Kahala Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to their circles via Google+.

Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu Enhances Patient Visits With State-of-the-Art Cerec Technology

2012-02-08 | Dr. Jason Ako, Honolulu cosmetic dentist, invites patients to experience the highly advanced and time saving CEREC - single visit crowns.

Lakeview Dentist is Team Dentist for Chicago's Soccer Team

2012-02-08 | Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, dentist in Lakeview, is honored to be the team dentist for the Chicago Fire professional soccer team.

Conquer Weight Loss With Dr. Will Aguila, Host of The Dr. A Show With Special Guest - Dr. Andrew Weil

2012-02-08 | Join weight loss expert, Wilfred Aguila, M.D., host of The Dr. A. Show this Wednesday, Feb. 8th, where he will be interviewing special guest Dr. Andrew Weil on Spontaneous Happiness!

Taste Hawaii - Food Poisoning Information

2012-02-07 | The Hawaii Department of Health is considering posting sanitation inspection scores at food establishments to benefit patrons.

Clue Dental Marketing Announces Dental Press Release Giveaway for February

2012-02-06 | Clue Dental Marketing is pleased to announce their free dental article giveaway, valued at $199.

Best Pediatrician In Edison Provides Educational Resources For Parents

2012-02-05 | Dr. Nimisha Shukla, top pediatrician in Edison, offers parents tips and advice for taking care of their children while keeping them healthy.

Bariatric Surgery Increase Leads to More Post-Weight-Loss Procedures

2012-02-05 | At his New Jersey plastic surgery practice, Dr. Robert Herbstman attributes a recent rise in the number of post-weight loss patients seeking cosmetic procedures to the increased popularity of bariatric surgery.

Plastic Surgeon Cautions Against Smoking Before Surgery

2012-02-05 | Citing a recent ABC News report, Dr. Michael Tantillo is advising women to stop smoking prior to undergoing surgical procedures such as a breast augmentation in Boston, MA.

Beautiful Skin in 90 Days: Blogger Reveals the Inside Story

2012-02-05 | In addition to offering both non-surgical and surgical procedures, such as facelift, St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery has created a blog featuring the first-hand experiences of one woman who took its 90-Day Challenge for better skin.

How Young is Too Young? Plastic Surgeon Speaks Out

2012-02-05 | Harrisburg breast enhancement specialist Dr. John Stratis offers a professional viewpoint on a startling trend: mothers encouraging their young daughters to have plastic surgery.

Advances in Spine Stabilization Surgery Bring Improved Results

2012-02-05 | The Long Island spine specialists at Reconstructive Spine Surgery are seeing positive results from recent developments in surgical tools and techniques used for spine stabilization.

Liposuction Specialists Offer CoolSculpting

2012-02-05 | CoolSculpting is a new, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. In Omaha, NE, the surgeons at Aesthetic Surgical Images are now offering this cool, comfortable, incision-free procedure to freeze away unwanted pockets of fat.

Houston Dentist Relocates Practice to Convenient, State-of-the-art Location

2012-02-04 | Dr. Brent Browning, dentist in Houston, TX, invites new and existing patients to visit his new office location for excellent dental care.

Dr. Grant Stevens to Speak at American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting

2012-02-04 | Dr. Grant Stevens, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon, will speak about breast enhancement at the Fourth American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting in Florianopolis, Brazil, in February.

Louisiana Liposuction Specialists Respond to Safety Concerns

2012-02-04 | Specializing in an innovative approach to liposuction in Louisiana, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Wall Center offer their opinions on recent articles questioning the safety of liposuction.

How to Love Your Dog - Believe it or Not!

2012-02-04 | Children want to show love to dogs by giving hugs and kisses, but many dogs don't like this. Doggone Safe offers suggestions for safe ways to love your dog that the dog will appreciate this Valentine's Day.

Eisenberg & Associates to Handle Unintended Pregnancy Claims Resulting from the Pfizer Birth Control Pill Recall

2012-02-03 | Pfizer has announced a recall of one million packages of birth control pills due to defective packaging. The recall is of Lo/Ovral 28 and Norgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol birth control pills manufactured by Pfizer and sold by Akrimax Pharmaceuticals.

Waterford Cosmetic Dentist Instills Confidence in His Patients

2012-02-03 | Dr. Bruce Roach, cosmetic dentist in Waterford, increases patients' self-assurance going into treatment with new smile gallery.