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December 14, 2008

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Driving Elite Sports Cars on Your Valentine's Bucket List? Give the Gift of a 2000HP Driving Experience

2008-12-14 | Drive a Ferrari 360 Spyder, Lamborghini Gallardo, Viper SRT-10, Porsche 911 Cabriolet and Audi R8 for only $697

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M&S Money Reports Record Number Of Foreign Currency For Sterling Exchanges

2008-12-14 | M&S Money reports weak pound sees travellers digging out foreign currency to exchange for sterling in time for Christmas

Displaysense Reports Ravishing Red To Revive Retail This Christmas

2008-12-14 | New research from Displaysense suggests that using certain colours could boost Retail store performance and increase product appeal this Christmas period

Intrepid Travel Takes Travelers To Celebrate Darwin's Bicentennial Birthday

2008-12-14 | Travel company expecting Galapagos boost in 2009 thanks to Darwin Year

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The Makena Group Sustainability Consultants: Preserve Wild Hawaii From Developers

2008-12-14 | The Makena area on Maui is home to one of the most pristine beaches in the world. It is threatened by a ultra luxury home development. The Makena Group proposes Maui County, State of Hawaii, foundations and private organizations work together to preserve the last of wild Hawaii.

Tracesmart Upload 2009 Electoral Register Search

2008-12-14 | Tracing specialists add millions of 2009 Electoral Register records to their database

Rising Cost Of Living Forces 4.4 Million Mums Back To Work

2008-12-14 | Research published today from Scottish Widows, reveals that the cost of running a home means that almost half (47%) of households are having to rely on more than one breadwinner to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

More Than a Third of Brits (35 per cent) Are Likely to Consider Moving Abroad When They Retire

2008-12-14 | New research released today by Scottish Widows reveals that more than a third of Brits (35 per cent) are likely to consider moving abroad when they retire, with an overwhelming 69% of people citing the British weather as a key reason.

Luxurious Yet Affordable Accommodations During Economic Crisis

2008-12-14 | During these times of economic hardship, taking a vacation might seem like a crazy idea.But contrary to what many people may think, this is the time to take a vacation. Many travel industry players, aware of the situation, are offering great rates to promote traveling.