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Christmas Comes Early with Dawsons Music's Gift of a Saxophone

2011-12-17 | When The Children's Trust in Tadworth, Surrey put out a heartfelt plea through the popular social networking platform Twitter requesting a donation of a saxophone, Dawsons Music came to the rescue.

Patient Reviews Rank Dr. Marco Barusco Among The Nation's Top Physicians

2011-12-17 | The illustrious Patients' Choice Award honors only a select few physicians each year, and for 2011, Dr. Marco Barusco is once again a recipient.

New Supplement Offers Energy Focus and Fat Loss!

2011-12-17 | Addrena is a supplement that aids in weight loss, boosting energy, and mental focus.

Chandler Dentist Offers New Website for Increased Dental Health Care Awareness

2011-12-16 | Dr. Bianca McWilliams, dentist in Chandler, AZ, launches practice's new website for easy access to dental health care information for patients.

Chiropractor in Quincy Establishes Practice Online With Website Launch

2011-12-16 | Dr. David Smith, Quincy chiropractor, encourages patients to visit new practice website for valuable chiropractic information.

Toronto Podiatrist Introduces New Technology for More Effective Foot and Ankle Treatments

2011-12-16 | Doctor of podiatric medicine Sheldon Nadal, podiatrist in Toronto, ON, offers improved patient care through new technology and procedures.

Office of Dentist in Duluth, GA Remains on the Cutting Edge of Technology

2011-12-16 | Dr. Tatiana Shifrin, Duluth, GA dentist, offers a paperless office for quicker treatments and easy access to valuable dental health care information.

Depression Counseling in Newport Beach: A New Perspective

2011-12-16 | Jennifer De Francisco, a Newport-Beach counselor, recently revealed a new approach to treating depression. Her therapy helps depressed patients work through their depression and reach a deeper level of understanding about their emotional life.

Clearinghouse Services Offer Providers a Key to Success Through Enhanced Revenue Collection

2011-12-16 | Recently, the historical divergence in vendor performance has become more pronounced as the attributes that separate the best from the merely good reveal themselves.

South Charlotte, NC Dentists Introduce New Associate to Practice

2011-12-15 | Richards and Tripp Dentistry announces the new addition of Dr. Amen Balasanyan to their dental team.

Gary Grippo, DPM Sees Emergencies Immediately at Center Podiatry

2011-12-15 | Center Podiatry, podiatrists in East Haven, CT, provides immediate care for patients with emergencies.

Patients Gain Valuable Plastic Surgery Information Via Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Naperville's Website

2011-12-15 | Dr. Alexandria Saulis, board certified plastic surgeon in Oak Brook and surrounding areas offers online consultation requesting via practice website.

Medical Wellness Doctor Provides Wealth of Valuable Educational Materials for Patients

2011-12-15 | Dr. Ken McWilliams, providing Chandler medical weight loss, increases patient knowledge of medical wellness through online materials.

Scottsdale Foot Doctor Increases Patient Interaction Through Social Media Websites

2011-12-15 | Dr. David Richer, podiatrist in Scottsdale, AZ, has created engaging profiles for his practice on popular social media platforms - Facebook and Twitter.

Patients are Encouraged to Contact Dentist in Virginia Beach with Questions and Concerns

2011-12-15 | Dr. Chris Hooper, Virginia Beach dentist, invites patients to leave questions and concerns via website.

2011 Annual Best in KLAS Awards Released

2011-12-15 | Epic and maxIT Healthcare top software and service ratings from 18,000 interviews compiled for the 2011 Best in KLAS report.

Surgeons Warn Against Premature Breast Augmentation

2011-12-15 | In response to Denise Richards saying she wishes she hadn't had breast enhancement at 19, the surgeons at Plastic Surgery Associates, who perform breast augmentation in Marin County, talk about the appropriate age for such a procedure.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Isn't Hurting Day Spa Business

2011-12-15 | Physicians at Allegro MedSpa, a day spa in Sonoma County, say new at-home laser hair removal systems haven't caused a drop in the number of patients coming to them for professional hair removal treatments.

Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts Lead The Way in a Search for "a Better Way to Fill Emerging Scoliosis Treatment Gap"

2011-12-15 | Social networking sites have played a significant role in the revolutions springing up around the Middle East this past year and now they are leading the charge to help find a better way to treat scoliosis in the future.

Centreville Dentist Creates Healthy, Confident Smiles With Practice Special

2011-12-14 | Dr. Moeiz Koshki, dentist in Centreville, VA, offers whitening special for patients searching for a brighter smile.