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THIS WEEKEND 2023 SD Lunar New Year Festival

2023-01-20 | January 20-22, 2023 Jeremy Henwood Park - 4455 Wightman Street, San Diego Free admission - vào cửa miễn phí - 免費入場

Treating Spinal Diseases: Eric Chu named Fellow at Royal College of Chiropractors

2023-01-18 | Eric Chun-Pu Chu, Chairman of Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK), is the first chiropractor in Asia to be awarded a Fellowship at the Royal College of Chiropractors in the United Kingdom.

Shincheonji Church, Zion Christian Mission Center Celebrates 113th Class with 100,000 Graduation Ceremony

2022-12-23 | The Church's Peter Tribe located in Gwangju planned the 100,000 graduation ceremony for this 113th class of the Zion Christian Mission Center and will host a photo exhibition which celebrates the significance of that day.

Lighting Up Stoney Creek

2022-12-23 | St Cyprian BEC and GFA World bring light to their community through Christmas trees

Child Sponsorship Makes University Dream Come Alive for World's Poor, Says GFA World

2022-12-11 | Study shows sponsorship ignites child's aspirations, frees them from 'generational poverty trap' says new report

Large-scale Graduation Ceremony Held for the First Time in Three Years, Results in "106,186 New Believers"

2022-12-05 | The Bible education institution of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, called the Zion Mission Center, has enrolled and graduated an unprecedented number of people for the second time since 2019.

TOGETHER We YOUnite! Footage 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence and violence against women and girls launches with stories from Girl-talk-Girl in Kazakhstan

2022-11-26 | Young women and girls in Kazakhstan share their stories of trafficking, exploitation and violence and how connection and compassion is helping them to raise their voices and show leadership.

Intercultural Montessori Opens Indoor Playground!

2022-11-25 | Intercultural Montessori has opened an indoor playground! What better way to welcome in winter than by opening a beautiful, new indoor playspace.

TOGETHER We YOUnite! Footage supports 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls

2022-11-23 | "Don't feel alone, look your fear in the eye. There are many of us, and we are somehow united by the stories we experience." J – Young woman Girl-talk-Girl Leader from Kazakhstan

The largest number of graduates (100,000 graduates) from Zion Christian Mission Center

2022-11-22 | Held at Daegu Stadium, noon on the 20th of November 2022- More than 500 former and current pastors graduated. Receives Conservative Care Award for Unique Continuing Education (CE) Communication Course

2022-11-09 | provides healthcare practitioners a better way to communicate complex Asian Medical terminology to naïve listeners.

Third Billboard With the Message "Learn From History" Is up on the Eve of the Anniversary of the Tacoma Expulsion in Speaker Laurie Jinkin's District

2022-10-24 | On the eve of the anniversary of the Tacoma Expulsion, the third billboard is up in Speaker Laurie Jinkins' district to protest her decision to kill Americans of Chinese Descent History Month.

Guinness World Record achieved as 70,000 people register to donate blood within 24 hours

2022-10-21 | A volunteer group launched in July this year has promoted the importance of blood donation by supplying 47,000 blood donors in a month, halfway to completing the goal of 70,000 blood donations by November 1st.

"The Book of Revelation I Have Seen and Heard"

2022-10-17 | Chairman Man-hee Lee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, appealed to the pastors of the world to achieve God's will together through a sincere testimony of faith.

Pain Relief Without Opioids: Scientists Begin Hunt for Non-opioids Therapy

2022-10-11 | Due to widespread abuse, the over-prescription of addictive opioids has caused immense suffering. We got in touch with the experts from Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK), who revealed the newest studies.

The True Meaning of the Feast of Ingathering

2022-10-06 | Shincheonji Church of Jesus Chairman Man-hee Lee hosted an online seminar on September 28, 2022 and emphasized that we should understand the meaning of today's "Feast of Ingathering", mentioned in Exodus chapter 23, and heaven promised in the Bible.

Author and Theologian Jackson Wu Introduces the Release of His Fifth Book "Seeking God's Face"

2022-10-01 | Exploring Practical Reflections on Honor and Shame in Scripture

Business Insiders Celebrate the Full Opening of Japan's Borders for Travel

2022-09-28 | Prime Minister Fumio Kishida says Japan will ease travel restrictions and encourage international travel for the first time in more than two years beginning next month.

Y Y Foot Spa Opens at Salon & Spa Galleria North Richland Hills

2022-09-22 | The new location offers guests a tranquil retreat to experience foot reflexology and foot detox sessions by professionals.

Researchers Unlock the Key and Identify Serious Pathology in Low Back Pain

2022-09-16 | Chiropractic researchers had investigated behind increasing cases of serious pathology such as cancer. Investigators from the CDAHK, had resolve the puzzle and estimate the prevalence and types of serious pathology among adults with low back pain.