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July 22, 2017

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One Year Later: Dovetail Brewery Bursts onto the Craft Beer Scene

2017-07-22 | Dovetail Brewery recently celebrated one year of producing exceptional continental style beers. Notable for using traditional methods to brew straightforward delicious craft beer, the brewery literally burst onto the scene.

TMS Symposium Resident-in-Training Scholarship Program Awarded to Jose Feliberti, a Third Year Resident from Kaweah Delta Training Program in Visalia CA

2017-07-22 | Residents were asked about what drove their interest in TMS and responses showed a strong understanding of the burgeoning promise for TMS, one of the fastest growing therapies in Psychiatry.

DVDFab Launched Holiday Special Offer: Save $119 on All-In-One+ Movie Server

2017-07-22 | Fengtao Software announces its Summer Holiday Special Offer, offering a rarely seen chance for users to purchase the lifetime version of DVDFab All-In-One package and DVDFab Movie Server at only $479.

Why a No Win No Fee Solicitor is an Essential

2017-07-22 | Experiencing accidents is a part of life. Even if you take the strictest precautions, there's not much to warn you when accident strikes. But the worst thing is when the accident is not your fault.

Angel Catches Boy Who Falls 7 Stories - True Says Donna Louis, Author Of 'Miracles of Direction'

2017-07-22 | Louis' book, 'Miracles of Direction', is an in-depth study of some of Christianity's most well-documented miracles. Louis has made the book available to Christian charities as a fundraising tool.

Snapper Rock and SR Make a Splash at 2017 Miami Swimshow With New Collections For The Entire Family

2017-07-22 | Desired UV50+ Swimwear Brands Debut Over 150 New Prints And Styles

Artezio Cost Track App now Provides Integration with Banks Around the World

2017-07-22 | Artezio has released an updated version of Cost Track mobile application.

INKAS Introduces a New Line of Bank-Grade Luxury Safes

2017-07-22 | This week INKAS is launching the first model in a new line of bank-grade luxury safes. It is made of an INKAS patented ballistic poured concrete formula along with a reinforced re-bar substructure and complimented with various luxury features.

Dynamic Applications Releases 21st Century Worldwide Growth of Forest, a Climate Simulation

2017-07-22 | 21st century worldwide growth of Forest is a simulation. We predict worldwide Resources in Coal, Gas, Crude Oil and deliveries. We calculate CO2, Clouds, Rain, and Forest per Continent. All Formulas are shown and adjustable. Result Graph over time.

Silicon Valley Singles Convention Keynoted by The Donald Trump Syndrome: Why Women Choose the Wrong Men to Love

2017-07-22 | The 2017 Silicon Valley Singles Convention takes place on August 5, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Mountain View, California.

Woodbury University Establishes Applied Computer Science Department within School of Media, Culture & Design

2017-07-22 | Program Succeeds Media Technology, Bridges Design and Technical Disciplines

New Vitae Wellness Foundation Hosts Dr. Joseph A. Troncale for Trauma and Addiction Training

2017-07-22 | Substance abuse specialist provides insight to community in face of rising addiction rates

"BookAclassic" Goes Global in 36 Countries, the Emerging Leader of Vintage Car Rental

2017-07-22 | Time Travel Globally with Over 20k BookAclassic Vintage Car for Rent

OnPar Technologies Named 2017 Microsoft US SMB East Region Partner of the Year

2017-07-22 | Microsoft awards OnPar Technologies the East Region Partner of the Year

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Implement Mandate to Reduce Legionella Risks in Healthcare Facilities

2017-07-22 | Pure Air Control Services in conjunction with their Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory assists healthcare facilities with fulfillment of the newly mandated CMS Legionella requirements.

Nation Builders Portrait Series Exhibition at Galerie Q in Cavan, Ontario from July 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017

2017-07-22 | Each portrait is a narrative telling Canada's story through her Prime Ministers and illustrating their vision and determination to unite and grow this vast country.