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Nearly One in Three Cardiology IT Users Considering a Replacement System

2010-06-29 | New KLAS report examines the market for CVIS solutions and the downward trend in client satisfaction for most vendors.

Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast CAO, Shari Bridges, Appointed to National Council STEM Advisory Team

2010-06-25 | Girl Scouts introduce girls of every age to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities relevant to everyday life.

Family Dentist In Mooresville Is Now Accepting Appointments Online Via Practice Website

2010-06-25 | Leading dentist in Mooresville, Lake Norman Cosmetic Dentistry, has recently added online appointment requesting to the practice's website to enhance the patient experience.

Patient Education from Encino Dentist Encourages Healthy Teeth and Gums

2010-06-24 | Dentist in Encino, Dr. Zarinnia, is offering patient education resources via his practice website in order to encourage dental awareness and good oral hygiene.

Dentist in Bergen County Now Offers Just One Visit Crowns

2010-06-23 | Teaneck residents turn to Dr. Sherzoy in Bergen County for questions and answers about one hour visits for crowns, inlays, and onlays.

Dr. Ershadi: An Authority in Managing the Menopause Signs

2010-06-22 | According to Dr. Ershadi, a top researcher in the field of menopause, there are 34 documented symptoms that are associated with menopause. Instead of just grinning and bearing it, women now have a truly effective option, an herbal menopause remedy.

Managed Care Company, CareSource, Names Tarlton Thomas CFO

2010-06-17 | Leading managed care company, CareSource, appoints CFO to oversee and advise on financial strategies.

KLAS Announces the Year's Top-Performing Medical Equipment Vendors

2010-06-15 | "2010 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Medical Equipment" report highlights the leading companies in 30 market segments.

Men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Demonstrate Increased Risk of Calcified Coronary Arteries

2010-06-10 | Natan Bar-Chama, MD, and his team presented findings to the American Urological Association correlating ED with elevated Coronary Artery Calcium Scores (CACS), a marker correlated with increased risk of coronary events.

MedWOW's Global Medical Platform Experiences Sharp Rise in Inquiries from Potential Franchisees

2010-06-09 | International trade in both new and used equipment, augmented by MedWOW's proven business model, attracts global interest from medical device professionals.

Phase II Medical Manufacturing Names Christine Beverly as New Quality Assurance Manager

2010-06-05 | Phase II Medical Manufacturing, leader in assembly and packaging of single use disposable medical devices is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Quality Assurance Manager.

Femtosecond Lasers Helpful For Cataract Surgery

2010-06-03 | The femtosecond laser has helped decrease the complications of making a LASIK flap, and now several companies are using this technology to bring added safety to cataract surgery.

Cell Science Systems CEO Roger Deutsch Lectured in Abu Dhabi at Salus Referral Laboratory CME Event

2010-06-01 | Speech focused on food, inflammation and the aging process.

Process Development Expertise Positions Onyx Scientific as the Preferred Chemistry Services Provider for GMP API Custom Synthesis

2010-05-30 | Onyx Scientifics' range of chemistry services include: custom synthesis, process development, lead optimization, GMP synthesis and scale up, automated salt selection, crystallization studies, polymorph screening and solid-state analysis.

VIDEO: Skipping the Weight Loss Plateau Realized Using Avidia Natural Products' All-Natural Slim Cycle

2010-05-29 | Slim Cycle's patent-pending Cyclical Weight Loss System addresses and overcomes the body's adaptive response to dieting while increasing metabolism, according to Avidia Natural Products founder and CEO Adel Villalobos.

San Antonio South Texas Podiatrist Offers Patient Friendly Online Educational Resources

2010-05-27 | Leading podiatrist in San Antonio, Dr. Ed Davis, has made attaining foot and ankle education easier than ever for his patients via his practice website.

Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property, IP Intensive Industries, Better at Creating Jobs, Sustaining Economic Growth According to New U.S. Chamber Study

2010-05-26 | Study emphasizes importance of "IP Intensive" industries for American productivity, global competitiveness.

Brooklyn Podiatrist, Dr. Perlstein, Makes Patient Education a Top Priority For His Practice

2010-05-26 | Experienced podiatrist in Brooklyn, Dr. Perlstein, has taken great strides to help every patient achieve their best foot and ankle health with the help of his comprehensive website.

Westchester, IL Cosmetic Dentist Now Offering Advanced Cosmetic Care For Enhanced Smiles

2010-05-20 | Dr. Aiello, a cosmetic dentist in Westchester, is now offering advanced cosmetic dental care for his patients, including Lumineers and KoR Bleaching.

Worldwide Economic Recession Stimulates Trade in Used Medical Equipment

2010-05-18 | As the worldwide economy struggles to recover from financial recessions in recent years, hospital and clinic budgets have been sharply reduced and as a result, creative solutions have to be found to maintain equipment standards.