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Altys Group, Exclusive Distributor of ForaCare Suisse AG Products in South Africa, Launches the FORA Diamond MINI Blood Glucose Monitor in Partnership with Discovery Health

2014-04-24 | Altys Group has partnered with Discovery Health, which manages South Africa's largest open medical scheme and 13 closed schemes, to offer the Diamond MINI to all Discovery Health Medical Scheme members excluding members of Keycare plans.

LabTV Chairman Jay Walker Receives Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the Tribeca Film Festival's 2014 Disruptive Innovation Awards

2014-04-24 | Award Winning Filmmaker David Hoffman LabTV Executive Producer and NIH Director Francis Collins, a LabTV supporter, to be honored with "Silver Hammer" Disruptive Innovator Awards

Atlanta Dentists at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry Discuss New Zoom! 2 Tooth Whitening System

2014-04-24 | Zoom!2 is the quickest, most effective and gentlest in-office tooth whitening offered by Downtown Atlanta Dentistry.

The Tulsa, Okla., Dentists at Perfect Smile Tulsa Explain Signs of Gum Infection

2014-04-24 | Gum infection is a common issue that can worsen and threaten your overall health. Learn the signs and how to avoid gum infections.

Marietta Dentists at Windy Hill Dental Associates Discuss How Your Diet Can Affect Your Teeth

2014-04-24 | Eating a varied diet is one way to develop and enjoy a healthy oral environment, according to this trusted Marietta cosmetic dentist.

Dental Cleaning Experts Norcross Dental Associates Discuss Possible Causes of Gum Pain

2014-04-24 | The dentists in Norcross, Ga., Norcross Dental Associates, address the common sources of gum discomfort and pain. Swollen and bleeding gum tissue is usually indicative of periodontitis.

Healthcare Analytics Enters New Frontier of Value-Based Care

2014-04-24 | KLAS reports on how the healthcare analytics market is changing in the new paradigm of value-based care.

Leader in Canadian & U.S. Medical Test Prep Now Offers Clothing

2014-04-24 | CanadaQBank, the leader in Canadian and U.S. medical test prep now offers clothing.

St. Barnabas Health System Discusses Benefits of Staying Active While in Retirement Living

2014-04-23 | The retirement living specialists at St. Barnabas Health System, discuss the importance of being active in your retirement community. Regular exercise is essential for elderly health.

Depression and Anxiety Are Common With Chronic Pain Disorders

2014-04-23 | It's no surprise that chronic pain disorders, depression and anxiety go hand in hand. After all, chronic pain can affect sleep, cause mood fluctuations, and limit people's daily activities, work and recreation.

The Difference Between SSDI and SSI

2014-04-23 | If you are applying for disability benefits from Social Security, it's important to know that there are actually two main types of disability benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

EPA Publishing Laughs at Obamacare's Treatment of Baby Boomers

2014-04-23 | The collapse of one woman's mind and a nation's healthcare system.

For an Immune Cell, Microgravity Mimics Aging

2014-04-22 | T-Cell Activation in Aging will study the effects of microgravity on immune cells to better understand how our immune systems change as we age.

Pain Clinic Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center Shares Signs and Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Tear

2014-04-22 | You don't have to live with the pain from a rotator cuff tear any longer. This Georgia pain physician can help you rediscover a life without pain.

Transform Your Smile and Optimize Your Comfort With Centurysmile Dental Technology

2014-04-22 | CenturySmile Cosmetic & emergency dentistry provide quality & affordable dental services including cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening & neuromuscular dentistry.

Nurses Overwhelmingly Acknowledge the Efficiencies Gained with Medication Cabinets

2014-04-22 | KLAS report focuses on impact of medication cabinets, carts & BCMA

Space-tested Fluid Flow Concept Advances Infectious Disease Diagnoses

2014-04-21 | A new medical-testing device is being prepped to improve diagnosis of certain diseases in remote areas, thanks in part to knowledge gained from a series of investigations aboard the International Space Station on the behavior of liquids.

Pain Clinic Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center Discusses Gallbladder Disease Symptoms

2014-04-21 | This Atlanta neck and back pain specialist has the experience and expertise to help you manage your pain and return to a normal, vital and active life.

My Dentist Keeps Patients Smiling In San Bernardino With Dentures

2014-04-20 | Dr. Sanjay Patel of My Dentist in San Bernardino offers dentures for the replacement of missing teeth.

Eastern Shore Smile Solutions Caters To Patients Experiencing Dental Anxiety

2014-04-20 | To provide patients with the best dental care available, Eastern Shore Smile Solutions offers sedation dentistry for Easton patients to eliminate their dental anxiety.