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Do You Have a Sweet Tooth? Portland Dentist Dr. Sue Wendling Recommends Xylitol

2013-03-17 | Portland cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sue Wendling says Xylitol may be the next best thing to curb your sweet tooth and prevent cavities.

Mesa Dentist Offers Online Patient Forms For New Patients

2013-03-17 | Dr. Preethy Kunthara, dentist in Mesa, helps expedite patients' first time visits with downloadable forms.

Morristown Dermatologists Respond To Web-savvy Patients With An Interactive Social Network

2013-03-17 | Affiliated Dermatologists in Morristown has recently joined Facebook and Twitter for improved interaction and communication with patients.

Spring Hill Chiropractor Offers Graston Technique For Patients

2013-03-17 | Dr. P. Brunton of Accurate Chiropractic Clinic is pleased to be providing Graston Technique to treat patients

What is the Difference between General, Cosmetic, and Neuromuscular Dentistry?

2013-03-16 | A dentist is a dentist, right? Not always.

Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

2013-03-16 | If you are considering breast augmentation, your future pregnancy plans should be factored into your decision.

General Dentistry

2013-03-16 | When you think of the dentist, it is likely you are thinking of general dentistry.

Springfield Dentist Offers Online Patient Education Resources

2013-03-16 | Dr. Andrew Johns and Dr. Thomas Meyer are happy to be offering an online resource for their patients to find information.

Appleton Dentist Makes Appointment Scheduling Easy

2013-03-16 | Dr. Joseph Schouten, dentist in Appleton, WI, is pleased to be offering online appointment scheduling.

Milpitas Dentist Launches Mobile Website For Patients On the Go

2013-03-16 | Drs. Nick Khoury and Steven Kolnes, dentists in Milpitas, CA, invite patients to visit their mobile website from anywhere, at anytime.

Nashville Plastic Surgeon Named ASAPS President

2013-03-16 | Dr. Jack Fisher, a plastic surgery specialist in Nashville with more than 30 years of experience, is the new president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Dr. Fisher previously served as president-elect of the society.

Personal Injury Lawyers Slam Unfair Government Proposals

2013-03-15 | Proposed changes to accident claims laws have been met with widespread opposition.

What can Porcelain Veneers Fix?

2013-03-15 | If you are dissatisfied with the way the appearance of your teeth is affecting your smile, you may be a good candidate for porcelain veneers.

Adult Orthodontics

2013-03-15 | If you are an adult suffering from malocclusion, chances are the idea of wire and bracket braces is somewhat unappealing.

Spring Hill Chiropractor Offers Graston Technique For Patients

2013-03-15 | Dr. Ann Lauren Marra, Spring Hill Chiropractor is pleased to be providing the Graston Technique to treat patients.

Camarillo Dentist Encourages Patients to Leave Internet Reviews

2013-03-15 | Dr. Charles Scholler, Camarillo, CA dentist invites patients to leave reviews of their experiences on Google and Yahoo!.

Encino Dentist Offers New Patient Information On Website

2013-03-15 | Dr. Shay Salehrabi is happy to be providing new patient information on his comprehensive website.

Hadley Skilled Nursing Center Receives Excellence Award from the Delmarva Foundation

2013-03-15 | The Hadley Nursing Center of the Specialty Hospital of Washington recently received the Excellence Award for Pressure ulcer reduction from the Delmarva Foundation.

Mike Huckabee to be Keynote Speaker at Forgotten Angels Benefit, May 6, in Pearland, TX

2013-03-15 | Mike Huckabee will deliver a keynote address on May 6 benefitting Forgotten Angels, a non-profit that supports individuals living with developmental disabilities. Tickets are available online at or at (281) 412-6435x136.

Sound Physicians Recruitment Results - Leading Hospitalist Organization Hires More Than 200 Physicians in 2012

2013-03-14 | Sound Physicians records strong year of recruiting success, hiring 212 physician colleagues in 2012.