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For Founder of, Journey with "Miracle Plant" is Personal

2023-03-22 | Founder of hemp product eStore traces his company's origins to his son's health-transforming encounter with hemp several years ago. His goal is to help more people discover the "miracle plant."

The First Master of Chiropractic Programme in Hong Kong is Now Available

2023-03-15 | Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) is pleased to announce that McTimoney College of Chiropractic is now offering the Chiropractic programme in Hong Kong (Registration No. 253263).

'The Body Code: Unlocking Your Body's Ability to Heal Itself' Ranked as Amazon's #1 New Release in Alternative and Complementary Medicine on Audible

2023-03-15 | New book by veteran holistic physician, bestselling author, and global trainer Dr. Bradley Nelson earns top rankings since its Feb. 21 release by St. Martin's Press

Authors Julie Potiker and Puja Shah Present 'Self-Care and Sisterhood Adventure' April 1

2023-03-14 | Workshop and book signing features gentle mindfulness exercises, books, tea, and delectable treats

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts Hosts Destin, Florida CME Conference in Primary and Specialty Care Settings

2023-03-13 | Continuing Medical Education for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants & Physicians

Dr. Craig Hogan Shares Evidence-Based Research on Life After Death and How We Can Connect with Our Loved Ones Beyond the Grave

2023-03-10 | Renowned author and afterlife expert, Dr. Craig Hogan, joined Roberta Grimes' interview series to discuss life after death and the ways we can keep in touch with our late loved ones.

Tribu Spirit - The Best Shamanic Shop All Through United States

2023-03-09 | A Shamanic Shop born out of a dream; to be a bridge for others' healing and to provide support for indigenous tribes.

SEO National to Manage Search Engine Optimization for

2023-03-08 | Respected digital marketing firm takes on its newest client, Using strategic search engine optimization, they will accelerate online reach for the up-and-coming hemp product eStore.

Carnivore for Women Panel to be held at KetoCon 2023

2023-03-08 | The panel will feature six prominent female speakers in the keto and carnivore communities

Growing Up Rooted Makes Herbal Medicine Approachable with Daily Ritual

2023-02-28 | "This daily ritual is simple: let herbs steep overnight in hot water, strain and drink all day instead of just water. Not only are you staying hydrated, but you're giving your body the wisdom and nourishment of medicinal plants."

Total Health Announces New Branding, Initiatives, and Hires

2023-02-27 | Company expands educational programming and executive team

CBD and Anxiety - the Ridiculous Guide

2023-02-26 | It's 101 pathways, tips, and studies surrounding all things CBD and anxiety.

This New Research Centre in Oshawa is First of its Kind to Use Weight Loss Medication to Help Prevent Heart Disease

2023-02-22 | Qualified community members at risk of cardiac disease invited to participate in clinical trials

Acupuncturists to Athletic Trainers: "If You Are Treating the Mind & Body With A Needle, You are Performing Acupuncture." Maryland Acupuncturists Square Off With Athletic Trainers Over Dry Needling

2023-02-13 | Working together, those on the front lines of American & Traditional Asian Traumatology could move beyond localized pain management and add significant contributions to the whole health of athletes in the field of Sports Medicine.

Black Tie CBD, LLC offers High-Quality CBD all over the United States

2023-02-11 | Provides premium CBD products at an affordable price with customers' satisfaction in mind.

'Healing Fit' activates endorphins to reduce stress of brain

2023-02-07 | HEALINGFIT combines TES with sound therapy to improve sleep quality and revitalize your life.

New Nature Study Concludes Rarity of Severe Chiropractic-related Adverse Events

2023-02-06 | In a recent issue of Nature Scientific Reports, researchers at Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) concluded that serious side effects with spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) were extremely rare.

Professional Boxer-Turned-Podcaster and Life Coach Harold Sconiers Has Developed the Secret to "Immortality"

2023-02-03 | Deontay Wilder's former nemesis has unlocked the key to a better life.