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One East Kentucky Promotes Their International Landing Zone with PlaceVR Technology

2021-04-16 | 360-Degree Video and Virtual Reality Make Sense to Reach an International Audience With or Without a Pandemic

FreeCast's SelectTV Offers Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and World Fishing Network

2021-04-15 | A distribution agreement with KSE Outdoor Sportsman Group, LLC brings three channels to the SelectTV's Value TV Bundle.

One East Kentucky Targets Site Selector's Short List with 360-Video and Virtual Reality

2021-04-15 | PlaceVR is the Solution to Economic Developer Obstacles of Time, Cost, Distance, and COVID-19

One East Kentucky Reaches Out to the World with PlaceVR Technology

2021-04-14 | 360-Degree FAM Tour and Virtual Meetings App to Attract and Engage Investors

Unique Technical IP Base Described at New Website

2021-04-10 | Rice Electronics of Saint Louis Introduces Unique Intellectual Property Base

Riddle Me This: Artists Salvador Satoshi and Morgan Jesse Lappin Team Up for Crypto Sprint NFT Puzzle Race

2021-04-05 | As NFTs have taken the art industry by storm, two rising stars team up for a Crypto Sprint! Crypto Sprints are artworks filtered using chaos theory math that fractalizes the images, thus creating short movies that have a kaleidoscope effect.

Madelia Area Redevelopment Corporation is Delivering Their Quality of Life Message With 360-Degree Video and Virtual Reality

2021-03-29 | PlaceVR Technology Stretches Reach to More People Seeking a Less Stressful Lifestyle

One East Kentucky Reaches Out to the World with PlaceVR Technology

2021-03-22 | 360-Degree FAM Tour and Virtual Meetings App to Attract and Engage Investors

SUB2r raises $3.5M from Riva Technology and Entertainment

2021-03-17 | RTE will have significant minority stake in leading live streaming broadcast camera company SUB2r launches Black Fact Of The Day™ Podcast and Inspiring Black Women Video Series

2021-03-17 | For Women's History Month, continues our mission of celebration of Black History and Culture by introducing a daily podcast celebrating Black History Facts 365 Days of the Year and a video series celebrating inspiring Black Women.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter - Officially Launched for Music Lovers

2021-03-04 | AudFree Amazon Music Converter has been released finally by AudFree Software for Amazon users to download and convert Amazon Music playlists, albums to MP3, FLAC, WAV, Lossless, etc. for better playback.

Flimp Launches WorkforceTXT® Employee-Texting Solution for HR and Benefits Communications

2021-03-03 | HIPAA-compliant texting platform helps HR teams drive higher employee-engagement rates

Appenate Enters 9th Year Of Operation - Announces Decision To Help Businesses Go Paperless For Less

2021-03-03 | Streamlining Your Clunky Paper Workflow Is Cheaper Than You Think

Matt Keezer on PlayStation 5 vs PC

2021-03-02 | Matt Keezer weighs in on the age old debate of a console vs PC!

FreeCast and Inspire WiFi Partner to Bring SelectTV to MDUs

2021-03-01 | Over 25,000 households will receive access to FreeCast's OTT (Over The Top) aggregated video streaming service in first major multi-dwelling deployment of its kind in the nation.

New Year, New Music. The Latest Release From Isabelle Fries. Streaming Now On All Platforms.

2021-02-26 | "Shine Through The Rain" is a beautiful, yet simplistic song that is meant to empower and encourage.

Edgescan's 2021 Vulnerability Stats Report Offers a Snapshot of the Overall State of Cyber Security Globally

2021-02-16 | Over 65% of the CVEs Edgescan found in 2020 are more than 3 years old, with 32% dating back to 2015 or earlier

Music Industry Journalist, Shirley Ju, Joins True Magazine TV as the New Creative Coordinator

2021-02-16 | Hip-Hop Journalist Shirley Ju, who holds many different titles within the industry, has joined True Magazine TV as the new Creative Coordinator. Ju is an on-camera host, music journalist, influencer, and content creator.