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March 20, 2020

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How Can Online Tutoring Help Students, Besides Helping To Protect Them From The Coronavirus?

2020-03-20 | The health and well-being of children is critical to their development, but so is their education. Many wise parents are turning to online tutoring as a way to make up the academic gap created by education lockdowns.

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IQBG Announces Authorized Service Partner (ASP) Status with M-Files®

2020-03-20 | IQBG to provide M-Files customers with consulting, implementation and training services.

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Fairfield County's Community Foundation Announces New COVID-19 Resiliency Fund

2020-03-20 | More Than $500,000 Already Raised to Support Local Rapid Response Grants

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Mutual Rescue™ Book Released In Paperback Just In Time for Those Looking for a Great Quarantine Read

2020-03-20 | "Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too" launches in paperback April 2020

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Abraham Lincoln University Offers More Programs Approved for Financial Aid Assistance

2020-03-20 | Enables students to access a high quality education

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Two Attorneys at Craig, Kelley & Faultless Receive Board Certification in Truck Accident Law

2020-03-20 | Commercial truck accidents pose unique legal issues and demand experienced attorneys

Daytona Beach Lawyers Offering Phone & Video Meetings to Clients

2020-03-20 | Aaron Delgado & Associates is now offering phone and video conferences to new and current clients who wish to meet with a lawyer without going into their office.

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Coronavirus Is a Communications Marathon For Our Leaders But There Will Be No Winners

2020-03-20 | The global spread of Coronavirus has shifted immense public attention onto our political leaders and their actions. The two most important issues are now at stake for us all; our health and our economic livelihoods.

IPFS Collaboration With The NDN Team

2020-03-20 | Filecoin aims to build its network on top of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer data storage network and let users buy and sell unused storage on an open market.

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Bill's Equipment & Supply, Inc. New Equipment Additions to Rental Fleet

2020-03-20 | Bill's Equipment & Supply has added several brand-new items to their wide array of rental equipment in the Colorado Springs area for the Spring season!

New Engaging Coronavirus Video For Children Released By School Nurse, Award Winning Author Cheryl Williams

2020-03-20 | Williams' new video teaches kids how to use best practices in regards to avoiding the coronovirus. Williams employs her talent as a writer and poet to create an entertaining and engaging presentation.

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Cybersecurity, Homeland Security, and Risk Management, Executive Announces Formation Of New Consulting Firm

2020-03-20 | Chuck Brooks, a recognized global cybersecurity expert, Faculty at Georgetown University, and named by LinkedIn as one of the "Top 5 People to Follow on Tech" announces firm focused on strategy, branding, and government relations

Dr. Michael J. Wei, NYC Cosmetic Dentist, Named New York Top Doctor for 2020

2020-03-20 | My Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Michael J. Wei, Receives NY Top Doctor Award

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GFA Discipleship Program-Journey Back to Authentic Christianity

2020-03-20 | GFA World equips young adults to make an eternal difference through their gap year program.

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