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New in 2022: Elysium Wedding Bands at Damiani Jewellers

2022-01-22 | Damiani Jewellers is showcasing a brand new line of men's rings and wedding bands at their showroom, bringing their customers the latest luxury jewellery of 2022. Discover more about this designer collection and what they offer by reading more below!

Exclusive Winter Sale on Luxury Jewelry and Watches at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

2022-01-21 | Looking to freshen up jewelry collections with the latest accessories for the New Year but at an affordable price? Northeastern Fine Jewelry is having a winter sale to give their customers the best deals. Keep reading to find out more details.

Join Huntington Fine Jewelers for Their Winter Bridal Jewelry Event

2022-01-14 | It's that time of the year again for Huntington Fine Jewelers' annual winter bridal jewelry event to take place. From luxury wedding bands to amazing deals, this is one occasion that no one will want to miss.

Join The Wedding Ring Shop for Their Engage, Upgrade, and Restyle Event

2022-01-14 | An exclusive engagement ring event featuring gorgeous rings from a renowned bridal jewelry designer is happening for a limited time at The Wedding Ring Shop! Find out more details below.

Jewelry Acquisition Basics – Protect Your Business With Smart Buying Practices

2021-12-10 | Jewelry acquisition is by definition "cash flow-sensitive". A lot of money can go into critical acquisitions, and getting the best value for money is absolutely crucial. You may be surprised to learn that even leading jewelry companies watch their ac

Patents To Retail Organizes Your Jewelry In A Snap

2021-11-19 | One of the Most Popular Jewelry Storage Systems Around

[Pangyo Tech] Wardrobe at a Glance with NHN's AI Service... NHN Officially Launches AI Fashion Service

2021-11-01 | By using this, small and medium-sized shopping malls can easily provide sophisticated AI-based recommendation services. It is more reasonable in terms of cost and resources than building AI services on their own.

MillionaireMatch Carries out Survey to Find Top Favorite Luxury Brands

2021-10-27 | MillionaireMatch is one of the top and successful dating sites for all millionaires looking to find the best match.

Watch Collectors Anxiously Follow Value of HYT Skull Watches as Company Declares Bankruptcy

2021-10-21 | Resale picture murky as hundreds of HYT Skull Watch dealers left with unsold inventory & owners left with no network to service or repair the high-end luxury watches Publishes a Guide on Cat-Eye Sunglasses

2021-10-06 | has published a detailed guide on this beloved style accessory complete with a few suggestions from it's inventory.

Ashley Gold, Celebrity Jewelry Designer, Creates an Augmented Reality Shopping Experience at

2021-10-05 | Ever wonder what your jewelry will look like on as you shop online? Technology is here to help!

Raychel Wengenroth Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Jewelry Making

2021-09-08 | Ms. Wengenroth specializes in silversmithing through Raychel A. Wengenroth LLC and Hudson Valley Silverworks

Cleveland Fashion Designer Receives Prestigious Invite to Upcoming 2021 New York Fashion Week

2021-09-03 | Porshia Banks, women's ready-to-wear fashion designer and Cleveland native, has been invited to participate in New York Fashion Week.

So, You Have No Cash… That Doesn't Mean That You Are Broke!

2021-09-03 | We have the loan for you with no credit check needed!

Global Diamond Montreal Has Breathed Life Into Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings Ever Since Its Inception

2021-08-03 | A Wide Range of Diamond Rings That Are Crafted To Perfection

Rubellite, the Designer's Choice Gemstone

2021-07-24 | Rubellite is typically used as a red-spectrum design element. Ironically, it fills several design niches which rubies can't fill. Rubies tend to be somewhat darker, with different crystalline formations.

24Karat Defeated Financial Concerns And Became The Foremost Buyer of Gold In Delhi

2021-07-23 | We are privileged to assess the jewellery of our beloved customers. We have always strived to serve the customers with the highest prices, and we strictly adhere to that. Many companies offer fraud services, but when it comes to us.

Planet Fashion TV's Miami Swim Week Events Smash ALL Attendance Records

2021-07-16 | ALL Expectations Crushed as the FIRST Post Pandemic Fashion Week Wraps.

Meet the Dazzling Tourmaline Family

2021-07-10 | Tourmaline is particularly popular as a very versatile design gemstone. The many different colour ranges are particularly prized by jewelers as allowing a life of creative freedom for fabulous designs.