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October 27, 2012

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World's First Female-to-Male Detective Takes a Bow

2012-10-27 | Channel Islands imprint, Liberation Publishing, is publishing its first novel, "Black Art" by Vic Tanner Davy, on 1 November 2012; a crime thriller, featuring the world's first female-to-male transsexual detective

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Boisdale on Ice: London's First Skate Path Opens at Ice Rink Canary Wharf

2012-10-27 | A sparkling calendar of events, a Boisdale on Ice pop-up bar and a Wright Brothers Oyster Shack throughout the festive period make this the most luxurious and exciting ice rink yet!

Authentic Cuba Travel Has Prepared a Simplified Guide to Attractions in Havana

2012-10-27 | Authentic Cuba Travel provides a simplified guide of Things to Do and See in Havana for those travelers on short-term educational trips to Cuba. Old Havana, the Fire of the 9 O'clock Cannon, Vedado Neighborhood are featured attractions.

Indian Cinema Legend Awarded UK Degree as Tagore Postgraduate Scholarships Launched

2012-10-27 | Edinburgh Napier University honours Sharmila Tagore while launching two new postgraduate arts scholarships in the name of the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Launches a New, Informative Website

2012-10-27 | Their new website contains detailed information about cosmetic surgery and the advantages of different procedures.

Cincinnati General Dentist Offers Online Educational Resources for Improved Patient Knowledge

2012-10-27 | Dr. Stuart Levy, Cincinnati dentist, invites patients to explore the vast educational resources via the practice's website for valuable dental health care information.

General Dentist in Sarasota Encourages Patients to Leave Reviews Online

2012-10-27 | Dr. Michael Gmitruk, Sarasota general dentist, invites patients to leave reviews via popular search sites for improved dental care.

Huntington Beach Dentist Maintains Exceptional Customer Service

2012-10-27 | Dr. Brian Toorani, dentist in Huntington Beach, makes comfort and exceptional care a top priority at Dental Oasis of Orange County.

Fairfield Dentist Introduces Patients to a Newly Remodeled Office

2012-10-27 | Dr. Andrew Dine, dentist in Fairfield, OH, is excited to continue to treat his patients at his newly remodeled office.

Tampa Dermatology Provides Exceptional Service for More Than 20 Years

2012-10-27 | Drs. Nick and Kathleen Colorado, dermatologists in Tampa, FL, bring more than 20 years of experience to Colorado Health & Youth Dermatology Centers.

Rochester Dentist Offers Friendly Dental Advice for Athletes

2012-10-27 | Dr. Phyllis Indianer, Rochester Hills dentist, shares dental tips for athletes to enhance and protect their performance.

Dentist in London Shares Valuable Dental Information Through Online Educational Resources

2012-10-27 | London dentist, Dr. Adam Burton of Northland Dental Centre, invites patients to expand their dental health care knowledge through online educational resources.

Foot Doctor in Scottsdale Shares Important Podiatric Information Through Valuable Educational Resources

2012-10-27 | Dr. Mark Forman, sports podiatrist in Scottsdale, invites patients to take advantage of important educational resources via his practice website.

Dr. Rondeau and Associates Helps Relieve Headaches in London

2012-10-27 | Dr. Brock Rondeau understands that headaches may be more than one thinks, as it could be related to a patient's dental health.

Dentist in Fort Myers Receives Numerous Awards Showcasing Dental Work

2012-10-27 | Dr. Angela Harney, Fort Myers dentist, is proud to announce her receipt of various awards.

La Dentist Receives Notable Awards Showcasing Dental Experience and Skills

2012-10-27 | Dr. Shervin Louie, dentist in Los Angeles, remains on the list for the Consumers' Research Council of America for a Top Dentist.

Norwalk ENT Utilizes Home Sleep Studies to Aid in Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

2012-10-27 | Dr. Andrew Parker, Norwalk ear, nose and throat doctor, is proud to announce the addition of home sleep studies for help in diagnosing sleep apnea in his patients.

Morgantown Dentist Offers Oral Cancer Screening Technology

2012-10-27 | Dr. Chris Giuliani is pleased to be featuring Velscope technology to help detect oral cancer.

Naperville Dentist Offers Online New Patient Services

2012-10-27 | Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi is pleased to be providing a variety of new patient services on his practice's dental website.

Uniwatches - New Timepieces at Affordable Prices

2012-10-27 | Uniwatches keeps surprising customers with yet another new selection of affordable designer watches.