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July 29, 2014

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Sound Physicians Hosting Complimentary Webcast, 'Giving Meaningful Feedback to Physicians'

2014-07-29 | Dr. Bryan K. Williams, former customer service expert for the Ritz-Carlton, joins Dr. Scott Sears, Chief Clinical Officer at Sound Physicians.

Fate Under Fire Lands Multiple Film & TV Placements

2014-07-29 | Continues to build on 'What Dreams Are Made Of' EP

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2014 Second Quarter Market Review - Sloy, Dahl & Holst, Inc.

2014-07-29 | 2014 Review and Expectations

PWRstation Corp Rebrands to Better Meet Today's Rapidly Emerging Solar Marketplace

2014-07-29 | A clean and elegant design that will effectuate a stronger connection with today's smart consumer.

'Send This Instead' App Gives Kids an Alternative to Sexting

2014-07-29 | Members of the Ontario Provincial Police, Child Sexual Exploitation Unit in Ontario, Canada launch a sexting alternative app for teens called Send This Instead.

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Delightful Pastries August 2014 Roundup of News

2014-07-29 | Delightful Pastries' exciting August specials.

Measurement Technology NW Introduces a New High Resolution 12-Zone Thermal Foot Test System

2014-07-29 | Accurately measure the thermal performance and thermal comfort of socks, shoes, boots, and winter sport footwear in test conditions ranging from -40 degree C to +40 degree C.

3D Imaging Shows Patients Projected Breast Augmentation Results before Surgery

2014-07-29 | With the special Vectra 3D imaging software, the plastic surgeon can walk the patient through all the steps of the actual breast augmentation surgery and show them how different implant sizes and shapes will look like on their body.

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SSM Fabric Exceeds OSHA 1910.269 Standard Revision

2014-07-29 | The forward thinking of Tennessee based SSM Industries Inc. (SSM) has created an opportunity for employers to ensure compliance in the safety plan of their employees. OSHA 1910.269 Standard Revision has been published and effective July 11, 2014.

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Astrology Making Progress in Britain's House of Commons

2014-07-29 | Conservative MP remains an open, fearless advocate for the ancient art.

The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York Receives Donations from foodtweeks to Aid in Combatting Hunger

2014-07-29 | Pairing the alleviation of hunger with weight management, creators of free app partnered with food banks.

Planned Property Management Teams with Lakeview Pantry to Help Chicago's Hungry this Summer

2014-07-29 | Food pantry will receive cash contributions for all new leases signed in July and August, when need is great.

Stonebrook Manor Selects Darya & Douglas Montgomery in Its Military Wedding Giveaway

2014-07-29 | The north Denver wedding venue honors a story of service, love, and healing.

ClaimAid Adds New Vice President of Sales to Head New Business Development

2014-07-29 | With vast experience in the Health Care Sector and armed with strong business acumen, Brad Willkie has a deep understanding of the challenges that exist in health care today.

Tampa Foreclosure Defense and Consumer Rights Law Firm Unveils Newly Redesigned Website

2014-07-29 | Prominent Hillsborough County foreclosure defense attorney Ryan C. Torrens launches an informative new website.

Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys, Clark & Washington, Explain How to Confront Debt Before Retirement

2014-07-29 | Confronting your debt before you retire will help you enjoy your retirement debt- and worry-free.

Atlanta Lawyers Freeman Saxton, Provide Crucial Service in Defending Consumer During Debt Collection Lawsuits

2014-07-29 | Hiring an attorney to represent you increases your chances to avoid garnishment and possible collection litigation.

Atlanta Vein Specialists VeinInnovations, Offers Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle through Their Twitter Page

2014-07-29 | If you are looking for tips on how to live a healthy life and how to reduce your risk of vein disease, look no further -- VeinInnovations is on Twitter!

5 Reasons to Contact Air McCall for Air Conditioning Installations

2014-07-29 | The duct cleaning business, Air McCall, gives you five reasons to give them a call. Affordable prices and superb customer service go a long way, but their company goes above and beyond.