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Luxivair SBD Reports Double-digit Growth in Corporate Aircraft Activity in 2021

2022-03-29 | Southern California's Premier FBO to Exhibit at NBAA's Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference

Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., Launches 8th Annual Driver Safety Scholarship Program

2022-03-25 | The Alabama personal injury law firm will award a total of $4,200 in scholarships to three students who write outstanding essays on distracted driving.

EHC Takes Off With Six New Projects For The New Year of 2022

2022-03-09 | The new projects include the development of the AC Marriott of Naples, Punta Gorda Airport, Venice Airport, Naples Square Commercial, the third phase of Central Avenue, and the enhancement of roadway safety along CR833, CR835, and CR846.

Transport Malta and the UAS Center at SBD Announce Strategic Initiative

2022-03-09 | Transport Malta and the UAS Center at SBD announced the establishment of a strategic initiative to expand the use of Malta's outstanding infrastructure by US drone manufacturers and software providers.

The 12 Deadliest Roads in West Virginia

2022-03-03 | With an eye toward improving highway safety, the Robinette Legal Group, PLLC worked with a data visualization agency to assemble a series of interactive infographics demonstrating the twelve deadliest stretches of highways in West Virginia.

SBD International Airport Reports Continued Growth in 2021

2022-02-16 | Trend Toward Greater Mix of Commercial and Corporate Aircraft Accelerated

Poisson, Poisson & Bower Lawyers Secure $307,500 Post-Trial Settlement for Examiner Injured in Driving Test Crash Following Week-long Trial

2022-01-04 | Attorneys F. Davis Poisson III and Fred D. Poisson Jr. negotiated for the policy limit settlement on behalf of their client, who suffered a cervical spine injury and aggravation of a prior condition.

Morris, King, & Hodge P.C. Sponsor the Driver Safety Taxi & Tow Service

2021-12-28 | The Huntsville-based personal injury law firm offers safe rides and free towing service on New Year's Eve and early New Year's Day.

Federation Professionelle du Drone Luxembourg and UAS Center at SBD Announce Strategic Partnership

2021-12-15 | The Federation Professionelle du Drone Luxembourg ("FPDL") and the UAS Center at SBD announced today a strategic partnership to leverage their respective strengths in drone technology development, integration, commercialization and adoption.

[Korea Contactless Technology] AI-based Autonomous Driving Robot Establishment of Quarantine Facility Goods Transport Service

2021-12-10 | Control monitoring service to prevent infection and contamination by minimizing interpersonal contact

U.S. Shipping Port Truck Congestion Relieved By Using A New Truck Lane Communication System

2021-12-07 | High-definition, noise-cancelling truck scale intercom lets drivers and lane operators communicate with ease

EHC Announces New and Completed Projects

2021-11-10 | EHC is pleased to announce the status of several ongoing projects including Clark Road Roundabout, Sandhill Boulevard, The Preserve, and Manasota Key Sidewalk, Lighting & Landscaping.

Lombardi Calls On Biden Not To Shut Down Michigan's Pipeline Five

2021-11-10 | Illinois Cannot Afford Higher Gas Prices

TempAid Announces Another Industry First: Biodegradable EPS Coolers Qualified for Cold Chain Shipping

2021-10-27 | Company makes bold move changing all EPS coolers to biodegradable EPS and tested for vaccine, pharmaceutical, and food shipments

Portland, Maine Switches Over to Dhyan StreetMan to Manage Smart Streetlights

2021-10-26 | Cloud-based central management system (CMS) provides invaluable insights and better control

Renewed Search for Missing MH370 likely after the Discovery of New Evidence

2021-10-19 | The undersea search for the wreckage of the lost Malaysia Airlines flight 370 that disappeared seven years ago on March 8, 2014, on an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing may resume in 2022.

Luxivair SBD Is Wide Open for Touchdowns for the Big Game 2022

2021-10-19 | FBO Provides Winning Game Plan to Avoid Super-Sized Traffic Jam at Los Angeles Airports

Dhyan Delivers on Its Vision of a Seamless Smart Streetlighting Solution

2021-10-12 | Successfully tests StreetMan CMS with five different gateways using TALQ Smart City Protocol

Trip Tiger Launches New Service to Advocate for Air Travelers Who Have Experienced Operational and Service Failures

2021-10-11 | Drawing on many years in airline industry, Trip Tiger advocates handle traveler issues from inception to resolution, including assessing offers of compensation