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February 09, 2009

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G.W. Exotic Animal Park Rescues 800 Pound Alligator From Back Yard Of Deceased Mans House

2009-02-09 | Officials find Richard Beamon dead in his back field guessing he had been there more than a week during ice storms with his best friend Albert a 43 year old alligator over 12 foot long with no one to care for him. Friends called in the G.W. Exotic Animal Park to move Albert to a new home in OK.

Missouri State Senate Bill May Create Illegal Monopoly If Passed

2009-02-09 | State of Missouri has a bill up for a committee hearing Tuesday, Feb, 10. 2009 which if passes will create an illegal monopoly. Animal owners, sanctuaries, and zoos are concerned that forcing them to get accreditted by only one private orginization should be illegal.

UK Virtual Assistant Company Catch Friday Undercuts India

2009-02-09 | British firm cuts outsourcing gap with India, by offering quality service in virtual assitance.

Mark Ryan's Musical Adaptation of Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" Now Available on iTunes

2009-02-09 | Six songs inspired by the gothic love story are now available for purchase at iTunes Music Store and CDBaby, featuring Mark Ryan, Jenn Korbee, Jessica Keenan Wynn and Katie Boeck with musical performances by Tina Guo and Brad Fernquist.

Frustrated Entrepreneur Vow to Give Away Original Business Ideas.

2009-02-09 | For years he has attempted to use brain power to think up and develop new business ideas but the busy schedule of a full time law enforcement officer, father and husband left little time for turning those business ideas into success. Now he wants to give those ideas away for others to profit from.

Can Nerds Help Nonprofits? Sierra Bravo Shows Nonprofit Conversation How

2009-02-09 | What happens when 12 teams of volunteer web developers work with 12 nonprofits in a 24 hour marathon to create new websites? A lot of good goes on.

Economy Affects Personal Health Insurance Needs.

2009-02-09 | Due to a struggling economy, places like IHI are seeing an increase in people looking for individual health insurance quotes and information to assist their family in making its decision.

Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs Collection Goes Online

2009-02-09 | Albert Borokhim's collections of rare Persian rugs and hard to find Oriental rugs has been places online so that people can view his bijar rugs, gabbeh rugs, heriz rugs, and tabriz rugs which are fine Iranian rugs.

Boating Preseason - Deep Blue Yacht Supply

2009-02-09 | Deep Blue Yacht Supply currently offers significant discounts on Inboard Propellers, Outboard Propellers, Zinc Anodes, Marine Bearings, Deck Hardware, Stainless Shafting, Shaft Seals, Prop Pullers, and other boating essentials.