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December 23, 2011

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Custom Turnkey Medical Device Assembly Machine Designed by Epic Systems

2011-12-23 | Epic Systems Inc. announces the release of a custom turnkey Medical Device assembly machine for a top biotechnology company.

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Groundhog Day Celebrated as Underappreciated Holiday at Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

2011-12-23 | In an effort to relieve the angst cold-weather state residents experience as they await relief from winter's chill, the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is launching a new package designed to mark Groundhog Day.

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Lower Price Alternative for Replacing AAF/McQuay Series 16/ENR/PNES Units

2011-12-23 | Air Distributors is pleased to announce the arrival of the Applied Comfort 16 PTAC, a lower cost alternative for replacing older AAF/McQuay Series 16, Enersaver, ENR, and PNES ptac units. Savings of up to 20% can be expected.

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Thinking Green Generates Green for So Cal Moving Company

2011-12-23 | New Eco-crates program saves San Diego-based moving company from disposing 3600 boxes per month.

Bupa Launches its First Dental Insurance Product

2011-12-23 | Bupa has announced the launch of its first dental insurance product.

Bupa Partners with the Ramblers

2011-12-23 | Bupa has announced its partnership with the Ramblers to encourage people to live healthier lives through walking.

Long & Waite Joins Environmental Alliance

2011-12-23 | Local law firm Long & Waite, PC has made a commitment to reduce the firm's environmental impact.

Dr. David A. Bottger Joins Environmental Alliance

2011-12-23 | Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David A. Bottger has made a commitment to reduce his practice's environmental impact.

Umbria Jazz Winter Festival Returns to Orvieto, Italy

2011-12-23 | Italy will host the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival from Wednesday, 28 Dec. 2011 through Sunday, 1 Jan. 2012 - The 19th concert series and celebration features a number of musicians and musical groups in live performances.

Boxer Puts a Price on TV2

2011-12-23 | Starting January the days of watching TV2 for free are over. After New Year, viewers must pay to watch the channel.

Second Annual Holiday Fashion Show Benefit in New York City

2011-12-23 | Long Island Exchange columnist Cognac Wellerlane interviews celebrities during a benefit for kidney transplant awareness.

New Dabota Chairs and Skidmore Chairs From Rattanland

2011-12-23 | RattanLand, a Company specializing in the import and export of home furniture, has new products to offer to its customers worldwide - Dabota Chairs and Skidmore Chairs.

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Carlsbad Mayor, CDOD: Positive News About WIPP 2012 Budget

2011-12-23 | Members of New Mexico's congressional delegation have shown their strong support of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant's safety record and operational success by fighting to keep the Department of Energy facility sufficiently funded.

Facebook Marketing Strategist Shows Chiropractors How to Get Endless New Patient Referrals from Social Media

2011-12-23 | In-demand Facebook marketing strategist and chiropractic coach, Dr. Matthew Loop, announces his continuing commitment in helping fellow chiropractors create a flood of monthly new patient referrals from Facebook and other social media.

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Canine Trade Group Opens New 300-Acre Training Facility in Dover, Delaware

2011-12-23 | 300 acre facility to offer on-site classes and lodging for dog trainers and animal behavior professionals.

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2011-12-23 | Leading car hire comparator tops the charts with a 54% market share for car hire terms in September on Google natural search

Tackling Gender Inequality in the Boardroom

2011-12-23 | The lack of women in top jobs has been debated by industry for years. Is the situation slowly rectifying itself, or is intervention necessary to ensure equal representation? Daniella Thomas, principal at Michael Page Executive Search, investigates.

The Rise of In-House Strategy and Change Teams

2011-12-23 | Although there's a perceived high availability of candidates keen to move from management consultancies and strategy houses to in-house teams, attracting and securing top talent with a proven track record of thought leadership is still a challenge.

Web Design Company Bird and Co Creative Announce the Launch of New Website for Top Racehorse Trainer Kevin Ryan

2011-12-23 | Equine design specialists Bird and Co Creative have recently created a new website to promote the services of racehorse trainer Kevin Ryan.

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More Men Seeking Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles

2011-12-23 | Dr. Grant Stevens and the team at The Stevens Institute are noticing a new trend: laser hair removal in Los Angeles is not just for women.

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