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2021 Promises to be the Year that Ushers in DeFi, A New Era of Finance Based On Blockchain Technology

2021-01-24 | DeFi, or decentralized finance, is the next phase of digital finance and a global trend is already emerging creating a demand for DeFi related companies.

International Cyber Investigations & Global Due Diligence with USD 10 Mill. Service Guarantee - Swiss Security Solutions from Zurich, Switzerland

2021-01-23 | Swiss Security Solutions provides customized security, safety, investigative, intelligence and defence solutions, services and systems for business, public and private clients.

Europe is Gearing Up for the Blockchain Revolution. Altcoins on the rise

2021-01-20 | Crowdfunding changes its face every day. Now TecraCoin provides better benefits for investors. Not only one can keep track of funds, but also profit from the success of projects. Coffe mug + company income.

As Non-Backed Cryptocurrencies Tumble, Gold-Backed META 1 Coin Remains Stable & Increases Assets

2021-01-12 | META 1 Coin Trust Acquires Additional Gold Assets, Bolstering Digital Coin Stability

PixelPlex Informs About the Development of Their New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

2020-12-22 | PixelPlex blockchain development company presents its new trading platform with cryptocurrency arbitrage bot functionality.

E2X | A Future-Ready Platform Working via Ethereum DApp and Generate Consistent Rewards

2020-12-18 | E2X - staking focused platform with ETH dividends

goLance CEO Michael Brooks Joins Panel with Ripple to Discuss Fintech Trends at IMTC World 2020

2020-12-16 | Freelance Marketplace Leverages Blockchain Solutions for Cross-Border Payments

Aurus Technologies Brings Gold Tokenization to Chile and Latin America

2020-12-16 | Aurus Technologies partners with chilean gold broker to offer digital gold in Chile and other latin american countries

Forex/Cryptocurrency - An Asset or a Liability During the Time of COVID-19

2020-12-15 | COVID-19 and Forex Trading - A financial advice no one wants to give you.

META 1 Coin Trust Announces Launch of Pilot Program

2020-12-14 | Soon to Be Public Cryptocurrency Wallets and Digital Coins Will Be Issued to Private Coin Holders as Part of Pre-Launch Beta Test

ISITC Announces Board of Directors for 2021-2022 Term

2020-12-08 | Industry trade organization ISITC extends existing Chair positions and welcomes new members to board

Future Blockchain Summit to Feature One-of-a-Kind Bitcoin Artwork

2020-12-06 | Wei Art Collections Multi-Million Dollar Artwork to be Shown at Dubai World Trade Centre This Week Calls ONE ROQ Vodka the "Bitcoin of the Adult Beverage Industry" and names it a "Top 20 Instagram Account To Follow" alongside the likes of Kevin Hart and Cristiano Ronaldo

2020-12-03 | ONE ROQ Vodka's decentralized business model (via shares similarities to Bitcoin's business model when it was first getting started, offering consumers another chance to ride innovation at the ground floor in a lucrative industry.

[PangyoTechnoValley] Global Company selects Kakao Blockchain Subsidiary Ground X

2020-11-30 | - Leading the future mobile payment market by inheriting the Kakao spirit of challenge and innovation - Startups dreaming of becoming the second Ground X gather in Pangyo, the land of opportunity

David Schmidt and META 1 Coin Trust Part Ways Amicably

2020-11-23 | Former Washington State Senator Moves Onto New Ventures

Robert P. Dunlap of META 1 Coin Trust Announces Exclusion of Institutional Investors

2020-11-16 | META 1 Coin Transactions Will Be Limited to Verified Individuals Only

Mission Prosperity pre-ICO is set for a launch date of November 16, 2020

2020-11-12 | The launch of Mission Prosperity's pre-ICO is a viable investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency sector

Robert P. Dunlap of META 1 Announces Launch of META Exchange

2020-11-09 | META 1 Platform Supports Other Major Cryptocurrencies for Expanded Trading

Launch of the Real-Time ixCrypto Index

2020-11-06 | IX Asia Indexes Company Limited ('IX Asia Indexes') announced launch of the worldwide real-time dissemination of its ixCrypto Index ("IXCI"). IXCI will be disseminated via Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS)

Robert P. Dunlap of META 1 Announces Launch of Cutting-Edge Smart Contract System

2020-11-02 | Advanced Contract System Facilitates Seamless Transactions and Stability