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Marquis Who's Who Selects Sheila T. Murphy, PhD, for Invaluable Contributions to Public Health

2024-06-14 | Dr. Sheila T. Murphy is also noted for her distinguished career at the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California

CCHR: Celebrating 35 Years of Fighting for Mental Health Human Rights

2024-06-12 | Winner of 9 awards for their work to protect mental health human rights, CCHR began the Florida movement to restore rights and dignity to the field of mental health in 1977 and today counts thousands of members across the state.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Tanya Friese for Expertise in Social Work and Mental Health Care

2024-06-12 | Tanya Friese is noted for her success with veterans as a social worker with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Mid Cities Psychiatry gleefully introduces the addition of Dr. Ashley Ibbotson, PhD, into our devoted band of mental health professionals

2024-06-12 | Dr. Ibbotson shines brightly in the Texas mental health scene, bringing plenty of know-how and understanding to our clinic.

Theory Blames Recent Worldwide Spikes In Authoritarianism On Misdirected Reproductive Energy Amplified By COVID Shutdowns

2024-06-11 | The "Sex On the Wrong Brain" book and website of the same name suggest humans can reduce misogyny, racism, authoritarianism and many other destructive anti democratic human behaviors with a simple lesson in sex education.

The Wolves Within, A Mesmerizing Psychological Thriller By Bijou Entertainment, Will Be Available At No Charge In Ebook Form June 10 Through June 12, 2024, At Amazon

2024-06-08 | Set against the backdrop of the 1980s Iran-Contra affair, this gripping narrative takes readers on a riveting journey through the clandestine world of CIA black ops, subconscious conditioning, and espionage.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Josephine Tamayo Murray, MSW, for Expertise in the Nonprofit Sector

2024-05-31 | Josephine Tamayo Murray, MSW, is noted for her distinguished tenure in social justice and community development

Rita M. Curl-Langager, PhD, Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2024-05-31 | Dr. Rita M. Curl-Langager has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in higher education

Marquis Who's Who Honors Albert "Skip" Rizzo for Expertise in Virtual Reality Research, Education and Application

2024-05-31 | Albert Rizzo is clinical scientist, expert consultant and project manager

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness Helps Teens Break Free from Social Media and Tech Addiction

2024-05-25 | How Teens at Blue Ridge Wilderness Learn to Unplug and Recharge

Marquis Who's Who Honors Anna Toom, PhD, for Expertise in Psychology and Education

2024-05-16 | Anna Toom, PhD, recognized for 50 years in the field of psychology, including passing her knowledge on to the next generation

Book, Theory Claim To Explain Embarrassing Secret Of Authoritarian Power and the Underlying Motive For Controlling Women's Reproductive Rights

2024-05-15 | The theory presented in the book "Sex On the Wrong Brain" and website of the same name suggests anti abortion misogyny is a byproduct of the sexual repression used for centuries to fuel the irrational need for certainty that drives authoritarianism.

Hair Loss: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel for Men?

2024-05-12 | Alex's Journey: Finding Hope with Nordic Biolabs

Keisha Saunders-Waldron has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-05-09 | Keisha Saunders-Waldron celebrates two decades of excellence in mental health and workplace counseling

Ray Pfeister Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2024-05-07 | Ray Pfeister has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in the field of finance

Marquis Who's Who Honors Dr. Ashley Poklar for Expertise in Mental Health, Wellness and Therapy

2024-05-02 | Dr. Ashley E. Poklar is dedicated to improving the lives of children through education and psychology

Dr. Lin Morel Featured in Marquis Who's Who Millennium Magazine

2024-04-26 | Dr. Lin Morel earns prominent placement in Millennium Magazine's Fifteenth Edition

Marshall Kirkpatrick Featured in Marquis Who's Who Millennium Magazine

2024-04-25 | Marshall Kirkpatrick earns prominent placement in Millennium Magazine's Fifteenth Edition

Solveit.Earth's History-Making Founder, Unveils His Most Unusual and Secretive Project: An Experiment to Face Our Humanity, and Uncover the Keys to Answering Our Greatest Questions

2024-04-18 | Looking through the mind of an unconventional genius, the user delves into the fascinating hidden worlds of numbers, connective logic, belief, and possibility