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Marky Corp. Announces Social Media Marketing Solutions with Platform and Mobile App Launch

2024-04-18 | Enhancing Access to Social Media Marketing Insights

Marquis Who's Who Honors Jon Ritt for Expertise in Advertising and Brand Development

2024-04-09 | Jon Ritt is lauded as an entrepreneur specializing in advertising and design

Charmides Von Owens Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Sales Solutions Architecture

2024-04-01 | Charmides Von Owens lends years of expertise to his work with MarketStar, Inc.

Marketing Coach Russell Brunson Makes Headlines for $1.5 MM Napoleon Hill Book Purchase

2024-03-30 | Co-founder of ClickFunnels gains national media attention for a pre-first edition book purchase, which will join thousands of other growth mindset-themed books anchoring his Secrets of Success platform.

SocialPilot Bags Fastest Growing Products Award by G2

2024-03-27 | The G2's Best Software Awards 2024 spotted SocialPilot as one of the top 30 products, setting new standards for productivity and efficiency with its social media management suite.

Everflow Publishes Comprehensive White Paper As Roadmap To Sustainable Growth During Economic Uncertainty

2024-03-25 | Leading partner marketing platform releases a white paper detailing how the Everflow team achieved a 120% increase in quality leads through referral partnerships and a step-by-step guide on how other businesses can replicate their success.

Experience Aero Wheel Covers: Your Tesla's Secret Weapon to Stand Out

2024-03-19 | Tesla Model Y owners, do you want your vehicle to stand out? Now, there's a secret weapon that can make your Tesla stand out from the crowd. Experience TESERY's latest Aero Wheel Covers and make your Tesla truly unique!


2024-03-18 | Multi-Unit Franchise Owner of Venture X Bolsters Nashville Footprint with a 27,000 square foot Third Location, Building on their Success in Virginia.

SocialPilot Wins the 'Next Frontier Startup' Award by SaaSBoomi

2024-03-16 | The award recognizes the company for driving consistent innovation amidst the crowded space dominated by VC-funded giants across the globe.

SocialPilot Closes FY 2023 With an Increase in Revenue by 40%

2024-02-29 | The company attributes its growth to consistent product innovation and product design with a user-first approach.

Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Marketing

2024-02-29 | Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini channels years of expertise into her work with Frontline Strategy Advisors

Blue Interactive Agency Expands Its Services to South Florida's Hispanic Business Community

2024-02-28 | The top digital marketing agency in Florida is reaching out to the Hispanic-owned and operated businesses of the state to offer its unique services and bilingual approach

Marquis Who's Who Selects George Kriza for Success in Entrepreneurship

2024-02-28 | Mr. George Kriza is lauded as the chief executive officer and C-level business consultant at Challenging Decisions

Ernie C. Dimalanta, CEO, Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Achievements in Marketing and Small Business Leadership

2024-02-28 | Ernie C. Dimalanta is an accomplished entrepreneur and advocate for diversity

Marquis Who's Who Honors Ken B. Martin for Success in Business Development

2024-02-27 | Mr. Ken B. Martin is noted for his contributions to management with Prolifics

Poets&Quants™ Announces Groundbreaking Business School Showcase at Global Sustainable Development Congress

2024-02-23 | Times Higher Education and Poets&Quants™ Highlight Business Schools in this Inaugural Partnership

Elevate, Innovate, Dominate: apnTech's 2024 Vision for Success

2024-02-20 | apnTech Steamrolls into 2024 With Game-Changing Product Enhancements, Bold Revenue Targets, and Exciting Product Rollouts

Gina Marie DeMatteo has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-02-05 | Gina Marie DeMatteo is recognized for her expertise as a retail and marketing compliance analyst for C3 Industries

Darren and Mike Dream Team Unveils New Digital Business Platform

2024-01-30 | Revolutionizing Digital Entrepreneurship: Introducing Darren and Mike's Innovative Online Business Platform