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International Peace Organization HWPL Leads the Development of Peace in Mindanao, Philippines

2021-07-23 | In 2014, HWPL led peace initiatives in Mindanao, Philippines which united religious and political leaders to create a more peaceful society after 40 years of deadly conflict within the country.

Houston, Texas Immigration Law Firm Breaks Down the New Supreme Court Decision on Adjustment of Status Eligibility for TPS Holders

2021-07-21 | Many TPS holders are no longer eligible to adjust their status due to this supreme court decision.

International Organization HWPL Trains Citizens as Peace Educators to Establish Peace for Future Generations

2021-07-19 | Peace Organization HWPL is training educators and advocates across the world to teach the importance of establishing peace and offering practical solutions for international conflict.

Shincheonji Church Chairman Man Hee Lee to Return to Court After Being Granted Appeal Trial for Embezzlement Charge

2021-07-08 | Officials from Shincheonji Church of Jesus in South Korea are going back to court after receiving approval from a judge for an appeal of the embezzlement charge of 5 billion won.

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center Develops Strategy to Expand South Asian Wedding Services

2021-07-07 | The Florida Hotel and Conference Center implements strategy to not only embrace the wedding and event needs of a growing South Asian community locally and nationally, but also maintain a top-tier approach to customer service.

Korean Church Heads Back to Court on July 7th to Appeal Remaining Embezzlement Charge

2021-07-05 | Shincheonji Church Chairman Man Hee Lee will return to court on July 7th to appeal the only guilty charge he received after months of trials earlier this year.

U.S. Postal Service in Washington D.C. Issued a Commemorating First-day Cover of the U.S. Capitol Raising the National Flag to Celebrate the Birthday of the Pope of Buddhism H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

2021-06-22 | The H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Cultural and Art Museum has been committed to and actively participating in all kinds of charity work to support the community.

Cali's Books Celebrates Release of Chinese Nursery Rhymes Children's Sound Book Featuring Singing in Several Languages

2021-06-17 | Chinese nursery rhymes are enchanting and fun for children of all backgrounds. Cali's Books is proud to release an exceptional quality Chinese Nursery Rhymes Children's Sound Book made to the highest standards.

Why a Leading NJ Arts School Professor Has Been Selected as an Author for Historic Global Art Textbook

2021-06-15 | Professor of Art History in the School Of The Arts and Communication at The College Of New Jersey (TCNJ) Dr. Deborah Hutton has been selected to co-lead author the first global art history survey textbook of the 21st century.

International Peace Organization HWPL Hosts 8th Anniversary Commemoration to Introduce Peace During the Pandemic

2021-05-26 | Over 3,000 people, including global leaders, attended to the HWPL event to discuss peace activities around the world and make goals for establishing global peace for future generations.

Project VIPIN Reveals the Secret of Divine Energy Using a Management Approach

2021-05-25 | In a path-breaking twelve-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta advocates the management power of intentionality to activate the potential of divine energy within us.

Manage the Present Reality to Manifest the Wishable Reality: Project VIPIN

2021-05-25 | In a path-breaking twelve-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta shows how Mother Nature forms the present reality as a path to manifest a wishable reality, free from the grand challenges of the present.

What's the Reality Behind the Grand Challenges We Face Today: Project VIPIN

2021-05-25 | In a path-breaking twelve-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta illuminates the Reality behind the grand challenges we face today.

GFA World Joins Battle Against 'Stinkiest' Global Health Crisis

2021-05-21 | One in every 11 people worldwide doesn't have access to a toilet, says new GFA World report

Hardy, Penn, Sage, Largest Personal Collection of Vintage and New Fishing Lures, Rods & Reels to Ever Hit the Market

2021-05-12 | Fishing enthusiasts and collectors unite! Rare vintage fishing auction online hosted by reality TV star, Jeff "The Liquidator"

ElevateMeD Awards $150,000 in Medical School Scholarships to Increase Physician Workforce Diversity

2021-05-06 | The nonprofit announces its 2021-2022 Scholars Program Cohort

GFA World Calls for 'Eleventh Hour' Prayer Amid 'Tsunami of COVID Suffering'

2021-04-29 | People dying in street outside hospitals, crematoriums can't keep up with body count

Hong Kongers Celebrate Mother's Day With Van Gogh

2021-04-28 | Residents Hunker Down under Continuing COVID-19 Restrictions Find New Ways to Appreciate Mothers

Korean Pastor Sentenced to Probation After Leaking Personal Information of Thousands of Shincheonji Church Members

2021-04-19 | Thousands of Shincheonji Church members are suffering Human Rights violations as a result of a data leak from a Protestant Pastor in Korea.

Now GFA World -- Launches Its First-Ever Mission in Africa

2021-04-13 | Canadian-based nonprofit announces new Rwanda mission, eyes rapid expansion