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The Award-Winning Asonor Anti-Snoring Nasal Delivery System to be Presented at Expopharm in Munich

2010-09-29 | Expopharm in Munich, from 7-10 October, 2010, is one of the exhibitions in Europe where TannerMedico A/S, the proprietary owner of the award-winning and clinically-proven Asonor anti-snoring remedy, has the opportunity to show the audience the benefits from using an anti-snoring remedy like Asonor.

New Lawrenceville Doctors Office Opens Near Gwinnett Medical Center

2010-09-28 | Rodriguez MD, an Internal and family medicine practice in Lawrenceville, Georgia, opens near Gwinnett Medical Center.

Stem Cells from Developing Tooth Buds can be the Answer to a Prayer or a Fountain of Youth. Stem Cells from Tooth Buds are an Ethical Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells for Therapy

2010-09-28 | New Heart Foundation founder Dr Wayne Franco believes that stem cells from developing tooth buds are key to treating autism, brain trauma, hyposic brain injuries and stroke. These priceless cells are readily available.

Corporate Performance Consultants, Inc. Selected to Create Curriculum to Dramatically Impact Patient Safety

2010-09-27 | Ellen Cooperperson's Corporate Performance Consultants, Inc. (CPC) has been selected to lead the faculty of a groundbreaking project that will help 8,000 medical doctors to improve their interpersonal and communications skills

Kansas City Dentist, Dr. Gregory Stiver, Delivers New Online Patient Education Resources On Patient Friendly Website

2010-09-25 | Dr. Gregory Stiver, leading dentist in Kansas City, has announced new education for patients on his state-of-the-art website, designed to better inform patients on treatments and symptoms.

Oswego, Il Dentist, Dr. Sherry Baker, Announces The Development Of Brand New Practice Website

2010-09-24 | Well-known dentist in Oswego, IL, Dr. Sherry Baker has developed a brand new website which was designed to improve patient communication and interaction.

New Doctors Lead to Spike in Fatal Medication Errors in July

2010-09-22 | New doctors linked to 10% spike in deaths by medication error, greater supervision and training urged.

Link Between Cataracts and Antidepressants Found

2010-09-22 | Study shows that people 65 and older are at higher risk of cataracts if taking SSRIs and SNRIs.

Removing Intellectual Property Rights Will Only Worsen Africa's Healthcare Crisis

2010-09-22 | Global Health Progress agrees criticizing "Big Pharma" is not the answer.

Natural Menopause Cure for 34 Menopause Symptoms, Released By Dr. Ershadi, Director of the ANTIAGING Institute of California

2010-09-20 | Dr. Ershadi, director of the ANTIAGING Institute of California, has introduced a natural menopause cure that has proven to be beneficial in relieving symptoms of menopause, including the most common ones of night sweats, hot flashes and fatigue.

San Mateo Dentist Uses Social Media Channels To Interact With Patients

2010-09-17 | San Mateo cosmetic dentist, Dr. Charles Pascal, is now engaging with patients via leading social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

DePuy Hip Recall Could Immediately Affect 11,000 Patients

2010-09-16 | A study completed in the United Kingdom showed a large number of DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Systems experienced failure within the first five years of operation, and was the basis for the DePuy hip recall.

DePuy Hip Lawsuit - Lawyers File Patient's DePuy Hip Lawsuits Nationwide

2010-09-16 | DePuy hip lawsuits are being filed on behalf of patients nationwide that are affected by the DePuy hip recall.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers File Patients' DePuy Hip Lawsuits Nationwide

2010-09-15 | Depuy hip recall lawyers file DePuy hip lawsuits on behalf of patients nationwide affected by the DePuy hip recall.

Replica Farm , LLC to Display Cloned Olympic Horse During the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games

2010-09-15 | Replica Farm will present Olympic Grand Prix Jumper "Sapphire", owned and ridden by Mark Watring of Thousand Oaks, California and his cloned colt "Saphir" in a historic display of cloned horses hosted by producer ViaGen, Inc. of Austin Texas.

Genadyne Biotechnologies Awarded GPO Contract by The MED Group

2010-09-14 | Genadyne Biotechnologies and The MED Group has agreed to a group purchasing agreement for the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy products.

New Website For Highland Dentist Educates Patients About Dental Health

2010-09-10 | Dr. Marlin Schwartz, experienced family dentist in New Paltz, Highland, Rosendale and Clintondale, is keeping patients up-to-date on the latest dental treatments and procedures with his educational practice website.

Clearwater Brain Tumor Event Set to Raise $250,000

2010-09-10 | Miles for Hope, a Clearwater charity, is holding their 3rd annual Moving Towards a Cure event to raise brain tumor awareness and funding for this deadly disease

Recent Study Supports Use of Hyperthermia Alternative Cancer Treatment at EuroMed

2010-09-10 | A recent clinical trial in Germany provided greater supporting evidence for the use of hyperthermia in cancer treatment, which the alternative cancer treatment center EuroMed offers to its patients.

Healthcare IT Leaders Join KLAS Advisory Board

2010-09-08 | KLAS announces five new members of the company's Advisory Board.