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June 23, 2014

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OrangeHRM Launches Powerful Human Resource Tool with New Android Application

2014-06-23 | OrangeHRM puts the convenience of employee leave management into the hands of mobile device users with the launch of the OrangeHRM Android App.

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J.R.R. Tolkien Fan Cruise Announces Pricing and Global Destinations

2014-06-23 | Cast members, noted scholars, and even the great-grandson of J.R.R, help create the ultimate fantasy-themed cruise.

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NationaLease Members Salute Their Own for Exceptional Reciprocal Service

2014-06-23 | Eleven award recipients chosen for providing outstanding service to fellow members.

Bias in Peer Review Contributing to Unfounded Reintroduction of PGS into IVF, Warn CHR Investigators in Latest OPINIONs Commentary

2014-06-23 | The Center of Human Reproduction, a world-leading New York fertility center, calls for a more unbiased discussion of preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) in infertility care.

The Kona Coffee Shortage According to Gourmet Coffee Experts at J. Martinez Fine Coffees

2014-06-23 | There is a shortage of Kona coffee thanks to a crop-destroying species of beetle infesting Hawaii.

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Nashville Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Discuss the Qualifications for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

2014-06-23 | According to the Nashville bankruptcy experts, filing for bankruptcy requires meeting the qualifications set by the U.S. bankruptcy code and meeting the criteria of the "means test."

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DC Smiles Launches New Cosmetic Dentistry Website

2014-06-23 | Washington DC dentists of DC Smiles are proud to announce the launch of their new website.

Colleen O'Carroll Honored for Excellence in Business Management

2014-06-23 | Doctors Across Borders - working with "The Forgotten People" of South Africa.

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Catherine M. Oh Named Executive of the Year in Educational Placement Services

2014-06-23 | Catherine M. Oh is recognized for 25 years of passion, success and dedication in her field.

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Diane Tompson was Recently Presented with TIAW's World of Difference Award

2014-06-23 | Diane Tompson aims to maintain excellence in business operations with The Powercom Group.

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Dr. Ivoyl P. Koutsaroff, P. Eng., Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Research and Development Technology

2014-06-23 | Dr. Koutsaroff develops the next-generation high throughput deposition technology for highly functional thin films-based integrated passive devices (IPDs).

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Sandra Gomez Joins Beverly Hills Rodeo Surgical Art Team

2014-06-23 | Cosmetic surgeon David Mashhadian, MD is proud to announce Sandra Gomez has recently joined the Rodeo Surgical Art Team.

Philadelphia Dentist Dr. Bellisario Was Voted 2014 Main Line Dentist of the Year

2014-06-23 | Dr. Jeffery Bellisario was recently voted 2014 Main Line Dentist of the year.

BBG&G Advertising Wins One Bronze, Two Golds, and Three New Clients!

2014-06-23 | BBG&G Advertising, Inc. has been awarded two Gold and one Bronze awards at the 11th Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIA Awards) and has also recently signed three new clients.

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Fiona Conway Recognized as a VIP Member by Worldwide Branding

2014-06-23 | Santander is a financial institution that provides financial services.

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Zlatko Martinovic'-Rozic' is Recognized for His Success in Engineering Consulting

2014-06-23 | Zlatko Martinovic'-Rozic' brings his experience and skills to Zipper Actuated Repulse Researches Pty. Ltd.

Langdale Miller Nalley et. al. v. Johnny Langdale et. al.

2014-06-23 | A team of Georgia-based attorneys recently settled a breach of trust/breach of fiduciary duty case in Lowndes County, Georgia.

Dr. Andrew Forester Offers Dramatic New Program to Normalize Blood Sugar Levels

2014-06-23 | "Restore My Blood Sugar" has helped 66,500 people normalize their blood sugar without drugs.

Louisville, KY Doctor Offers New Laser Treatment for Cosmetic Conditions Such as Rosacea, Spider Veins and Skin Discoloration

2014-06-23 | For millions of Americans coping with the physical, emotional and social effects of vascular skin conditions, CaloSpa is treating their patients with Excel V a new noninvasive laser system to deliver customized treatments.

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LMS Thinking Reveal 9 Crucial Tips for Business Success

2014-06-23 | Starting a new business can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to the dos and don'ts, claims LMS Thinking. There are literally hundreds of articles online advising budding entrepreneurs on the best way to business success.