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200 Pound Chimpanzee Attack Sparks Unnecessary Panic Among Politician's

2009-02-27 | Connecticut's Chimp attack sparks unnecessary panic among politician's because making new laws will not do anything except force more animals to be homeless and the only way to counter this is to file suits against the States making total ban laws.

EDSPA Comments on the California Octuplet Case

2009-02-22 | Over recent years medical research has pointed out the benefits of reducing the number of embryos transferred during the IVF cycle with a marked reduction in the number of higher order multiple births.

Occupational HealthLink, Inc. Names Thomas Pianko, Executive Vice President of Business Development

2009-02-17 | Industry Veteran to Lead Business Development and Marketing

The New DTV Delay Act - What They Forgot to Tell You

2009-02-15 | Even though the digital transition was extended, millions of people will be caught - literally - in the dark, as some stations go ahead with the option to begin transmitting in only digital prior to the new deadline.

Business Man To Help Recover National Debt Using Sandwiches

2009-02-12 | Deli Announces Economic Stimulus Package Designed To Help Families Save Their Homes And Businesses. "Yes We Can"

Missouri State Senate Bill May Create Illegal Monopoly If Passed

2009-02-09 | State of Missouri has a bill up for a committee hearing Tuesday, Feb, 10. 2009 which if passes will create an illegal monopoly. Animal owners, sanctuaries, and zoos are concerned that forcing them to get accreditted by only one private orginization should be illegal.

Riedel Communications Launches "Nonprofit Conversation"

2009-01-21 | Just like the private sector, nonprofits face challenges in tough economic times. Riedel Communications is launching Nonprofit Conversation to help nonprofits discuss those challenges and the best practices for success.

REBATE! Bailout Alternative Will Save The American Automobile Industry, Stimulate The Economy And Prevent A Deepening Depression. Immediate Implementation By Congress Is Vital to The American People.

2008-11-20 | The implementation of an instantaneous tax rebate of 15% of automobile purchases in the form of gift cards that must be used within 60 days will provide massive economy stimulus. This plan will help dealers, part manufacturers, consumers and the economy at large.

UK Pet Owners To Be Fined For Not Playing With Their Cat! Move Welcomed By West London Cat Vet

2008-11-10 | A new DEFRA Code of Practice that states you must play with your cat and dictates how many litter trays you need in the house has been criticised this week but London's only cat vet welcomes the new rules and says it could have gone further.

U.S. Voters Can and MUST Achieve Congressional Term Limits on November 4, 2008 just by Casting Their Votes for an Honest and More Efficient Government. The Voters problems do not lie with the Presidential Candidates but solely with a corrupt Congress.

2008-09-12 | Many have tried to petition for and pass legislation for Congressional Term Limits but have failed to get enough votes in the House and Senate. The votes of the people in November will accomplish what they haven't.

Feline Conservation Federation finds itself in the Middle of Controversy

2008-09-08 | Could have the tiger accident in Warrenton MO. been prevented?

G.W. Exotic Finishes Missouri Tiger Re-Home efforts

2008-09-02 | All of the Missouri Tigers in Warrneton MO. find new homes

Media Freedom NGO Calls for Saving Voice of America Radio to Georgia

2008-08-19 | Broadcasting Board of Governors, charged with securing U.S. Government's ability to communicate with foreign audiences in times of crisis, has cut Voice of America radio to Russia and wants to cut VOA radio to the war zone in Georgia. Americans should protest to Congress against BBG's actions.

Are Western North Carolina Mountain Developers Violating the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act?

2008-08-16 | Are Western North Carolina Mountain Developers Violating the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act?

New York Legislators Kill Bill for Grieving Mothers. Women's Rights Activist stands up for some women and not others.

2008-06-30 | Rep Helene Weinstein (D-Kings), self proclaimed women's rights activist, has stopped a bill that would provide birth certificates for stillborn babies and help to ease the pain of grieving mothers. Ironically the county Weinstein represents has the highest number of stillbirths in all of NY State.

I-9Zoom Helps Companies Meet Federal Government's Employment Eligibility Verification (E-Verify) Requirement

2008-06-19 | I-9Zoom, a leading I-9 process software developed by INSZoom, helps companies meet the U.S. government's new employment eligibility verification (E-Verify) requirement.

Health Care Crisis Looms For Baby Boomers: Fundamental Changes Needed to Avert Crisis.

2008-06-09 | 'Doctor Wild About Health and Healing' audio programs and blog explore integration of natural therapies that promote health, and that may minimize baby boomers' burden on health care.

Child Abduction and Parental Alienation Forum, Sun, May 18, 2008. 1pm, West Palm Beach, FL, --- Sponsored by Voice for the Children, Inc. Saving children from abduction since 1974, --- 1-561-586-8515, 1-800-28 HELPME (4-3576), [email protected]

2008-05-19 | Child Abduction is increasing to all time high levels. The surge is largely due to the increase in mentally ill parents who are suffering from a variety of inherent afflictions whose symptoms are brought out by recent waves of economic stress. Abducting parents think little of the child's welfare.

Is North Carolina at Risk of Losing Federal Disaster Assistance?

2008-05-12 | Landslides are a Well-Kept State Secret

Citizens Need to Voice Their Concerns to Stop Unfair Credit Card Practices

2008-05-07 | It is becoming more and more obvious that major reform is needed in order to put a halt to the way credit card companies conduct business.