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February 04, 2009

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Charity Auction - the World's Largest Custom Oil Painting of a Wedding Portrait

2009-02-04 |, the world's leading painting studio, is pleased to announce a charity auction of the world's largest custom oil painting of a wedding portrait, in support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Spearheads Realtor Petition to United States Congress That Will Require Banks to Fairly Distribute Foreclosed Real Estate Listings

2009-02-04 | An inequitable small percentage of Realtors are being given the lions share of foreclosed property listings with no opportunity for the vast majority of remaining Realtors to fairly compete for the business.

Offshore Group Company, Vangtel, Welcomes New Client to Hermosillo, Sonora

2009-02-04 | Results Technology, Inc. expands its international presence by utilizing Vangtel's Mexico "shelter service"

I Want Veneers for My Teeth - Now What?

2009-02-04 | Your teeth aren't quite what you want them to be. Your smile is discolored, or you have chips or cracks in your teeth, or small misalignments that make you uncomfortable. So what comes next?

Pulmonary Embolism and Aneurysm

2009-02-04 | When we visit a doctor, we expect to receive the best treatment and care available. But what happens when the medical professionals we trust fail to notice or diagnose a serious medical condition that can or does result in death?

Wrongful Death

2009-02-04 | Wrongful death can be the result of a wide range of events or accidents. The most common causes of wrongful deaths include automobile accidents, medical malpractice and construction or job-related accidents.

Are LASEK and PRK Painful Procedures?

2009-02-04 | Are you thinking about getting a PRK or LASIK procedure? All of your questions about the procedure will be answered.

Automobile Accidents Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury

2009-02-04 | There are over 6 million auto accidents in the United States alone every year. That virtually guarantees that every American will be involved in at least one car accident in their lifetime. 1.4 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury every year.

Easter Eggs: Blind and Visually Impaired Children Enjoy Accessible Easter Egg Hunts with Beeping Easter Eggs

2009-02-04 | With the help of specially designed Beeping Easter Eggs from Maxi-Aids, blind and visually impaired kids can experience the fun and excitement of accessible Easter Egg Hunts.

Breakthrough Management Group International Adds More 1-Day Innovation Workshops for Executives in Washington D.C.

2009-02-04 | Innovation Executive Overview targets senior leaders in the government sector looking to enhance organizational innovation efforts

Valentine's Day Gift Specials from Allow Shoppers to Save Money on a Variety of Unique Gifts for Valentines Day

2009-02-04 | is having a Valentine's Day sale. This marketing move ensures that shoppers will have less to worry about in a tight economy.

Deconstruction Network Elects Green Building Expert To Board Of Directors

2009-02-04 | Miranti Ojong joins board of directors for Deconstruction and Building Materials Reuse Network, Inc.

Electrical123 Bucks The Economic Trend

2009-02-04 | In a time of economic downturn, a site which is having relative success.

Girl Power Ready to Set New Records for ACF Car Finance

2009-02-04 | The all-girl management team at one of ACF Car Finance Ltd's leading branches is gearing up for what could prove to be a record-breaking 2009 for the business!

Tracesmart's People Search Facility Keeps On Growing

2009-02-04 | Sisters are Reunited After 35 years

RMS Networks Collaborates With Broadsign To Allow Ad Agencies To Access Broader DOOH Advertising Space And Seamlessly Execute Campaigns

2009-02-04 | Integration Connects Digital Signage Inventory from BroadSign-Powered Networks with Advertising Space and Content within RMS Networks' rVue Exchange

2000Charge Adds iDEAL as a Payment Option

2009-02-04 | Alternative billing solution provider, 2000Charge, has added the iDEAL payment service to their 2009 product lineup. iDEAL is a direct debit payment method that was developed by the Dutch banks to make it easier for consumers in The Netherlands to pay online for products and services.

New York, Venice, Sao Paolo, Los Angeles, & London Calling - Clarke's Sixth Fine Art Auction

2009-02-04 | Clarke Auction of May 4 2009 to feature works by Bob Thompson, Eva Hesse, John Beigel, Paul Henry, Jean Xceron, Carlo Donati, Insho Domoto among 200+ lots, including exceptional works with exhibition records and provenance.

Intrepid Travel Gains Recognition With ASEANTA Award

2009-02-04 | South-East Asia's Best Tour Package Award goes to Intrepid Travel

Recession-proof Federal Job Openings and Career. Labor Researcher and Federal Job Resource Expert Uncovers Areas of Major Federal Job Openings and Hiring, and Reveals the "Informed Key" for Landing Federal Jobs

2009-02-04 | Probably the biggest job-related secret in America today: contrary to the more conventional thinking of general joblessness in America today, there are, in fact, plenty of Federal job openings available even right now, and you'd just need the "informed trick" to dig them out, apply for and get them