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Global Cannabinoids Announces Distribution of American Grown Hemp CBD into Japan

2020-09-24 | Global Cannabinoids is pleased to announce bulk and wholesale distribution of USA grown hemp CBD raw ingredients to customers located in Japan

LEEF Launches a Give Back Initiative, in Support of the Little Lake Fire Department and Their Ongoing Battle With the Fires That Have Scorched Over 880,000 Acres

2020-09-23 | LEEF, a leader in the emerging CBD wellness and California Cannabis industries, announces the Little Lake Fire Department Give Back Initiative to support the on-going efforts to contain and rebuild the communities in Northern California.

Orchard Park's First Metaphysical Gift Shop to have Three-day Grand Opening October 1-3

2020-09-22 | Good for the Spirit Gifts is the crown jewel of spiritual gift shops; spotlighting abundant crystal items and original spiritual artistry.

The First Minority-Owned Chiropractic Clinic, Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic, Opens in Desert Hot Springs, CA

2020-09-20 | Dr. Tiffany Raith brings a drug-free option for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, for the whole family, to the Coachella Valley

Leading Minority-Owned Michigan Cannabis Venture, Calyxeum announces goal of $2 Million to Expand Socially Conscious Cannabis Venture

2020-09-11 | Part of Michigan's growing cannabis industry, the woman-owned business continues to support the community by raising Q4 funding

WLNSS. Voted Fastest & Safest Mobile Hydration & Vitamin IV Therapy in Southern California

2020-09-11 | WLNSS. has been recognized for its industry-leading safe and reliable mobile on-demand, on-site IV and wellness therapy across Southern California. More information can be found at

Is This Pandemic Hurting Your Kid's Mental Health? Here are 5 Things You Can Do About It!

2020-09-10 | Many conditions of the pandemic are creating a poor environment for good mental health in our children and teens. Here are 5 things that you can do now to reverse those effects and get your children back on the path to health.

One Patient's Disease is 100% Gone after Stem Cell Treatment!

2020-09-05 | Patient's life is changed and her general practitioner can't believe the results!

Using Pulse Rate Variability for Early Detection of COVID-19

2020-09-04 | Just Published in Immunology and Infections - Dr. Patrick Nemechek offers a new method for early detection of coronavirus infection. Announces CBD Oil by Pure Organics as the Top CBD Oil for September 2020

2020-09-01 |, the premier online directory for cannabis products, suppliers, and dispensaries has announced CBD Oil by Pure Organics as the top CBD Oil for September 2020

SASPGB: Dealing With Severe Headaches, Migraines, Anxiety & Trigeminal Neuralgia During COVID 19 Pandemic - Overcoming Your Pain and Suffering

2020-08-26 | Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks have been utilized for over 100 years for treating headaches, migraines, eye pain and retro-orbital pain, ear pain and other TMJ & otolaryngologic issues. They are extremely safe and only require use of 2% Lidocaine

Nemerex, a New Nano-Solution for Immune Support

2020-08-25 | Nemerex Immunity combines Super Fullerenes With Beta Glucan to provide a powerful molecular immune defense.

Cuteford Essentials Launches Innovative Weight Loss Supplement

2020-08-20 | Las Vegas-based company produces Keto Fat Burner, a healthy supplement that speeds up metabolism to assist weight loss.

El Noel Eco-Center for Integrative Wellness Provides Tangible Roadmaps to Help Members of the Community Reach their Optimal Health Goals

2020-08-17 | El Noel Wellness supports integrative, preventative, and environmentally conscious health and wellness modalities to enhance healthy lifestyles and improve disease outcomes.

Mesquite, Texas Doctor Uses Revolutionary PRP Injections for Pain Relief

2020-08-12 | Car accident victim finds relief through a surprising and innovative procedure known as platelet-rich plasma injections.

New Pain Patch By Kailo Disrupts Neurological Pain Signals, Reducing Discomfort and Pain, Using Body's All-Natural Electrical Cycle

2020-08-12 | With hundreds of different applications, the Kailo Pain Patch has been used successfully to treat pain in the most sensitive areas of the human body, including the head, neck, shoulder, back brought on by a variety of conditions and ailments.

Oklahoma Medical Clinic Introduces New Medical Shockwave Technology to Address Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

2020-08-12 | Non-surgical medical shockwave technology is now being used to effectively treat a variety of conditions and injuries for long-lasting pain relief

New FarmVisionAI™ Starter Kit Provides Easy Access to Powerful AI

2020-08-06 | Illumitex releases easy-to-install low-cost FVAI kit to help Cannabis growers reap the benefit of AI in their grow.

GV Alternatives to Host Must-Be-At Event for National CBD Day

2020-08-05 | Schenectady CBD Retailer Brings Awareness to the Many Benefits of Hemp & CBD Products On National CBD Day.

Nemechek Technologies Seeks FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to Battle COVID-19

2020-07-20 | Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) may safely mitigate the deadly cytokine storm in hospitalized coronavirus patients.