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March 11, 2015

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Move It or Lose It: One-Year Mission Video Miniseries (Physical Performance)

2015-03-11 | After living aboard the International Space Station, research into physical performance may hold answers for those living with challenges from health-related concerns from prolonged inactivity.

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Sioux Chief Announces Expanded Offering of BranchMaster Manifolds with New Brochure, Builder Form

2015-03-11 | BranchMaster manifolds reduce labor and material costs, and decrease the liability from possible leaks by requiring fewer connections behind the wall and within the plumbing system.

The Tomboy Shop Launches New Website for Androgynous Clothing

2015-03-11 | Easier navigation, seamless shopping experience, plus more brands and styles to choose from

Bungee Mummy: King's Escape Is a Mummified Adventure Featuring Exclusive 3D Printable Rewards

2015-03-11 | Reconquer the land of Hagareem as Steampunk Wizards introduces an addicting, physics-based platform adventure mobile game for iOS, Android and Amazon App Stores.

J. Martinez Fine Coffees Explains Why Yemeni Coffee Is So Rare

2015-03-11 | A high at-home demand and poor growing conditions make Yemeni coffee a rare treat.

Nashville Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Believe a 'Staycation' Is the Best Way To Avoid Debt

2015-03-11 | Clark & Washington's Nashville bankruptcy attorneys believe vacationing at home can help you avoid accumulating vacation debt.

Ferman Chevrolet of Tampa Discusses the Four Chevrolet Cars That Brought Home the Kelly Blue Book 5-Year Cost To Own Award

2015-03-11 | Chevrolet offers some of the least expensive 2014 model-year vehicles to own over a five-year period.

Payroll Software ezPaycheck 2015 Enhanced Tax Reporting Feature

2015-03-11 | ezPaycheck 2015 payroll software has been updated with new feature to speeds to tax reporting and income tax payment deposit. Get the details by visiting

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The New Social Media App for Down Low, Bisexual, and Gay Black Men

2015-03-11 | Available on the iOS app store now

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Strong Pound Sees Surge in British Visitors to St Tropez, France

2015-03-11 | Experienced luxury French Riviera real estate experts from St Tropez House consider the latest financial reports to predict a rise in the number of British visitors to the south of France in 2015.

Lee J. Monlezun Jr., MD, Receives Patients' Choice Award for Four Consecutive Years

2015-03-11 | An outstanding paradigm of success, Lee J. Monlezun Jr., MD is named Top Doctor in 2014

Diabsolut Announced as One of Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers (SME) for 2015

2015-03-11 | Named as one of Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers of 2015, Diabsolut has earned a place among 100 SME's across Canada recognized as exceptional workplaces, with forward-thinking human resource policies.

New Deal Cuts Risks in Rwanda's Agro Financing, Reports KT Press

2015-03-11 | Smallholder farmers in Rwanda are getting luckier as more financing schemes pop-in for agriculture projects, which most local banks consider riskier to invest in.

Philadelphia Law Firm Accepting Train Accident Cases

2015-03-11 | Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, known as MyPhillyLawyer, announced that it is accepting cases stemming from the crash of an Amtrak train scheduled to stop at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.

Dr. David Rosenfeld Recognized by Worldwide Registry for Excellence in Proctology

2015-03-11 | Dr. Rosenfeld is the only physician in Southern California to utilize the Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation surgery

Spring Break and Boating Safety in Florida

2015-03-11 | Florida has more boaters than any other state in the country

Pan Atlantic Look at the Importance of Escaping Your Comfort Zone

2015-03-11 | When entrepreneurs start their business, they do so with the intention of growing it into a hugely successful enterprise. After a few years, however, they can fall into the rut of a business comfort zone, where the company is simply getting by.

Pan Atlantic Reveal the Benefits of Online Consultations

2015-03-11 | A recent survey by DJS Research revealed the concern that patients have with hospital acquired infections. Here, Pan Atlantic look at the survey, and consider a modern solution.

Marketers Don't Understand Young Female Consumers Reveal EMIE Marketing

2015-03-11 | Marketers are relying on outdated and cliche approaches to appeal to young female consumers claim EMIE Marketing. The sales and marketing firm are urging businesses to improve their understanding of this key market.