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July 16, 2017

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Krishen Iyer in Fresno Launches New Marketing Company - Now No Distribution Company Needs to be Sentenced to the Same Old Aged Data and Oversold Leads

2017-07-16 | New marketing company to fuel demand offering real solutions for less money and real prospects to down-line of licensed agents. Plus an interview with Krishen Iyer.

Leave A Permanent Record Of Your Life Story - Acclaimed Author Sid Nachman Now Producing Memoirs For Those Who Hope To Leave A Legacy

2017-07-16 | Nachman own books relate a life story that is astounding. He is now providing ghostwriting services for those who would like to publish their own memoir.

Omnifortuna, Inc. Believe Broadening Horizons Through Business Travel is Top Dog of Work Perks

2017-07-16 | Omnifortuna, Inc. has witnessed a great surge in appreciation for the additional work perk of business travel among millennials, and believe that this is because their generation has a greater desire to acquire a change of scenery.

Querencia Respond to Claims Customer Loyalty Starts from Within

2017-07-16 | Customer experience specialists Querencia has spoken out in response to an article claiming that to encourage customer loyalty, companies must first look at their business culture.

Stop Snoozing and Jump out of Bed states Lammas Incrementum

2017-07-16 | According to a recent study by Sleep Junkie, most people hit the snooze button at least once.

When Should I Get Dressed Before My Wedding?

2017-07-16 | Tampa Wedding Photographer discusses an issue affecting the wedding photos & video of brides waiting later and later before getting dressed.

Jacobs Law Group Attorneys Present Business Divorce in New Jersey

2017-07-16 | Business divorce lawyers Neal A. Jacobs and Sam First educate NJ lawyers

Karin E. Fried of Organizational Consulting Services Earns Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity

2017-07-16 | This certificate covers the principles of time management and productivity as they relate to working with the Chronically Disorganized client.