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Neurosurgeon Bennie W. Chiles III named a 2023 Castle Connolly Top Doctor

2023-01-25 | Bennie W. Chiles III, M.D., has been recognized as a 2023 Castle Connolly Top Doctor in the field of Neurosurgery/Spine Surgery —the fourth consecutive time he has received the prestigious Top Doctor honor.

Nootropics Manufacturer Declares War on Alzheimer's, Unveils Subsidized Counseling Service

2023-01-18 | "Forget about selling products, we're declaring war on Alzheimer's and all neurodegenerative diseases. We're not taking any prisoners." — David Avraham

Marion Priscilla Short, MD Shines as a Neurogenetics Educator

2023-01-16 | Dr. Marion Priscilla Short was honored with the Clinical Investigator Developer Award from the National Institutes of Health

Rx.Health and Wise Therapeutics collaborate to provide game-based digital therapeutic to anxiety patients

2022-12-15 | This partnership will enable Rx.Health's health plan and health system users to deploy Wise's mobile game to their patient populations as an integrated digital therapeutic for anxiety

Brainpaths Devices - Filling a Gap in the Neurological Health Sector through Brain-Stimulating Devices

2022-12-10 | Filling a Gap in the Neurological Health Sector through Brain-Stimulating Devices

Brainpaths Devices

2022-12-08 | Improving People's Cognitive Abilities by Stimulating the Brain's Sensory Cortex Using Fingertip Tracing

Marquis Who's Who Honors Sariah S. Ramoutar Persaud, MD, for Excellence in Clinical Research

2022-12-02 | Dr. Sariah Persaud serves as the Executive Director of clinical research for Applied Therapeutics

Chiropractic May Offer Relief From Complicated Chronic Headaches

2022-11-21 | The researchers from Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) released their case studies on chronic headaches and neck pain.

Scientists Identify Hidden Factor That Help Pain after Fibromyalgia

2022-11-14 | The researchers from Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) released their findings on cervical spondylosis and fibromyalgia, published in the journal International Medical Case Reports Journal, as a "hidden factor" (1).

Jenny Guerre, MD, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2022-11-03 | Dr. Guerre is recognized for her expertise in neurology

Squalus Medical, Focused on Reshaping Cancer and Epilepsy Treatments, Rebrands Itself as BT BeaMedical Technologies (BeaMed) and Receives ISO13485 Certification

2022-10-31 | BeaMed has invented and is developing an image guided surgical laser platform for treating previously inoperable cases of epilepsy and for enabling new treatment options for cancer cases in multiple key specialties, including early stage lung cancer

Suffering from Depression, you are not alone By Dr Gautam Arora Neurologist

2022-10-26 | Depression hurts, there is hope for those who have chronic depression. Provide care and treatment for your loved ones.Dr Gautam Arora Neurologist.

Pain Relief Without Opioids: Scientists Begin Hunt for Non-opioids Therapy

2022-10-11 | Due to widespread abuse, the over-prescription of addictive opioids has caused immense suffering. We got in touch with the experts from Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK), who revealed the newest studies.

HITEKS Solutions, Inc. Launches New Website

2022-10-06 | The purpose behind the redesign of the HITEKS website is to provide a simplified experience, intuitive navigation, engaging content, useful resources, and to better comprehend HITEKS Solutions' unique offerings.

Elite Athlete Products, Inc. is Awarded a Phase I STTR Grant From NIH-NICHD to Advance Rehabilitation System for Post-Stroke Gait Training

2022-09-29 | Collaborating with the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, they will be further innovating the NewGait product line.

Euless, TX welcomes MidCities Psychiatry!

2022-09-15 | Euless has welcomed a new member of its community!

Robert M. Shuman, MD, FAAN, Acknowledged by Marquis Who's Who for Advancements in Pediatric Neurology

2022-09-09 | Dr. Shuman is a dedicated healthcare practitioner and scholar

Seizure disorder also know as Epilepsy is Not a social Stigma and can be treated. By Dr Gautam Arora MBBS MD DM (Neurologist and Pain Specialist)

2022-08-30 | Epilepsy is a chronic disease that causes repeated seizures due to abnormal electrical signals produced by damaged brain cells. A burst of uncontrolled electrical activity within brain cells causes a seizure.