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December 02, 2010

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Could This Be the Answer? The Answer Parents, Teachers, Judges, Prison Officials, Government Agencies and Even DOT Secretary LaHood are Searching For? Try Safety First Believes It Is

2010-12-02 | Try Safety First (TSF) wants to make your phone smarter, safer, courteous and compliant. TSF is seeking endorsements from parents, teachers, judges, prison officials, military personnel, homeland security and governors and would like to hear from you.

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FTA Tuner, Satella1, Ushers in a New Era; Shuttle Technology Company Helps You Create a Hi-Tech Home

2010-12-02 | A FTA (Free to Air) tuner, Satella1, upgraded by Shuttle Technology Company in Hong Kong, is for sale in the American, European and Asian markets.

G.S. Precision to Expand Under Offshore Group Mexico Shelter Plan

2010-12-02 | A leading in supplier of high-precision machined components and sub-assemblies will expand its Sonora, Mexico operations.

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Smart Space Products Released Their New Smart Bar 2011, the Most Innovative Portable Bar in the Hospitality Industry Today

2010-12-02 | Smart Space Products - the leading manufacturers of space-saving hospitality products and creators of the original Smart Bar are proud to introduce the 2011 version of the Smart Bar.

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CSA 2010 is Here, Compliance Safety Systems Say Scorecards Don't Matter?

2010-12-02 | With CSA 2010 launching this week, David Saunders, a 30-year veteran of the transportation industry and current member of the ATA CSA 2010 Task Force, shared some important insight on how some carriers may have it all wrong with "scorecards".

Uncovering Motivation is the Key to Achieving New Year's Resolutions

2010-12-02 | A new book shows readers how to actually keep or achieve their New Year's resolutions. The key, according to the author, is uncovering one's motivation through using a person's true values.

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Colossal Sleigh Found in North Pole Ice Cave? Santa Claus Stays Mum

2010-12-02 | Using ice-penetrating radar, scientists have detected what appears to be a colossal sleigh in a vast ice cave deep under the North Pole. Santa Claus declined comment and referred questions to

| Video Release | Attachments Easy Migration from Basecamp to Free Project Management Platform

2010-12-02 | The new import feature for TeamLab platform allows Basecamp users to migrate to free project management software in one click.

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Chrome Custom Cycles, a Custom Hayabusa Parts Designer and Manufacturer, Announces the Launch of its New, Innovative Hayabusa Gas Tank Cover - a Unique Aftermarket Accessory

2010-12-02 | Chrome Custom Cycles is now offering several versions of a Hayabusa Tank Cover, an easier and cheaper aftermarket solution to replacing the Hayabusa gas tank, allowing for greater bike customization or camouflaging a damaged tank.

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'85 Bears Reunion 'Allstate GLORY DAYS' to Air on NBC 5 Chicago this Saturday, Dec. 4th at 7 p.m.

2010-12-02 | Tune in this Saturday, December 4th at 7 p.m. on NBC 5 Chicago to watch the official '85 Bears Reunion, Allstate GLORY DAYS 'Legends of the '85 Chicago Bears.'

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SafeSchools Wins 2010 Top 100 Products Award - K-12 Administrators Select Leading Staff Training Program as Industry's Best

2010-12-02 | District Administration magazine readers voted, and SafeSchools, the leading web-based training system for K-12 employees, was named one of the Top 100 Products of 2010.

A Father's Invention Becomes a Daughter's Business - the Texas Fireframe (R) Grate Harnesses the Laws of Physics to Make a Hotter, Easier-to-Start Fire

2010-12-02 | It's been 35 years since a research physicist with credentials ranging from Harvard to the Manhattan Project invented a fireplace grate that directs more heat into the room. Now his daughter discovers a hot market for her dad's invention.

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IGO-POST Celebrates 65th Anniversary

2010-12-02 | IGO-POST, leading European-wide provider of promotional products, celebrates its 65th anniversary.

Jumeirah Group Signs Management Agreement for Venu Bilgah Hotel, Baku

2010-12-02 | Jumeirah Group signs management agreement for the Venu Bilgah Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan.

The Royal Mint Releases the London 2012 Sports Collection of 50p Coins; Designed by the Nation

2010-12-02 | The Royal Mint has announced the release of a series of 50p coins designed by members of public depicting the 29 Olympic and Paralympic sports of London 2012.

Superbreak Announces Batman Live Packages

2010-12-02 | Superbreak sends out the bat signal with Batman Live World Arena Tour packages.

British Airways Flies Beckham to Zurich for England 2018 Bid

2010-12-02 | British Airways is flying David Beckham to Zurich to join hundreds of football fans support England's 2018 bid.

Nh Hotels Converts Madrid Mansion into 5-Star Hotel

2010-12-02 | NH Hotels has converted a neo-classical mansion in the arts district of Madrid into a new 5-star hotel.

PRK Results vs. LASIK Results

2010-12-02 | The results of PRK and LASIK eye surgery are strikingly similar. Most LASIK patients in Chicago experience an improvement of 20/20 to 20/40 vision.

Marstan Press Listed Within Print Week Top 500 for 2010

2010-12-02 | During a year of tough trading conditions throughout the UK, Marstan Press have been listed within the top 500 print companies and have seen turnover increase.

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