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Marquis Who's Who Honors Ji Young Kim, MS, for Expertise in the Aerospace Industry

2024-06-13 | Ji Young Kim, MS, is honored for his expertise in engineering through his work with Boeing

Soumik Dey Honored as a Pioneering Researcher and Visionary Leader in Technology and Academia

2024-06-13 | Soumik Dey recognized for his commitment to advancing research in information retrieval and natural language processing

Sachin Soni Lauded for Expertise in Electrical Engineering

2024-06-12 | Sachin Soni, a leader in inverter-based resources modeling, is director of generation interconnection and compliance at I2R Grid Solutions, Inc.

Paul Williamson Featured in Marquis Who's Who Millennium Magazine

2024-06-11 | Paul Williamson earns prominent placement in Millennium Magazine's Fifteenth Edition

Marquis Who's Who Honors Lissett B. Cain for Expertise in Project Management Engineering

2024-06-11 | Lissett B. Cain is recognized for her dedication to robotics and digital surgery

Peter Romero, MEd, Selected for Inclusion in The Wall Street Journal

2024-06-10 | Peter Romero, MEd, was celebrated for industry leadership with inclusion in The Wall Street Journal

William L. Trotter Celebrates a Career of Charity

2024-06-08 | William L. Trotter has helped veterans for over two decades

Marquis Who's Who Honors Marlon J. Tesla for Expertise in Engineering and Entrepreneurship

2024-06-07 | Marlon J. Tesla is honored for his achievements in subsea engineering as the president of Tesla Solutions Inc.

Roger Pierson Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2024-06-07 | Roger Pierson has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in the field of engineering

Marquis Who's Who Honors Ipshita Ray for Expertise in Financial Services

2024-06-07 | Ipshita Ray has led an impressive career in the financial sector marked by a focus on fighting financial crimes

Brianna E. Jackson Recognized for Exemplary Leadership in Business Consulting and Training

2024-06-06 | Brianna E. Jackson is a trailblazer in empowering teams and driving organizational success

Total Shade Inc collaborates with a MIT – Spin Off to develop flexible, ultralight energy efficient solar technologies

2024-06-05 | Total Shade's solar shade is not your typical solar panel system. Unlike traditional solar panels that are mounted on rooftops or in open fields, Total Shade's technology integrates solar energy capture directly into a shade structure.

Inventor Says AI Is Ideal Partner For Developing Flexible Shape Digitizing Sensors For Soft and Continuum Robotics

2024-06-04 | describes how flex actuated overlapping bistable domes can be used to create unique flexible sensors that translate flexural forces caused by bending into digital patterns that AI can use to monitor shape and changing shape.

Punyam Academy is Happy to Launch the New E-learning Course on ISO 14001 EMS Gap Assessor Training at Low Price

2024-06-04 | Globally Recognized ISO 14001 EMS Gap Assessor Training E-Learning Course offered by Punyam Academy to understand the Gap Assessment for implementation of Environment Management System

Marquis Who's Who Honors George C. Prueitt, PhD, for Expertise in Operations Research, Analysis, and Defense

2024-06-03 | George C. Prueitt, PhD, is honored for his expertise as the president of Prueitt Consulting LLC

Multi-Wing Transforms Off-Highway Electrification with Customizable DC Electric Fans

2024-06-03 | DCmax312 Customizable Electric Fan Revolutionizes Cooling for Off-Highway Machines

Marquis Who's Who Honors David L. Ring for Expertise in Structural Engineering

2024-05-31 | David L. Ring is honored for 40 years of success in structural engineering as a consultant with Porter Consulting LLC

Marquis Who's Who Honors SeungJin "Jean" Oh Orr, PhD, for Expertise in the Field of Engineering

2024-05-30 | SeungJin "Jean" Oh Orr, PhD, serves as a senior staff engineer at STMicroelectronics

Marquis Who's Who Honors Breanne Casteel for Expertise in Technology and Business Architecture

2024-05-29 | Breanne Casteel is lauded for her success as an enterprise business architect at Kampgrounds of America Inc.