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Evins Communications Realizes Significant First-Half Growth In 2024

2024-07-17 | Agency wins clients across food, wine, spirits and lifestyle sectors

FRENZI APP Revolutionizes the Taxi Industry: FRENZI DRIVER App Now Available for Download

2024-07-17 | FRENZI APP, a trailblazing mobile application designed to transform the taxi booking experience in the UK, is thrilled to announce that the FRENZI DRIVER app is now available for download. With the customer-facing FRENZI APP set to launch soon.

Bestselling Author Ken Honda Publishes New Novel, 'True Wealth — 9 Lessons From a Grandfather on Happiness and Abundance.'

2024-07-16 | Japan's #1 personal development author shares new lessons on success and abundance founded on Zen principles and delivered in a spirit of compassion, freedom, and joy.

Canadian International Students Take Note – No More Flagpoling!

2024-07-12 | Vancouver, BC – Ending international students' ability to acquire post-graduation work permit at port entry aims to improve fairness.

Savvy Vacationers Not Deterred By Global Cost of Living Crisis

2024-07-12 | One of the ways seasoned travellers save money is by using voucher codes to save money on their airfare, hotel stay and local cuisine.

Literary Titan Awards Kay A. Oliver with Prestigious Gold Book and Silver Book Awards for Fiction, July 2024

2024-07-08 | "Disturbed Tombs" and "Road to Elysium" Triumph with Unforgettable Stories of Love, Tragedy, and Redemption.

3NUM, Inventor of the Web3 Mobile Number, Launches New Secure Second Phone App Alpha - 'Speak.3Z'

2024-07-02 | Austin-based 3NUM, a trailblazer in secure web3 native communication, invites users to join the waitlist for its innovative app called Speak.3Z combining onchain and traditional phone capabilities.

Entrapeer: Revolutionizing Enterprise Innovation with AI-Powered Insights

2024-07-02 | Driving Innovation Forward with Real-Time Data and Strategic Foresight

Your Fourth of July Experience with Reservation Resources' Exclusive Extended Stay Offer and Unbeatable Savings

2024-07-01 | Reservation Resources, the premier platform for affordable stays, special promotion tailored for those celebrating Fourth of July in New York City.

"Madness & Mayhem: Deadly Darkness in the Dry Tortugas" by Angela Grey & Paige Peterson is Available Now at All Major Online Retailers

2024-07-01 | The authors of the Echoes in the North Country Series and "Dancing Without Music", a YA coming-of-age novel about mental illness, have released their latest mystery set in the Dry Tortugas, off Key West.

"Echoes at Midnight" by Angela Grey & Paige Peterson is Available Now at All Major Online Retailers

2024-07-01 | The authors of the "Madness & Mayhem: Deadly Darkness in the Dry Tortugas" and "Dancing Without Music", a YA coming-of-age novel about mental illness, have released their latest mystery set in the north country.

The Villarreal Law Firm Announces Succinct Summary of the Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer

2024-06-27 | The new content helps average persons understand the basics and encourages them to reach out to an attorney for a free consultation after an injury accident.

Jason McDonald Consulting Announces New Featured Listings in Expert Witness Directories

2024-06-27 | Jason McDonald Consulting's new featured listings on SEAK Experts, Expert Pages, and Witness Directory highlight its continued dedication to offering expert witness services at the forefront of digital marketing litigation.

Key Housing Announces Featured Listing for Sacramento Short Term Housing and Rental Needs for July 2024

2024-06-27 | Key Housing is a best-in-class provider of short term housing throughout California from Sacramento to San Diego.

Mogabi V3 Electric Guitar, One-Man Band Capable, Launches on Kickstarter

2024-06-26 | Smart guitar manufacturer MOGABI AMT INC is launching the foldable and portable Mogabi V3 Electric Guitar on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. and Hook Security Unveil the Ultimate Shield Against Rising Deepfake Threats

2024-06-26 | The First-of-its-Kind Partnership Offers Businesses a Lifeline in the Fight Against Deepfake Losses

Visa Free, Feel Free. Guangzhou invites international transit passengers to enjoy a free one-day tour

2024-06-24 | Starting in late June, international visitors from 50+ countries can explore Guangzhou's attractions visa-free for up to 144 hours.

Essential Guide: Five Tips for New Yoga Teachers by Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh

2024-06-21 | New guide from Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh offers expert advice and practical strategies to help novice yoga instructors succeed and grow their teaching careers.

Cell Over Satellite Responds to Recent Massachusetts 911 Outages with Advanced Emergency Solutions

2024-06-21 | Addressing 911 Failures: Cell Over Satellite Highlights the Importance of Backup Communication Systems or Business Continuity as a Service

CHEER and AI Brainstorm Creator Induce Classic Hero's Quests through Globally Shared Online Exploits

2024-06-21 | Members increase fundamental well-being through intense daily doses of Awe, Gratitude, Laughter, Brainstorming, and Swarm Intelligence