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Wemade Co., Ltd. Announces Grand Opening of Blockbuster MMORPG 'MIR4' August 26

2021-08-26 | MMORPG 'MIR4', with blockchain technology, will be officially released in 170 countries.

New Jersey Youth Symphony Explores Immigration, Movement, and Identity in La Frontera

2021-08-26 | La Frontera: Movements in Migration chronicles a unique connection between the Garden State, Andes Mountains, and the patterns of movement that reflect conditions of a changing world. The work can be streamed on Sept. 1 at 7:30pm on

[Pangyo Game & Contents] An Online e-sports Education Platform The Match Lab's Skills and Expertise are "Next Level"

2021-08-26 | Thanks to e-sports' growing popularity, there is an increasing number of people who are willing to improve their skills through training as well as students who dream of becoming professional game players.

New Book on Titanic One Hundred and Sixty Minutes Shows No One Should Have Died on the Night Titanic Sank

2021-08-25 | On the anniversary of the Discovery of Titanic on the floor of the Atlantic a new book; One Hundred and Sixty Minutes The Race to Save the RMS Titanic will be released on Sept 1 showing that all 1521 people could have been saved from drowning.

SIVOO Launches SivooTV in Africa

2021-08-25 | SIVOO Holdings, Inc., pioneered a digital streaming network of on-demand multicultural entertainment over the Internet.

Lillee Jean Announces Lillee Jean TALKS! LIVE Fall Lineup

2021-08-25 | Social media influencer and beauty connoisseur, Lillee Jean, announces her notable guests for the second season of Lillee Jean TALKS! LIVE.

FreeCast Announces Advertising Partnership with OTTera

2021-08-24 | Streaming aggregator FreeCast will begin utilizing OTTera's AdNet+

Despite Getting COVID 19, Vaccinated Author of "Untruthful Speech" Encourages Others to Get Vaccinated

2021-08-20 | A fictional novel about the development of COVID Vaccines

Paula Soveral Keeps Working During the Pandemic After Starring in the Major Brazilian Sitcom, Vai Que Cola!

2021-08-20 | Filmmakers and actors are working together to pivot and adapt to new post-pandemic working conditions.

[Pangyo Startup] ChaChaFriends to Launch Online Piano Lesson Platform, Piareno

2021-08-19 | The trend begun with reading classes, online lectures or other forms of instructional contact-free educations. However, growing number of lectures are opened with interactive formats these days because people have longed for more lively education.

Marvin Hamlisch International Music Awards opens Registration for 2022 Competition following Tremendous Success of 2021 Awards Ceremony

2021-08-18 | The enduring legacy of one of America's most decorated composers has been the basis of the Marvin Hamlisch International Music Awards, aimed at recognizing and enabling the next generation of diverse music composition talent.

"Songs for the Cleveland Avenue Warriors" is an epic poetic debut about race and class in Chicago's south side

2021-08-18 | Emergent black author Gary E. Moore exercises demons of the past, present, and future in his first chapbook, published by creativeonion Press

New Dance Studio to Open in Seminole August 23, 2021

2021-08-18 | Announcing The Grand Opening Of Twinkle Star Dance Academy In Seminole, FL.

Looking for Fort Worth Adult Birthday Party Places?

2021-08-18 | Recently opened Tarrant Events Center offers flexible food & beverage options & affordable prices, making it best of local small party venues

Natalia Poklonskaya Is Starting To Speak Japanese and Released Her First NFT

2021-08-16 | On August 12, 2021, Natalya Poklonskaya – a well-known public figure both in Russia and the world, released her first anime style NFT on the RARIBLE.COM. The release has been timed to coincide with the recent Tokyo Olympics.

American Coin Starts Trading in Euros on IndoEx Exchange

2021-08-14 | Have you traded cryptocurrency in Euros or US dollars? Please try to buy and sell American Coins in fiat currencies. You will see big differences! Becoming an American Coin holder, enjoy cross-border transactions & make great profits any time!

The Prince Regent Of EDM Dantès Alexander to Perform at the 28th International Festival of Life (IFOL)

2021-08-14 | The Prince Regent Of EDM Dantès Alexander to Perform at the 28th Intertnational Festival of Life (IFOL)

ANIL UZUN Cancel August Tour Dates Due to COVID-19 Safety Concerns

2021-08-13 | ANIL UZUN cancels tour dates (August, 20-23-27) out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of his crew and fans.

AAW Luxury Cars Chooses Fully Promoted® for New Branding

2021-08-13 | Car will debut at Indianapolis Motor Speedway August 15th