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November 05, 2008

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Breakthrough Management Group International Releases the Definitive "How-To" Guide to Innovation

2008-11-05 | THE INNOVATION GUIDE for business leaders, managers and new product developers, "The Innovators Toolkit: 50 + Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Growth" is now available.

Stuart Design, LLC. Selected as Design Firm for the 2009 Women in Business National Conference and Business Fair

2008-11-05 | Amidst stiff competition from numerous design firms all over the country, Stuart Design, LLC under the creative direction of Susan L. Stuart, has been selected as the creative design house for the 10th annual WIB National Conference and Business Fair.

Unsigned Artists Can Now Share Their Music With Millions Globally, All For Free at

2008-11-05 | Independent musicians need a place to gather and has created the perfect environment. Indie musicians, we know you are working hard to hack out your own path in the world of music and we want to help. is a necessary ally for the indie musician.

Digital Production Shop Kinergy Worldwide Joins Top European Firm StangaOne1

2008-11-05 | Forming StangaOne1 World Group the Premier Digital Production Platform for Top Agencies Across the Globe.

Flourishing in Tough Economic Times - Spunky Handbag Company Introduces New Product Line

2008-11-05 | As the at home party industry continues to flourish, so does a new direst sales company. Bagolitas by Janice, a spunky handbag company takes a step into the future with bringing the Boutique to your home.

DubLi - Eagles Poised to Create One of the Largest Group of Online Shoppers in the United States

2008-11-05 | With more than 100 years of CEO-level experience, the DubLi Eagles, a new team of sales and marketing innovators, prepares for big stake in online shopping industry.

WealthBridge Connect Teams up with SkillSoft PLC to Provide Business eLearning Video Content

2008-11-05 | WealthBridge Connect and eLearning company SkillSoft PLC have entered into an agreement to provide eLearning videos.

Main Street USA Clamoring For The BackUp Bedside Shotgun Rack

2008-11-05 | There has been a lot of debate recently about what is best for the Average Jane and Joe. The Average Joe wants to be safe in his home. Now shotgun owners sleep soundly with The Backup Bedside Shotgun Rack by their side.

Intraocular Implant Lens Options (IOLs)

2008-11-05 | Every ophthalmologist worth his/her salt would advise you to do research before any vision correction procedure.

Getting the Best Breast Enhancement

2008-11-05 | Size is only one part of the formula for great-looking breasts. Women think breast enhancement is the same as breast enlargement, but if you are considering breast enhancement surgery, it's important not to get too caught up in mere size.

Types of Medical Malpractice

2008-11-05 | Just like anyone else, physicians, nurses and other medical personnel sometimes make mistakes. However, unlike others, the mistakes made by medical personnel can lead to grave consequences for patients.