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Metlawgroup opens Silicon Valley Office through Strategic Alliance with Spanish Law Firm

2009-09-17 | metlawgroup is pleased to announce that this month it will open its 2nd office in Silicon Valley in an alliance with the firm of Soares and Avila, Metlawgroup and the Soares firm will co-represent various multi-national companies from Spain seeking to infiltrate US markets and the VC community

Mecca Bingo Player Wins Mortgage-Free Year!

2009-09-17 | The property market is a delicate subject of conversation in the UK at the moment but not for lucky Mecca Bingo player XNIKKIS_HUBBYX who won his mortgage paid for a full year by the online bingo website!

Sunset Strip Bingo Offers More than Ever Before

2009-09-15 | Sunset Strip Bingo, the immensely popular online bingo room since its launch back in 2008 on the Interactive Play Network, has upgraded its features to offer their players even more. Enters The Sports Fantasy Arena

2009-09-10 | A revolutionary fantasy sports platform, delivers a credible and trusted community of sport fan picks.

Spanish Speakers Flock to

2009-08-28 | Online bingo in Spanish has found a home and that is All Spanish speakers have the key and the door is always open. Launches Brand New Site Design

2009-08-27 | CM of the Year, a sister site of WhichBingo, allows online bingo players to vote for their favourite site chat managers and discuss their chat room communities.

New Site - Has Gaming Giants Quaking In Their Boots

2009-08-26 | Dan Spence is taking gaming companies to task with his latest review site Fed up with the often biased and misleading views found at many sites, Spence is is blowing the whistle on the multi-million dollar gambling industry.

Orions GPED 7 Incher Internet Anywhere Device Hits Stores On Turkey Day

2009-08-25 | The Orion, An Internet Anywhere-Global Positioning Entertainment Device Will Change Lives Allowing Consumers to get internet on a plane, train, in a car, a boat or just walking down the street 24/7.

Mecca Bingo Raises Cash for Whizz-Kids...With a Painful Leg Wax!

2009-08-22 | Mecca Bingo and charity, Whizz-Kids have established a partnership and will be working together throughout 2009 to raise money in the Mecca Wheel Difference Campaign.

The EP'S Sing Yummy Yum Bubble Gum

2009-08-21 | The Australian pop group The EP's have re-introduced the bubblegum sound of the 1960's to a new digital age audience, with songs like 'Let's buy some bubble gum', 'Yummy yum bubble gum', 'Chew some gum' and 'Juicy'.

The M is for Millionaire! Jackpotjoy's Second Millionaire of 2009!

2009-08-20 | At 9:55am on Friday August 14th, Paul M, an office worker from Kent, was enjoying a game of Deal or No Deal, Jackpotjoy's popular big money slots game. By 10am that morning, he was a millionaire and his life had changed forever!

Sports Investment Firm ATS Consultants Announces the Launch of a New Newsletter, The Weekly Blitz

2009-08-20 | ATS Consultants, Inc., a sports investment firm specializing in football, basketball, baseball, hockey and horse racing, announces the launch of a new newsletter, The Weekly Blitz., providing analysis and prediction for every game on the board.

Alma Mater Sports Redefines Fantasy Football for Loyal College Fans

2009-08-18 | College football fans are legendary for their passion and loyalty. Alma Mater Football League is a fantasy game just for them. In fact, a successful AMFL season relies on the insights of the true fan.

Sports Investment Firm ATS Consultants Kicks-Off the 2009 Football Season and Announces Results from the 2008 ATS Football Program

2009-08-17 | ATS Consultants, Inc., released its 2008 football season results today including 20 out of 26 weeks won overall and an overall winning percentage of 66%- the most accurate in the industry.

Find the Foxy Bingo Foxes at Which Bingo!

2009-08-08 | Visitors to leading online bingo sites directory, Which Bingo UK, are being exclusively offered the chance to win a GBP50 Paysafecard in the site's free Foxy Bingo video competition. Today Announced the Completion of its Acquisition of

2009-08-05 | Acquisition of to deliver enhanced customer experience to buy WoW accounts, buy World of Warcraft accounts, and to buy Aion accounts.

DJ Talent Bingo Campaign Launches at BOGOF Bingo

2009-07-31 | DJ Talent bingo advert is released for BOGOF Bingo

Magic Wishing Bracelets Is The New Club Penguin

2009-07-31 | Users who Love Club Penguin are going crazy for Magic Wishing Bracelets.

Massive Finger Announces Pinball Ride For iPhone, A Game That Lets You Compete Against Facebook Friends

2009-07-30 | Massive Finger, a studio recently formed by game industry veterans, announces Pinball Ride for iPhone, and Pinball game that connects with Facebook to offer a unique online competitive experience.

Gaming and Technology Fraternity Announces New Professional Video Gaming Sponsorship Programs that Requires Gamers to Maintain High Academic Standards and Develop Marketing Skills

2009-07-28 | The program further requires gamers to attend online seminars that explain marketing strategies, leadership development and professional networking.