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Margin Trading and Security Tokens: Future of White Label Exchange Platforms by Blockchain App Factory

2019-01-11 | Always looking into the future, Blockchain App Factory raises their ante by introducing margin trading as their new feature for enhanced Cryptocurrency & Security Exchange Development.

Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint ai, Interviewed Live on NASDAQ

2019-01-07 | President of the world's first artificial intelligence trading software invited to interview live at the NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square

Blockmason Announces the Release of Lndr v1.6 for iOS and Android, Featuring Binance Coin (BNB) Integration

2018-12-18 | Lndr users can now split bills, share expenses and settle casual debts and IOUs using Binance Coin, the official cryptocurrency of Binance

Blockchain App Factory Defines 3 Important Considerations for Launching Your Own STO

2018-12-08 | Blockchain App Factory, a pioneer in providing end-to-end solutions for tokenized securities lists down three important factors for Security Token Offering.

Prime Talent Chain Begins Work on Blockchain-based Recruitment and Staffing Platform to Disrupt the Industry

2018-12-07 | Prime Talent Chain (PTC) is all set to instigate the much-needed revolution in the recruitment industry. PTC has geared up to combat the current challenges faced by employers & job seekers to offer a cost-efficient and fast recruitment process.

Gibraltar Crypto Currency (QRG), Opens at $22.00 on the Exchange

2018-12-06 | QRG - is born, as a collectible crypto stamp, released in May of 2018 by the National Post office of Gibraltar.

GoldCoin (GLD) Team Decides to "Reverse Hard Fork" the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain

2018-12-04 | After years of watching Bitcoin fragment into various weaker chains, GoldCoin Core Developer and confirmed friend of Satoshi Nakamoto, Greg "MicroGuy" Matthews, resurfaces to engineer the ultimate hard fork of Bitcoin.

ziggie Gets Listed on THE OCMX™

2018-12-04 | The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of ziggie on its online portal, offering Investors and Advisors the ability to invest in this opportunity.

Beldex Raises The Bar For Crypto Organisations

2018-12-01 | The company has garnered a huge fan following and has a monumental support in the form of a widely expanding community that has started to view Beldex as a crypto leader.

Bitstraq Issues Clarification Statement about VFA License

2018-11-30 | Bitstraq retracts the story posted on 10 November containing the incorrect statement over having the VFA license from the Authority in Malta.

GG World Brings Transparency to Global and National Lotteries

2018-11-22 | GG World is Set to Reinvigorate the Old-school Lotteries

FLX Announces Innovative Crypto Currency Hardware Wallet

2018-11-21 | FLX Partnership ( has released its innovative crypto currency hardware wallet (FLX One) and the simple to use backup device (FLX Key).

How Could a VFA License Play a Formidable Role in Bitstraq Exchange?

2018-11-17 | In regards to the story posted on Nov. 10, 2018 "Bitstraq Exchange - A European VFA Licensed Class 4 Service Provider Begins Operations," we would like to adjust and revise the claims made in the previous publication.

Blockchain App Factory Cracks Three Deals: Legally Compliant Tokenization of Real-estate Worth USD 225 Mn.

2018-11-15 | Blockchain App Factory is one of the first movers into the cryptocurrency development market, creating tokens which are classified as securities under regulations.

Bitstraq Exchange - A European VFA Licensed Class 4 Service Provider Begins Operations

2018-11-10 | Bitstraq Exchange becomes one of the first Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) Class 4 service providers & licensed exchange within the new legal framework in Malta.

Newzoneex - Just Iron & Steel or Something More?

2018-10-31 | Newzoneex claims to change the commodity Trading space forever by integrating their Trading Platform with Blockchain's security. Here's a Press release by them about their Visit in WBS -Dubai.

CoVEX, BrightCOIN Hook Up to Give Tokens a New Life Cycle

2018-10-29 | The Companies Will Offer ICOs a True One-Stop Experience from Token Creation to Exchange Listing.