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Pastor Sue Saves Christmas" Announces Screening at the International Christian Film and Music Festival

2024-04-23 | "Pastor Sue Saves Christmas" is a significant Christian film that portrays the journey of a new Pastor struggling with the Church leadership and her faith.

Dr. Kimberlee Etheridge named RISE's 2024 Health Care Hero

2024-04-17 | Dr. Etheridge received the RISE Health Care Hero Award on Wednesday, April 17 at The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health in New Orleans.

First-of-a-kind Artwork Initiative launches submissions promoting and protecting incarcerated Community

2024-04-12 | is accepting submissions for its Racial Justice Activist themed 2025 calendar.

Quinn Patton Wins Lawsuit Against the Department of Defense; Judge Orders Six-Figure Judgement

2024-04-10 | Partner Katherine Patton represented a civilian Army employee in a disability discrimination case.

Topo Finance Unveils 'The Carbon Bankroll 2.0: Awareness to Action,' a Groundbreaking Report Highlighting the Power of Corporate Financial Management as a Lever for Climate Action

2024-03-27 | This trailblazing report illuminates the huge and untapped climate impact of the U.S. financial system, how it is undermining leading companies' climate action, and why companies' financial management may be their greatest lever for climate progress.

Empowering Refugees & Immigrants

2024-03-21 | Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc. Highlights Commitment to Refugee and Immigrant Empowerment.

International Experts Gather to Discuss Institutionalizing Peace

2024-03-17 | HWPL Hosts 8th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Marquis Who's Who Honors Cat Parenti for Success in Humanitarian Philanthropy and Leadership

2024-03-12 | Cat Parenti is lauded for her dedication to humanitarian aid as the founder of the Afghan Women's Empowerment Program

DIARY ALERT: Join the dialogue on how compassionate actions catalyze gender equity for survivors of gender-based violence

2024-03-01 | Footage Foundation (Footage) invites the public and media to a dialogue event -- "Gender Equity through Dialogue" on Wednesday, 20th March from 12:30-2:00 pm at Church Center for the United Nations, Ground Floor, 777 United Nations Plaza, NY 10017.

Historic Health Equity Think Tank Championed by Georgia State Representative Park Cannon at the State Capitol

2024-02-16 | In an unprecedented gathering at the Georgia State Capitol on February 16, 2023 Georgia State Representative Park Cannon hosted a landmark think tank focusing on holistic health equity for the transgender and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Show By Your Example: Rev. Richard Klingeisen's "A Life of Giving" Podumentary Returns with Renewed Purpose and a Groundbreaking Meditation on Modern Life

2024-02-14 | "A Life of Giving" is back with "Show By Your Example" featuring host Rev. Richard Klingeisen spreading positivity and inspiration worldwide. Tune in for heartfelt stories of faith, generosity, and family values on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, 2024.


2024-02-12 | Ararat Alliance compares Azerbaijan's actions in Nagorno-Karabakh to the Taliban, citing the forced displacement of over 100,000 ethnic Armenians, desecration of churches, and defiance of the European Parliament and the International Court

Phillip Bleecker Lauded for Excellence in Business Development

2024-01-29 | Phillip Bleecker channels years of experience into his work with Embark

CCHR is Hosting an Interfaith Event for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

2024-01-25 | The Nazis killed millions and their justification was psychiatry and psychology's theory of eugenics—that certain people were inferior and should be exterminated.

Francis Kalombo Ngoy Lauded for Excellence in Addressing Homelessness & Community Service

2024-01-25 | Francis Kalombo Ngoy channels years of expertise into his work with the National Coalition of the Homeless


2024-01-23 | Celebrates Recent Legislative Advances to Govern Fertility Industry Practices

KAILASA Attends the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos, Switzerland

2024-01-23 | Representatives of KAILASA contributed to pivotal dialogues addressing the world's economic, social, and environmental challenges

First International Conference Focuses on Rebuilding Gaza's Health Sector

2024-01-17 | Conference taking place February 7th in Amman, Jordan.

Teo Babun Honored by Marquis Who's Who for Three Decades of Humanitarian Leadership

2024-01-10 | Teo Babun serves as the president and chief executive officer at Outreach Aid to the Americas.

CCHR Florida is Hosting a Seminar on Mental Health, Veterans, Suicide and Possible Solutions

2024-01-04 | How could it be that more than four times more veterans and soldiers have killed themselves, than soldiers that were killed in action? Is there a hidden influence that could have contributed to this terrible reality?