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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness Explores the Impact of Social Media on Students' Mental Health

2022-08-01 | Research Demonstrates Social Media's Negative Effects on Teens and Young Adults

Dr. Fran Trotman Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Psychology

2022-07-26 | Dr. Trotman channels years of varied expertise in education and psychology to her work in private practice

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness Recognizes Challenges of "Post-Pandemic" Life

2022-07-23 | Re-emersion into Social Dynamics Correlates with Increased Levels of Anxiety and Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults

Robert W. Bolois, PhD, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2022-07-22 | Dr. Bolois is recognized for his dedicated dual career in the ministry and psychology/addictions

New Study Finds Pulsed MRI System Could Selectively Deliver Drugs to the Brain

2022-07-21 | Combined MRI/neuromodulation/drug delivery system could revolutionize mental health and neurological therapy

Trauma Can Derail a Relationship: Here Are 3 Science-Backed Ways to Get It Back on Track

2022-07-19 | Therapeutic Movement Can Achieve Results That Talk Alone Cannot

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness Integrates Daily Mindfulness in Wilderness Therapy

2022-07-02 | Blue Ridge Helps Individuals and their Families Thrive by Teaching Skills which Foster Lasting, Meaningful Connection

Meredith A. Brose Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Psychology

2022-06-30 | Ms. Brose channels years of professional and military experience into her work with veterans

Hossam "Sam" Youssef, PhD, PsyThD, Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Psychology

2022-06-27 | Dr. Youssef lends years of experience in psychology and metaphysics to his work with The Higher Mind Center

Lawrence T. Clayton, PhD, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2022-06-20 | Dr. Clayton has been recognized for his dedicated career as an addiction counselor

We Have Become Lonely and Our Relationships Increasingly Toxic: What Has Happened to Us?

2022-06-15 | Independent feature film that tackles the breakdown of human relationships in modern Western society wants you on board!

LGBTQ+ Musical Film 'Good Enough' Touches Mental Health with New Song Release

2022-06-14 | The Song, Titled "99 Pills," is Taken from the Film, "Good Enough: A Modern Musical"

Marquis Who's Who Honors Joseph A. Trzasko, PhD, with Inclusion in Who's Who in the World

2022-06-10 | Dr. Trzasko retired in 2018 after a successful career in neuropsychology, forensic psychology and higher education

Adolescents, Young Adults and Their Families Learn to Thrive in Wilderness Therapy

2022-06-10 | Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness Addresses Mental Health Challenges in Teens and Young Adults

Is Mississippi Ready For Medical Marijuana?

2022-06-08 | "Pause Pain and Wellness Medical Cannabis Clinics certainly are." -- Kirk L. Kinard, DO

Ralph A. Morgan, PhD Celebrated for Success in Psychology

2022-06-03 | Dr. Morgan has devoted his career towards helping others better their lives

Amber D. Guzmán, PsyD, LP, CCTP-II, Recognized by Marquis Who's Who

2022-05-27 | Dr. Guzmán serves as an expert in Clinical Psychology

Summer Digital-Detox Camp Still Has Space

2022-05-26 | Reset Summer Camp still accepting applications

Calvert Press Launches: Did You Choose Your Parents? A Secret Service Agent's Quest to Break the Presidential Curse - Authors: Jan Marie and Bob Ritter

2022-05-15 | Did You Choose Your Parents? is the true story of one man's quest to keep a PRE-BIRTH vow given to a universal collective consciousness. Promising to further world peace, Bob Ritter was granted advanced cognitive abilities.

A Fresh Look at Fraud - New Book by Dr. Stacey Wood and Yaniv Hanoch

2022-05-13 | A Fresh Look at Fraud: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives has come out on May 10