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ExhibitDay Launches REST API, Empowering Integrations for Event Professionals

2023-08-07 | ExhibitDay announces the release of its highly anticipated API, empowering automation between ExhibitDay and other third-party software.

Online Reputation Management ORM Services In This Era - ORM Expert 2023

2023-08-06 | Online Reputation Management Plays A Critical Role In The Success Of Businesses & Personal Endeavors. Enter Online Reputation Management ORM Services By Successful Agencies Such As ORM Expert Agency.

Giddings Economic Development Corporation (TX) Launches Redesigned Website Empowering Growth & Success

2023-08-03 | Unleashing Opportunities for Economic Growth in Giddings Texas

Softailed Revolutionizes Software Selection with New Platform Launch

2023-08-01 | A groundbreaking set of tools from Softailed streamlines the software selection process. It saves time, increases efficiency, and empowers better decision-making.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry Gets a Boost. A Prominent Healthcare Executive, Adam Hjerpe, Joins Safr Care Advisory Board

2023-07-27 | A healthcare Transportation Technology Platform, Safr Care, is pleased to announce that one of the leading healthcare professionals, Adam Hjerpe (pronounced Jurpy) has joined its board of advisors to help advance frictionless access to healthcare.

Convesio: The Leading Platform for Scaling WooCommerce Welcomes Ecommerce Expert Zach Stepek

2023-07-27 | Convesio continues to invest in great people and technology, helping large eCommerce stores handle high-traffic spikes without crashing or slowdown.

ExhibitDay Awarded 2023 Best Event Management Software for Ease-of-Use

2023-07-25 |, a leading event management platform, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious badge of "Best Event Management Software in the Ease of Use Category" by Gartner Digital Markets.

Affinity Acquires Opinary: Expanding Global Presence in Europe

2023-07-24 | Affinity Global Inc, a globally-diversified ad tech firm that provides privacy-friendly advertising solutions and SaaS platforms, has announced its acquisition of Opinary, a Berlin-based consumer engagement focused media tech company.

Motiva Generator™ Introduces Class-Leading Trusted AI to Enterprise Generative AI

2023-07-20 | 50% of Motiva AI R&D now dedicated to Responsible AI

Rural Minnesota CEP Launches Redesigned Website with a New Look & Real Live Results

2023-07-20 | New Website Shows that Rural Minnesota CEP is Here for Everyone Updates "CupidGuard" Technology The Industry Leading Dating Scam Software

2023-07-19 | ensures you really do have a safe online dating experience

Zentro's Growth Continues with the Acquisition of Snip Internet

2023-07-18 | Zentro continues to execute its mission to be the largest independent MDU-focused ISP in the Midwest.

John D. Windhausen Jr., JD, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-07-17 | John D. Windhausen Jr. is recognized for his expertise as the executive director of the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition

Zentro Announces Reintroduction of Enlightening Fast Internet to Milwaukee

2023-07-11 | MDU-focused ISP looks to expand its multi-gig service in Wisconsin

Championing a Human-Centric Approach to AI — Towards a Constructive Revolution

2023-07-08 | Balancing AI Progress and Human Potential: Panos Kalsos's Vision of a Future Shaped by Constructive Technological Revolution

Telly Awards Names MuleTown Media as Best in Video Promotional Branding

2023-07-07 | MuleTown Media win both Silver and Bronze Telly for Promotional Branding Videos with Gigpro

Curlie is a Great Search Alternative for Those That Want to Relive Yahoo Search at its Heyday

2023-07-03 | gives us a look on how Search Engines were programmed prior to the rise of Google.

iDenfy helps build a robust KYC/AML program for P100

2023-06-30 | The RegTech company will provide ID verification and AML screening services for its new partner, P100